United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect

Saturday, April 2, 2005 - Rally, ll a.m. to 4 p.m.
CSP-LAC Lancaster State Prison (CSP-LAC)
44750 60th Street West, Lancaster

Meet in front of the prison, we will have picket signs or bring your own.

We arranged with the City of Lancaster for the protest to be in areas 8 to 10 feet from the road. No blocking traffic!

YOU ARE NEEDED to stand up to Warden Charles Harrison, Associate Warden Fakhoury, guards and other members of administration at CSP-LAC Lancaster. Six prisoners are dead (that we know about since September, 2004). Almost all these deaths were preventable. At least one was murdered by the guards, another carelessly double-celled and all medically neglected. A visitor also died from lack of emergency services. Updated Rally Information 4-1-05

The Guard Assault Task Force President Lt. Hughes is at Lancaster, an organization of prison guard thugs that we believe needs to be stopped.

Eric K'napp and George Jacobs are being physically and psychologically tortured at CSP - LAC and need to be moved immediately. We have many reports of abuses, and it is time for us to stand together and demand an end to it by bringing the media out to shine a floodlight into this prison. Numbers count so please be there no matter where your loved one is housed. If you fear the bullies, wear your hat and sunglasses (a good idea anyway), but do not fail to come. The more people who stand with us, the greater the chance to be heard and for media coverage to embarrass them for their cover up and lawlessness

There are no toilets for families as they line up in cars, so don't drink anything for three hours before the rally. This is one of our issues.

 Please check the alerts page, this is a rain or shine rally as lives are at stake, maybe yours. http://www.1union1.com/alerts.html

If you have a ride or need a ride please emailrightor1@yahoo.com  or sism93@cs.com.  Park in the hospital parking lot or look for our signs. We have made careful arrangements realizing the criminal natures of Warden Charles Harrison and Associate Warden Fakhoury and others. Go to  www.google.com  and enter the prison address for directions, coming up from the South you take the Gorman exit and it's about 60 miles into the desert. The Warden thinks he can get away with murder and torture out there, and so far he's been successful.  Be there! Lives depend on your attendance, it's all about numbers.

United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect, P.O. Box 340371, Sacramento, Ca. 95833 email rightor1@yahoo.com  Sign up for the daily newsletter online so you can learn how, when, where and why to stand up for better conditions and more justice for your loved one. Don't agonize, just organize and hand out this flyer everywhere!

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