United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect

Stand Up for Prisoners - Emergency Protest to Save Lives

December 2, Friday - 10 AM until we drop

1515 "S" Street, Sacramento (corner of 16th St and "S" St.)Rain or Shine

On the City Sidewalk beneath CDCR's windows, family members - please dress in black - carry signs to bring media attention to Roderick Hickman's callousness

Failure to control the Prison Guards and Wardens The Title 15 and D.O.M. Regulations are ignored! Result? Twelve recent riots - three of them major. More riots coming.Failure to investigate and discipline guards for beatings, instigating riots, dangerous celling, psychological and physical torture.

Failure to Respond to UNION complaints about prisoners who are suffering retaliation, abuse and medical neglect such as whistleblowers Mark Grangetto,Eric K'napp and Dr David Posner

Failure to end psychological torture of the mentally ill

Failure to stand up to the legislators on overcrowding so great that prisoners are dying needlessly

Failure to provide non-degrading, warm clothing and proper food to prisoners even though half of them have life threatening diseases. A flu epidemic is expected!

Failure to provide proper medical and dental care or emergency services for visitors and inmates

Failure to end inhumane lockdowns and SHU housing in spite of repeated appeals.

Failure to provide Ombudsmen who can do more than just an occasional transfer!

Failure to Protect the Public Safety by breaking the physical and mental health of all prisoners, providing no rehabilitation and setting them up to fail upon release

Hickman's failures are endless!

The UNION is supporting six lawsuits against CDCR. A crowd is needed to show the media people care about prisoners

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B. Cayenne Bird, UNION - P.O. Box 340371, Sacramento, Ca. 95834-0371

Ride information -rightor1@yahoo.com. - http://www.1union1.com/alerts.html