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THAILAND – Land of Smiles

A fusion of unique architecture, breathtaking nature and exciting nightlife describes some of Thailand’s appeal. The ancient temples or the buildings with centuries of history behind enchant the eyes...

Vacation Ideas for February

If the winter blues are setting in and the warm days of summer still seem far off, why not plan a leisurely February getaway? February offers multiple options that...
Social Media

Social Media Impacts The Luxury Consumer, Too

Think social media is only for the non-affluent consumer? Think the wealthy are not affected and swayed by the court of public social media opinion Think again… A while...

NEW YORK – Chaotic Lifestyle and The Skyscrapers

The Statue of Liberty. People hurriedly going through Wall Street. Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Grand Central Park. Rude people and bored cab drivers. Broadway shows’ extravaganza. The Empire...

Ayurvedic Spa Treatments

Ayurvedic medicine represents the knowledge of thousands of years of Indian practitioners, preserved and passed on by yogis. Ayurvedic spas offer treatments that not only pamper the flesh but...

The Dominican Republic Facts

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation known for a vibrant culture, island beauty, and production of great Major League baseball players. Read on to learn more about the...