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        In the past 20 months, UNION volunteers have published several books and hundreds of articles in media throughout California and the nation. We are currently updating sorting, and posting a few of these Articles to help you learn the issues so that you can write too!

        UNION Member articles published to end mistreatment of the mentally ill in CMF Vacaville Prison, focusing on the James Diesso case. More than 800 letters were sent to the California Department of Corrections by UNION members as complaints. Diesso was transferred to Folsom Prison which is not a hospital and is now headed for Corcoran Prison. He is on trial for murder as a sane person but due to the publicity we've generated, the Judge is re-thinking this ruling. It will all go to court in December.

        The Chief Medical Officer, Larry Dizmang was "demoted" to headquarters with a promotion.

        A meeting was held June 21 a UNION delegation of members B. Cayenne Bird, John Videen, M.D., Lucinda Gunn, Margie Jump with CDC Ombudsman Ken Hurdle, Gwynnae Byrd, Attorney for Senator Polanco, Warden Ana Ramirez Palmer,Don Livingston, the new Chief Medical Officer at CMF, and the Chief Medical Officer Statewide, Dr. Nadim Khoury. The UNION has issued a strong agenda and follow up statement for this meeting. To obtain a copy please email mailto:%20%20rightor1@aol.com


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