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United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect

The U.N.I.O.N. is managed by volunteers who are prisoner families. Often they are the poorest of the poor who do not own cars, have money for basics such as food, clothing, rent. But, they find time and energy to fight for better conditions and/or  justice in  their loved one's case by reforming the system. We all write letters to editors, show up when called to protest or attend an important hearing (send someone) recruit others to write and show up,  and get out the vote for candidates who will truly represent us.  Often members are single mothers and grandmothers working two jobs to make ends meet.But our work has made a huge difference.

We operate solely on donations as those who are funded are not allowed to stand up to legislators (tax laws prohibit this). To receive the newsletter online,  a $5 per month is due by the 5th of each month or $50 per year.  This minimum donation is required in cash or postage stamps if you are the family of an inmate, or a family who plans to write to editors and demonstrate with us. 

We also need donated printing, copies, use of busses and mini-vans for shuttling demonstrators, money for supplies and gasoline, telephone and office expenses, computers good enough to receive email, people who can give rides to those without cars to visit their inmates. No one in the UNION gets a salary but we do many campaigns. We DO NOT  just pass email back and forth. And campaigns cost money! You cannot have advocacy without expenses.

We do not mail directly to prisoners, because their families must participate in the calls to action - the inmates cannot do this necessary organizing work for themselves!  Only the family members have the power of the vote.  Email is free at every public library. So  get plugged into us so you know how, when, where to fight back.

We do not allow inactive people on our daily newsletter list.  You must be willing to write, show up, recruit new people, and truly help organize for at least two hours per week.  Inactionis the only reason why we have all these problems. Everybody works to organize so we can win.

Yes, please send me the UNION Daily Online Newsletter.  I promise to send $5 per month [or $50 per year] to cover campaign expenses, and to write, show up when called to hearings or protests (or send someone to stand for me).  I promise to recruit others to write, show up and help get out the vote for the candidates who will best represent prisoners and their families.
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Make check payable to B. Bird.
 Mail to U.N.I.O.N,
P.O. Box 340371
Sacramento, Ca.  95834-0371

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