Coming for Father's Day - Notes from my journal about my friend Jesse Boyar in remembrance of his work for the UNION and his struggle to find justice for his son and everyone elses' sons and daughters too.

I never had to ask him twice to write, protest and recruit new workers. He knew what needed to be done and did it even in declining health, without a computer, and often without an automobile. He brought
hundreds of people into prison reform, even though they often wouldn't help with the work, Jesse proved that the poor and uneducated could do initiative campaigns if they wanted to work at it .

Watch for the story. Below are some photographs I took of him with his 10 foot wide flag.
These are are my copyrighted photos and design, so please ask me if you want to reproduce any part of them since he will be in the movie I am working on about the UNION's fight to get people off their apathy. Jesse was a man of compassion, action, and he taught us one lesson - that everyone can bring ten people each to organize, vote and rally. He did it for several groups dozens of times. Those are the only actions
that empower us to win initiative campaigns. He set the standard. It's time to honor him by recruiting
enough serious workers to the movement before everyone dies of stress trying to persuade the poor and
uneducated to get off their apathy so they can take back their lives.

by Dr. B. Cayenne Bird