Background review service providers are available online. There are thousands of these sites that offer you a background review report of your target company. However, every background review service provider is not authentic. This Truthfinder review will help you find the best background review service provider that will offer you authentic and legitimate service.

First advantage for quick results

First advantage is one of the Pioneer background review service providers that offers you quick service. One of the advantages of this company is that this company manually reaches the candidate in circumstances when necessary information is to be retrieved.

Get credit reports from Rentberry

Rentberry is another company that not only offers you a detailed background check but will also provide you with a credit report of the company that will help you evaluate the company’s authenticity.

Goodhire for authentic candidate check

If you are an interviewer and you want to know details of your candidate then Goodhire is the place where you can get all the information alongside figuring out if the candidates have any criminal records.

Checkr for a mass invite

With Checkr you can initiate a search with a mass invite where you can invite up to 25 candidates for a session.

Cozy to check the credit points of a candidate

Cozy can be a very useful background checking service provider for various checking purposes. Starting from finding the information of a company to finding information of tenants and landowner this service provider has it all.

Intelius for an instant check

One of the advantages of Intelius is that this company offers you a check within a couple of minutes. If you want to have a quick check on your candidate or your company this is one service provider that can offer you faster results.

Truefinder for a comprehensive search

If you are looking for a background checking service that has a straightforward pricing strategy and a comprehensive search option then Truefinder is the one that will fit your needs. The company has both websites and mobile applications for easy accessibility. 

Instant Checkmate for optimum level of transparency

Instant Checkmate has gained its reputation for its transparency of information. This is one of the background check companies that will provide you with cost-efficient and effective results.

US Search the best in the US

If your company is located in the United States then US Search is the best background checking company to approach. This service provider has a huge database alongside having strong connections that help you find authentic information. 

PeopleFinder for android lovers

If you are a fan of Android applications then PeopleFinder is the solution for your background search service. This background search service provider has an easy navigating Android application along with websites. While making a few adjustments in the application you can initiate an easy search for a target company or candidate with PeopleFinder.

Concluding lines

Mentioned above are the 10 best background checking service providers to offer you authentic and premium service. Keep away from the service providers who would only talk the talk but will not walk the walk.


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