If you are roaming in the streets of Denver, it is very likely that you will hear top edm songs playing anywhere. The city is a mecca for fans of electronic music and offers them a unique range of places where people can enjoy electronic music.

If you are in Denver and want to check out the best places that play edm music, pay a visit to these places:

  1. Beta Nightclub

Located at 1909 Blake St,. Denver, this place will bring you some of the best edm artists to play for a live audience.

  1. Temple

This is a brand new nightclub in 1136 Broadway, Denver and offers you an amazing edm filled night for all occasions. You might also catch some of the latest edm artists if you are paying a visit.

  1. Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom + The Other Side

This place is a perfect stop for everyone who want to sink in the bass and enjoy a cozy dinner with family. Pay a visit at 2637 Welton St., Denver to enjoy the luxury of this place.

  1. The Black Box

This underground nightclub in 314 E 13th Ave., Denver is a hub of electronic music. Visit the place for a nonstop treat of bass and your favorite beats if you feel like grooving.

  1. Milk

This underground club brings you a combination of a Clockwork Orange themed night club that plays the heaviest bass in the city. Visit it at 1037 Broadway, Denver.

  1. The Church

Experience the ambience of a church that was situated in the building earlier but with the best edm performances at 1160 Lincoln St., Denver.

  1. Bar Standard

Bar Standard is also located in 1037 Broadway, Denver but you will need to climb high to reach this amazing rooftop nightclub.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is a nightclub with 4 floors located in 1082 Broadway, Denver. The place has a number of different types of music to provide you with a larger than life experience in one night.

  1. Stereo Lounge

It is located in 1612 Wazee St., Denver and hosts some of the finest edm gigs in the region. If you are lucky, you can even find some sensational artist playing live there as well.

  1. Knew Conscious Gallery

If you visit this place at 2041 Lawrence St., Denver during the day, you will see a fine art gallery. By night, this place is the home of edm lovers who have a monthly or yearly membership.

  1. Your Mom’s House

This nightclub is located in 608 E 13th Ave. Suite 1, Denver and offers more than a dance floor to the visitors. Enjoy a leisurely evening in the living room!

  1. Tracks

This house of drag queens and edm DJs can be visited at 3500 Walnut St., Denver.

  1. Proof NiteClub

If you think you are a bit old, visit 7800 E Hampden Avenue, Denver and forget your age.

  1. X Bar

Located at 629 E Colfax Avenue, Denver, this LTBTQ+ bar has the friendliest people and great edm.

  1. Lincoln Station Bar

Visit 776 Lincoln St., Denver for delicious food and rocking edm.


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