Nootropics are basically the smart drugs that are used by most the people in order to improve the mental performance of a person. The world is today full of competition, and it is quite challenging to stand in this competitive world, but these drugs have made their place in this world due to the effective result they provide. People also use these to increase the power of creativity, intelligence and motivation.

These are the natural drugs that are commonly used by people in day to day life. We will now discuss some of the essential medicines that are used by the people:


This is the most commonly used drugs by people in their day to day life. It is a substance that is naturally found in coffee, cocoa, tea and also these are added to many energy drinks and sodas. The person who is willing to consume it has the option to either consume it directly or by adding it with other substances.

They work by blocking the receptors of your brain, thus making you feel less tired. The dose of caffeine is effective, especially for the people who feel fatigued. it would be best if you decided in advance how much adderall can you take in a day reddit so as to get better results

Bacopa monnieri

This is an ancient ayurvedic medicine that is basically used for enhancing the functioning of the brain. After doing the complete research and analysis, it has been concluded that these supplements help in increasing the full functioning o the brain and also helps in improving the memory of a person.

These supplements contain a compound called bacosides that protects the brain from the level of stress and provides it with relief. And also improves the signaling to that part of the brain that is used for keeping the memory. The effect of the substance is not felt immediately but slowly and gradually.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a tree whose extracts from the leaves have a positive impact on the brain. If the dose of these supplements is taken for a specific time period, they have improved memory. It also helps in reducing the problem of high blood pressure.


This is a medication that involves amphetamines. It helps me reduce the problem of hyperactivity. This is taken by most of the healthy people that help in improving attention and focus. There has been complete research on these drugs; they help in controlling the behaviour of the person and also an enhancement in short term memory. There effect normally lasts for a period of 12 months.

These are the different supplements that are available for people. These can be consumed in different doses. You can select the amount of the pills as per the doctor’s prescription so that they have a positive impact on you. If the question arises in how much adderall can you take in a day reddit, then you can just consult a doctor.


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