Every business knows about the benefits of Search Engine Marketing but not everyone is capable of making the best out of their Google Ads campaigns which is why they need to rely on these Google digital garage final exam answers 2021 latest as they attempt the online test hosted by Google. This is why we are here with some of the best ways through which one can optimize their PPC campaigns and maximize their revenue.

  1. Interactive And Engaging Landing Page

One of the most overlooked aspects of any paid search is that the landing page is not relevant or related to the Google ad that you posted. When it comes to competing with millions of ads online, it is really easy for any business to ignore the landing page which can affect all the hard work and effort that you put in on your Ad campaign. Your ultimate goal here is to make a sale and the landing page plays a vital role in that.

  1. Negative Keywords

When it comes to Google ad optimization, one of the most powerful tools that you have in your hands is the utilization of negative keywords. Both the platforms i.e. Google Ads and Microsoft Ads allow their users to specify a set of keywords that are not suitable for their products or services. With the help of these negative keywords, one can make their ad campaign more focused on their target audience.

  1. Right Keyword Match Types

Google ads rely on the different keywords that are used by the users in order to provide them with relevant content as well as paid ads. Here, you need to make sure that the different keywords and modifiers that you use in your Google Ad campaign can significantly affect your overall sales and traffic. There are basically 4 keyword types that Google and Bing search engine handles.

Broad Keywords:

With such keywords, you can define long-tail words including synonyms and abbreviations that include the main keyword in any order.

Broad Match Modified:

In addition to broad keywords, you get to add several different terms so that Google knows about the different terms that are relevant to your post despite their placement and order.

Phrase Match:

This modifier is a little specific as your ad will be shared with users that type the same exact keyword as they search online.

Exact Match: This type is exactly like the phrase match but the search engine here ignores all the misspellings, plural versions of the word you search, as well as the order of the specified keywords.

  1. Fill Out The Complete Ad Form

Expanded Text Ads have a huge impact on Google Ads, which makes it important for any marketer to invest some of the time with these types of ads. As you get some additional space with these ads, you can use that space to share more ideas about your product and use it as an excellent way to share the story of your service/product.

  1. Ad Extensions

Lastly, in order to make your ads more effective and efficient, you can start using Ad extensions. There are several Ad extensions that are there online and are going to be compatible with your Ad campaign. These Ad extensions will help you manage and monitor your ad campaigns in a streamlined way and will also help improve them over time.

These are the top 5 Google Ad tips that you can follow in order to run a successful Google Ads campaign.


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