Have you ever tried designing custom stickers? Whether you are an artist or not, it is one of the most satisfying processes you will experience. The best thing about custom stickers is the fact that they can be customized. You can design as you like and get it printed. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, and there are no restrictions. There are no limitations when you design them. You can run your imagination free and make a product just as you like it. You can buy or design your own custom stickers as per your choice.

There are a variety of places where custom stickers can be used. You might want to book stickers or furniture stickers (Mööbli kleebised), and each of them needs different treatment. Each surface has a different use, and suitable stickers need to be made for them. 

Hence, while designing or buying custom stickers, remember to consider the following elements.


The colors of the sticker add an aesthetic to the designs. They give it emotion and meaning.


The size of the sticker matters a lot as it has to be suitable for the product. It should not look too small or too big for the object. Just the perfect size will give it an appealing look.


Text conveys a lot about the sticker. A sticker could be just text, or it could be no text at all. Both convey different meanings. Amongst text as well, the font and the size play a big role. 


The purpose of the sticker might be the most difficult to find. But each product has to serve a purpose. It might be a phone sticker that says something about your personality, or it might be furniture stickers (Mööbli kleebised) that uplift the aesthetic of your house.


The material and the quality of the paper/ surface matters a lot. Not each sticker is not made from the same material. You might need waterproof, scratchproof, scrape poof qualities in them.


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