As you progress in your bodybuilding journey, it will becomes more and more tougher to place your muscles under tension. For a beginner, even the lightest weight can have a positive impact in his muscle growth but it is not the same in the case of an advanced lifter. You have to increase the intensity and work harder to continue build muscles. Here are 6 advanced training techniques that you can use to achieve your maximum potential.

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  • Forced Reps

This is one of my favorite advanced training technique. Basically your spotter help you to complete the last 2 reps. So for example if you plan to do 10 reps but only be able to complete 8, have your spotter help you to achieve the last 2 reps.

  • Partials

These are the technique I usually do when I’m training alone. This is the best technique to do if you are not training with a partner or you don’t have a spotter to assist. In this technique after failure, you bring the weight to half point.

For example if you are doing biceps curls, you do 10 reps to failure, and cannot do any more rep. At this situation raise the bar half way up and bring it down for 2 or 3 reps. This is a great technique to put stress on muscles.

  • Negatives

Negatives are best for exercises like leg extension, bicep curls, leg curls, triceps exercises etc. Here’s an example on how to perform negatives on bicep curls.

On biceps curls if you want to complete 12 reps but can only do 8 reps, have your spotter help you to raise the bar for you. Contract the biceps at the top and hold it for 1 or 2 seconds, then very slowly lower the bar, remember not to lower the bar too fast, it should be done in a slow and controlled fashion.

  • Supersets

In this technique you do one exercise right after another with as little rest as possible. You can do these in two different ways. One with high rep range and other with low rep ranges.

As you already know, high reps are great for endurance and not the best for muscle growth, it is always better to perform supersets around 6 reps range. So for the first set you should pick up a weight that you can train for 6 reps and with little rest do a different exercise with a 6 rep range.

  • Strip sets to 10

This is a great technique I learned from Chris Aceto. This technique is best used when you are lifting heavy. First you have to pick up a heavy weightwith which you can only get 5 reps. Then immediately pick up another weight with which you can only do 3 reps., then immediately pick another light weight with which you can get the last 2 reps.

While performing this, you have to make sure that the weights are not light. You have to lift heavy weights while performing this technique.

“Light strip sets do not cause maximal muscle fiber recruitment” – Chris Aceto

  • Rest Pause

This is also used when you are lifting heavy. So for example you have to perform 10 reps for a set, but can only get 8 reps. You will rack the weight and get a short rest (not more than 20 seconds) and lift the remaining 2.

These are some of the best advanced techniques you can include. So I hope you have got an idea about the different advanced training techniques. If you have not fully understood how to perform them with right methods, you can always seek the help of your personal trainer or instructor till you learn to do these correctly.

Another thing I want to say is, even advanced lifter can over train if they use the advanced techniques too much. So you have to use them wisely.

Listen to your body, you are now an advanced lifter and you know how overtraining feels like. And if you see any signs of overtraining, adjust your workouts accordingly.


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.