CBD or Cannabidiol is an extract from the cannabis plant. It helps with many health-related problems such as sleep, anxiety, pain-relieving. It also has good properties for the skin. Thus CBD is also found in beauty products. Let’s see what Fab CBD reviews are saying.


FAB CBD has been part of the CBD market since 2017. It may be new to the CBD market but is one of the best CBD brands and is also known for delivering high-quality products. The ingredients used in the product are mentioned on the labels, and they also post their third-party lab results.

All these years, the brand can maintain a clean reputation without any warning from the FDA. The CBD extracts used in the products are from hemp that is grown organically. And FAB uses the best extraction method, the CO2 extraction method.  This method does not involve using any solvents for the extraction. Thus, there is no fear of any chemical remnants in the products.

Being a relatively new and small company focuses more on product quality than meeting increasing demand quantity.

CBD products

  • Gummies

If anyone is looking for a THC-free product, then FAB CBD chews are the best as it contains CBD isolate. But it does fall under the broad-spectrum CBD, so that the chews may contain terpene. Other than this, it is vegan and gluten-free and has nice flavors.

  • Oils

The FAB CBD oil has some THC in it and is full-spectrum CBD. The carrier oil for this product is MCT oil. The CBD oil can be taken in many ways, with food or drinks or on its own. The oil has a variety of flavors and also come in many ranges of strengths.

  • Creams

The topical cream is a very good product as it quickly absorbs into the skin and works very effectively in relieving pain and inflammation. It has great moisturizing properties and has a very good scent. The oil also has aloe vera, coconut oil, and cocoa butter to enhance its hydrating abilities.

Uses and side effects

Before purchasing and using CBD products, it is advisable to have complete knowledge about its effects. Know the proper dosage based on health needs, and it is best to start with a low dosage. Monitor the effects it has on the body and then slowly increase or decrease the dosage accordingly.

Usually, it is said that CBD is safe and does not have any severe side effects, but the most common ones are diarrhea, change in weight, fatigue, and change in appetite. Please consult a doctor before adding CBD to one’s routine.

Why is FAB CBD popular?

  • CBD Types

FAB CBD provides many products that will suit a large fraction of the consumers. They give the best quality of CBD products.

  • Lab reports

FAB CBD provides third-party lab results that prove the quality of their CBD products. The fact that they get their products tested gives a clear indication that they are confident in the products’ quality.

  • Extraction method

The CO2 method used for extraction is the best method for producing the best quality of CBD oils. Also, the method is environmentally friendly.

  • Cost

The FAB CBD products are considered reasonably priced compared to the average market prices.

  • Customer service

FAB maintains a very informative and well-designed website where the consumers are informed about various CBD compositions and the products. Also, they have a 30-day refund policy and free shipping.

The FAB CBD products are reasonably priced and come with lab results. This quality over quantity strategy increases the demand. And this increasing demand may result in one con, and that is the products get easily sold out, which in reality is again a pro wrapped as a con.


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