Getting calls or messages from an unknown phone number is a common problem we all go through daily. It becomes a big issue when we repeatedly get numerous calls from the same or multiple phone numbers. This keeps our mind engaging the whole day to guess or figure out who is calling and for what reason. However, sometimes it becomes the reason for severe headache, stress or anxiety. 

Apart from this, we are not able to concentrate on our essential tasks or business work. So in order to overcome this problem, one can make use of reverse phone lookup. 

What is reverse phone lookup?

Reverse lookup a phone number is an online website. It helps you identify the caller along with their current address or location. In this way, you can protect yourself from the scam caller or any problematic fraud. 

One can also use this site to reconnect with their friend or any known person you have lost contact with. This website enables you to find their contact number as well as address so you can visit their place.

A reverse phone lookup site is available in various price ranges depending upon its services. You may also find some free websites, but they will provide you with limited information. At the same time, another which charges monthly payment provides you with in-depth information.

List of some reverse phone lookup websites


Intelius is one of the oldest Reverse lookup a phone number applications in the market, which started in 2003. This application is highly credible and has a better business bureau’s rating. It helps you to search by name, contact number, address. After entering the ten-digit contact number in the search bar, you can get complete details regarding the caller’s name, age, current location, property records and many more. But in-depth detail is only available to those who pay a monthly premium. It generates accurate and reliable results. 

Truth finder

Truth finder is a US-based service to help you inquire about the caller’s information. One of the top-rated Reverse lookup a phone number, which aims at one’s identity with further details like name, age, residential fact, email address, education, job history, social media details and family acquaintance links. Truth finder application provides such detailed information at such an affordable rate. However, many other websites or search engines in the market charge a very high fee for their services. 

Instant checkmate

The third one is instant checkmate; it is Diego based company. It an easy to use interface designs that enable the user to get desired information. You just have to enter the search number in the bar and wait for the result. This includes basic information about the person, professional detail, criminal history, etc., as we notice the Instant Checkmate has high fees as compared to peers in the industry. But what makes this platform out of the crowd is that it supports both android and IOS users.

These are some of the most trusted and top-rated Reverse lookup a phone number platform that enquires you about detailed information of any unknown or known number. 


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