Ayurvedic Spa TreatmentsAyurvedic medicine represents the knowledge of thousands of years of Indian practitioners, preserved and passed on by yogis. Ayurvedic spas offer treatments that not only pamper the flesh but also revitalize the mind and spirit and are very popular in spa and destination travel.


Shirodhara is designed to calm the nervous system, and accordingly the body, integrating mind and body as one. The treatment consists of a stream of a warm liquid being poured on the forehead, or the third eye. Liquids used can include coconut water, oil or milk. This treatment is designed to treat many head afflictions, including sinus pain, memory loss and hearing impairment.


Ayurvedic Spa TreatmentsKnown as the royal massage, pizzichilli was once reserved for Maharajahs alone. The treatment consists of a massage, followed by the drizzling of a stream of warm, herbalized oil onto the skin, while the massage continues. This treatment is particularly useful for physical complaints such as aches and pain, but it also serves to integrate the mind and the body, as well as promoting flexibility and ease of movement.


Gandharva combines elements from several other therapies. One such therapy is called Marma, which is a form of massage designed to realign the body’s energies, and involves light touches at various centers of the body. A full body massage is also included in Gandharva treatment. Marma all takes place under the harmony-promoting sounds of a crystal “singing” bowl.


Udvartna consists of an herbal body paste, generously applied to the whole person. The application encourages blood flow, and draws out extra fluid, as well as exfoliation, leaving skin soft and fresh.

Ayurvedic Spa TreatmentsAbhyanga

Abhyanga is a type of friction massage, generally performed by two therapists in tandem. Warm oil is massaged into the body, which encourages the flow of blood and the release of toxins stored in the body. This massage is followed by a hot towel treatment, leaving the body very relaxed.


Oshadhi is an herbal body wrap. First, the therapist applies specific oils to the body, depending on an individual’s particular needs. Then the client is left wrapped in a warm herbal cocoon, for a relaxing and calming experience.


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