The Bernina 440 QE is an innovation of its kind. Bernina is one of the top sewing machine brands in the world. Every sewing and embroidery enthusiast knows of the durability and dependability of anything that Bernina offers.

The Bernina Aurora 440 QE comes with a stitch regulator that can give the machine the ability to regulate the dimensions of the stitches by itself. With this, one can enjoy free-motion stitching. Another thing this machine boasts of is its wide library of stitch designs. It offers more than 300 stitches ranging from practical stitches to decorative ones.

This model also has an LCD screen and a great editing feature. One can easily choose the fonts as well as the designs and patterns of the embroidery projects. The projects will be accomplished through the information available at site. The editing feature will be provided to the customers to meet with the desired results. The projects will be accomplished with the LCD screen at the machines. 

Why use Bernina 440 QE:

  1. It has a CB hook system

This feature gives the machine the ability to create strong stitches immediately. One can stop thinking about the possibility of loose stitches.

  1. It can remember the alterations

The Bernina 440 QE has a memory of its own. One can make certain changes like on the dimensions of the stitches and the position of the needles, and the machine remembers every single modification that has been made. This is one of the things that make Bernina 440 QE one of a kind. However, it is important for us to remember its limitation. Once the sewing equipment is turned off, all information about the modifications are deleted.

  1. It is ergonomic

It comes with an intuitive control panel, three thread cutters in the sewing equipment and built-in lights. These features are all designed for the purpose of making the sewing and embroidery experience more efficient and pleasant with the Bernina 440 QE.

  1. It comes with a great software kit

There is an Editor Lite software comes with the Bernina 440 QE. It gives us the ability to see and furthermore, modify the designs right at our own PC.

  1. Its manual serves as an amazing guide

Bernina manuals offer a step-by-step guide on how to operate the machine. While other manuals are either too hard to read or too difficult to understand, Bernina makes sure that the users are able to fully understand how to work with its product.

The disadvantages of using the Bernina 440 QE:

  1. It is quite pricey

This unit costs as much as $3,500. It is expensive, and spending for this unit should be compensated with excellent quality and features. However, there are still similar and cheaper options available in the market.

  1. It might be too much to handle with its various features

A lot of people do not have the patience to learn about the features of the Bernina 440 QE. Newbies usually have a hard time getting to know the machine and may end up frustrated with it. It is advisable for people to use simpler embroidery equipment when starting with the hobby as well as when they know they cannot deal with so much to learn about.


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