Hi friends, Ban on Bitcoin trading is not possible. It is the word of biggest financial investor Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

The two economic Giants states that Bitcoin digital currency is the future of money and trade. They told that nobody could Ban or stop Bitcoin trading or Digital currency, also there are billions that are now using bitcoins and trading them via platforms like https://torque.asia/ making it impossible to control or ban the digital currency abruptly.

Nobody could Ban

They had given a strong reason for this. The reason behind this is statement was evident. Nobody is governing Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency into the market.

It’s a completely network-based financial market for now. That’s why nobody can Ban this either person can regulate this digital currency in the future.

In the same context, many journalists had asked a question that if nobody is controlling that it is a big challenge. But immediately Warren Buffett told. What if nobody can control them then how Anybody Can destroy them.

For example, if you will able to trade on electricity. But you cannot monitor the power. Similarly, Bitcoin trading is a flow of electricity. Nobody can stop this for now.

The lucky one question had asked by a gentleman. The digital currency is the future then what will be the future of offline trading.

It was the best question that has been asked by that journalist. Regarding this text that Businessman told that offline business is evergreen. But online is the new environment where you can go anywhere.

Then again one question was there. It has based on countries based on regulation and policies. They told that for example, China is trying to ban the initial coin offerings. So how you define that nobody can control digital currency.

Immediately they respond that this is not a threat. It is the fear of that country who don’t have the future of Economy.

Most of the people and states are looking for exponential growth. Bitcoin and other currencies are giving you the opportunity to explore yourself.

By using this financial technology, you can do with your business whatever you can expect.

Technology is a method, and the company basement is the key to the economy. So this is just a simple game of finance and economy.

Another technical question has arisen. For example, in the future, if anybody has most of the share of Bitcoin. Then he or she or they can be the ruler of the economy.

With respect to this question, they replied that yes it’s true. If you are the initiative of investment then definitely you will get the benefit of it.

But now market and trading are wild, and nobody can control them. Everybody wants to make money. So, in this case, nobody can hold Bitcoin or any distal currency for long.

Because as per my experience trading means to get to profit and getaway.

That’s why if anybody is talking about the ban on digital currency or cryptocurrency or Bitcoin it’s truly shameless.

Dear friends, this is the pure unclear thoughts of the investors and businessmen of world leaders. If there are sure about this, then you don’t have to take any pain in the future.


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