Although the literature does not really stand this disease entity as dependence on dietary supplements , there is no doubt that the use of such measures , in some cases, may resemble a form of addiction. And it’s not just about the mere fact that the use of supplements and nutrients , but above all for their specific approach , involving the ” coercion ” application under pain of losing hard earned effects or even worsening health.

Underestimated and overestimated the role of dietary supplements

With dietary supplements is the problem that hardly anyone really has to have common sense approach . On the one hand we can meet detractors supplementation , frightening contained in them, ” chemistry “, causing a variety of health problems , on the other hard-core enthusiasts who believe that what they write in the studies of marketing this type of manufacture was pure gold and convincing that without adequate set of powders and capsules is not possible to meet the demand for all the necessary ingredients . Only a few individuals perceive dietary supplements , as optional extras , some of which actually means easy , (but not determine ) to maintain optimal nutritional status of the organism and may potentially help improve athletic performance and to facilitate the work on the composition of the body.

As you might guess potential ” addicts ” are mostly people blindly staring at the miraculous power of supplements, but sometimes the victims of this addiction there are also people manifested initially sense approach .

Do not go anywhere without medicine case

To write this article on Testogenr review I was inspired by a conversation with a friend who said like half jokingly , half seriously, that is ” addicted to Suplie ” because for some time not only regularly used them , but also anywhere without them moving. To work takes a box of capsules containing guarana (for excitation) , lecithin ( to improve concentration ), magnesium (for stress) , a portion of amino acids ( against catabolism ), and the car always has a few samples of the protein supplements ( if hungry standing in a traffic jam ) . But that’s not all that familiar meticulously calculating also added that the restaurant is going to take their omega 3 and multivitamins ( to ” heal ” eaten meal ) and when it is selected for the event taking vitamin C ( speeds up the metabolism of alcohol ) and “something the liver ” … Even during the holiday trip is accompanied by a massive dose of supplements and nutrients , which for some time have their own , autonomous compartment in a backpack …

Apparently the whole confession colleague was mocking character stories , but you could feel at the end of some concern, especially when he was not able to recall a single day lived without extensive supplementation …

Better enemy of the good

These just a confession of my friend is not an isolated example , one of a kind . The specific type of ” attachment ” to dietary supplements is widespread . There is always something wrong. It is difficult to be considered that unshakable faith in the fact that the daily intake of magnesium and omega 3 can carry behind any negative consequences. With high probability we can even recognize that such a practice rather than serve the health of anyone hurt. On the other hand, the deep conviction that no supplements can not function normally live to 100% , stay healthy or to make progress in the gym should definitely arouse anxiety . Such an approach is neither fair nor healthy.

Examination shows that men with higher proportions of all out testosterone have a decreased occurrence of Alzheimer’s infection. There’s additionally proof for a solid connection among’s testosterone and thinking capacities, for example, verbal memory and quicker handling speed. Testosterone treatment for men 34 to 70 years of age has indicated an improvement in spatial memory.


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