When you get into Minecraft it can be tiring looking at the same character for all the hours you log on the game. Also, the look of the standard character does not necessarily reflect your personality. The answer to this is to find a skin that makes your person seem a little more like you or a fantasy you have of what you could be like if you were really out there working in the Minecraft world. As with all long-play games it is fun to build in a bit of fantasy. Skindex is one of the most complete listings of user generated skins available, some for free and some for a small fee.

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It is Fun to Change Your Appearance

Just as you wouldn’t wear the exact same clothes day in and day out, you might want to give your character some variety. This also allows other players to see a bit about you when you enter multi-player worlds. It can open up the conversation and build in your own personal type of flare for the game.

A Complete Index

Skindex works at being the most complete indexes available. You can search the web and find any number of different sites that list all types of skins you can throw on your character. Make sure you look into the validity of the site. Look for comments on the skins and make sure other Minecraft players are downloading from the site. As with any type of game code, hackers like to find ways to trick loyal fans into downloading viruses and worms in order to take over your computer. You want to check out the history of the index and what the download volume is before you commit to a particular skin site.

Gives You Ideas for Launching Your Own

Studying all these different skins might give you an idea for launching your very own type of decoration. Even if you don’t know anything about coding, Minecraft uses such a simple base you can begin to learn. You can begin by just tweaking an existing skin a little to see how the whole process works. The other great resource is the mass of players out there. You can look around forums and find people more than willing to help you start skin building. This expands your reach within the Minecraft world and gives you more options for your gaming experience.


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