Majority of people today put on perfumes and many other deodorants as a way of personal body care. It has become one of the most imperative wears that some people cannot do without. However, most people do not know the right way to put them on and end up abusing or misusing them.

Some of these common mistakes in the usage include applying or spraying them on cloths and ornaments or even on some counterfeit decorations. The real scent of a perfume is only released and enjoyed when applied on human skin and not on clothing or ornaments. They not only cause discoloration of cloths and the fake ornaments but also the original smell of the perfume disappears therefore bringing out a different scent. The alcohol content in majority of he perfumes we use causes the cloths to lose colour. If the only option is to spray on the cloths, then it ought to be on dark coloured ones and original ornaments to prevent smearing of the colours.

Also, it is a very common behavior among many to spray perfume on their wrist and rub the wrists with each other with the reasoning that it helps it to permeate the skin easily. The wrists may be the most ideal points to test the perfume on, but rubbing it affects the fragrance because it reduces the surface effect of the perfume. Some of the other suggested areas one can test perfumes on include the back of the hand, on the neck, or beneath the ears. It is not necessarily for one to spray on the body, it can be done into the air and then one steps into that area immediately so that the whole body absorbs it.

This is just like the effects that a nice dose of Eclatant can have on your body as it is one of the best brands of perfume in the world today, which is why most people prefer it as a room freshener as well.

Other common mistakes include wearing only one type of perfume all year round or mixing different types of perfumes. The strength of the fragrance of the perfume is usually affected by temperatures therefore it is not advisable to wear one type all year round. Warm and sweet fragrances are suitable office wears while strong but not extremely are better for night parties. Many make a mistake of putting on extremely strong perfumes during open-air festivals and end up thinning the ozone layer. The delicate perfumes are most suitable during such events. Mixing different types of perfumes is another common phenomenon. Some people will end up mixing without intending to only because they did not thoroughly clean their cloths or bodies before changing type. Most molecules of the perfume tend to stick and remain on the skin or clothing and can easily mix with a new wear therefore during the change one ought to first ensure total cleanliness. Proper bath is recommended before a change.

Last but not least, it is a common trend to put perfume bottles in the open without any other cover such as a paper box. Perfumes are affected by light, which changes their appearance, fragrance or quality. The paper boxes not only provide beauty or attraction but also preserve the delicate scent. Over and above guiding one on the perfumes to avoid crush, the packaging should be maintained to preserve quality. If perfumes are used in the right way they provide the wear aimed at or the enjoyment of their quality.


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.