Here at Dr. Kevin Flood’s Dental Health and Wellness Center, home of the finest Grand Rapids dental services, we are strong advocates of leading a healthy and happy life through dental care. We help our clients achieve the perfect and gorgeous smile with cosmetic dentistry. With cosmetic dentistry, we take your teeth, mouth and smile problems and reverse them to look like there were never really any problems in the first place! Cosmetic dentistry is an art that involves working and enhancing the appearance of your teeth to give you a natural looking and flawless smile.

So why look for other Grand Rapids dentists when you have our experienced cosmetic dentist to give you that smile. Take a look at our list of cosmetic dentistry services below and you will know why we always have an answer to your smile and teeth problems. When you will register at site, the collection of the information from the reviews is possible. There is the availability of white and bright smile is possible for the individuals. the reviews will provide the correct information about the dental health.


Here is a solution for all those suffering from uneven, wide spaced teeth. Cosmetic veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that can be attached on the teeth to conceal gaps, chipped parts and worn down teeth. They give a natural yet perfect look to the teeth without any pain caused to the client.

Dental Crowns

Say goodbye to fractured and decayed teeth. We give you a smile makeover with dental crowns. Dental crowns are caps placed over a fractured or damaged tooth to restore and preserve its functionality. They look much like the affected teeth and look very natural. Besides strengthening the affected tooth, it also reshapes to align it with the rest of your teeth thus giving you a straight smile.

Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth or two (or maybe even more), dental implants are perfect for you. Dental implants are designed to fill the gap that a fallen tooth has created. They look and function like the rest of your teeth and can last for 10 to 15 years. They are reliable and do not cause you pain or discomfort when eating.

Dental Bonding

No more discolored, uneven, chipped, decayed, crooked teeth with dental bonding. No more even gaps in between teeth. Dental bonding helps you get a perfect smile by putting a thin coating of composite resin on the front and back of your teeth. Once resin is applied, the teeth are exposed to a high-intensity light to harden the coating and give the surface a smooth and natural look.

Teeth Whitening

Don’t you just hate yellow teeth? No matter how straight or even your teeth may be, if they are discolored then they definitely ruin your smile. But we can solve your problem with teeth whitening. Teeth whitening involves applying a whitening gel on your teeth and exposing them to a laser light that activates the whitening chemicals. After a few visits, you will notice that your teeth have whitened considerably and all stains have been removed from it.

Invisible Braces

Now you can correct your teeth, invisibly. Invisible braces are the best alternative to regular braces and many people have worn them. The result is a confident smile that shows your fantastic, straight teeth. Invisible braces consist of a series of clear aligners made of plastic and worn by our clients. Over time and after wearing different aligners, your teeth will straighten out. They are comfortable, convenient, removable and clear. No one will ever know you are wearing braces.


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