As you now know, the emotional symptoms of anxiety are inextricably interlinked with the mental, physical and behavioral symptoms. Often we think it is the way we feel that is triggering all the other reactions but, as you have seen in the vicious circle of anxiety, they all impact upon one another in a self-perpetuating, unhealthy cycle. You must wrestle the emotional symptoms in dealing with anxiety.

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Talk It Through

An excellent way to cope with the emotional symptoms of anxiety is to talk through your concerns with close family, friends or a therapist. If those close to you know about your concerns, they are far more likely to be understanding of your choices. Similarly, they can then help you through situations they know might make you feel anxious. Dealing with anxiety involves talking.

Often it is more helpful to talk through your feelings with someone entirely objective such as a trained therapist. They can help lead you through exercises similar to those in this program and to understand how the way you are feeling is not necessarily realistic.

If you do seek the help of a therapist, take your time to choose one you feel comfortable with and do not be afraid to explore other options if, after a number of sessions, you do not find yourself making adequate progress.

Bear in mind, however, that anxiety disorders can take some time to eliminate, depending upon the patient. Many anxiety sufferers also have to deal with other conditions such as depression or alcohol dependency before they can truly deal with and eradicate anxiety from their lives. Dealing with anxiety means taking the time to plan and cope with what you are experiencing.

Dealing With Anxiety: The Mental Symptoms

In this section we will look at ways to deal with those mental symptoms although you will notice that some of the methods or techniques discussed deal with physical and sometimes emotional symptoms as well. dealing with one will often impact beneficially on another.

Work Out What Makes You Anxious

The primary thing you need to do when dealing with the mental symptoms of anxiety is to work out which thoughts are making you anxious. Once you have done this, you can replace those thoughts with ones that are more productive and which enhance rather than destroy your health.

It can, however, be hard to identify the thoughts that are making you anxious as you may have become so used to worrying that it has become second nature. This leads to worrying thoughts automatically popping up in your mind without you even being aware of them at times.

What you need to do is observe and pay attention to whatever is going through your mind whenever you start to feel anxious. Once you have identified these thoughts, write them down in a notebook. By keeping a record of these thoughts, you can start to manage them.


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