The first thing we found when my son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes was that everyone thought they knew a lot and really knew nothing. The final straw was a friend of his giving everyone an ice cream telling him that she wasn’t giving him one because she wasn’t going to contribute to him not taking care of himself. If he ate better, he would have this problem. Considering we have our own garden, do fresh vege’s, various grains and try to shoot for the healthier meals long before he was ever diagnosed, I thought he was going to push her over and take the ice cream! But he didn’t.

People think they’re smart. My ex-husband even went so far as to attempt to blame my negligent parenting for our sons diabetes. I guess he would have known more if he showed up at the hospital any time during that week.

But here nor there, let’s address some of the more common myths my son and I have confronted about Type 1 diabetes, formerly commonly known as juvenile diabetes.

If you ate healthier this wouldn’t be a problem! I blame this on the growing industry of Type 2 diabetes medications, the glory of making money through advertising in a burgeoning industry. While no less dangerous, no easier to care for and actually probably far less aggravating over all than Type 2, most cases have very different causes. The causes of Type 1 is still under investigation with information showing that there is likely a virus that some people are genetically predisposed to having a weakness against. What it comes down to is your body is attacking a portion of your pancreas for some as of yet to be fully determined reasons. Whatever the cause, there is no diet on the planet currently known to prevent this. Over-eating is not the cause, sugar is not the cause, eating to much sugar is not the cause.       

You can’t have sugar! This is not your grandmother’s diabetes and we are not in the 1980’s. We know that no matter what carb you put into your body, it will be turned into sugar in the blood stream. Please don’t berate your Type 1 friend for that occasional ice cream or the candy bar. It’s not that they can’t have it, it’s simply that they have to accommodate it with insulin. A Type 1 diabetic should have a healthy balanced diet with plenty of everything. A healthy diet can include the occasional treat.       

You can’t get low blood sugar, you’re diabetic, that’s hyperglycemia! The most unfortunate thing about this, is this incident occurred with a teacher, while my son was having low blood sugar. Yes, diabetics of all types can have low-blood sugar. A miscalculation on insulin, more exercise than accommodated for in their regimen or sometimes just a body doing whatever it wants to do, low blood sugar is a risk. It’s also an extreme danger, consider it the same as being unable to breath. Please, if your friend says they have low blood sugar, trust they know what they’re talking about, it’s their disease to care for.       

You eat too much, you’re always eating! If you didn’t do that, you would get better. Many diabetics do what we should all be doing. They eat 6 small meals/snacks a day. This is normal and very healthy as long as the food is healthy. Type 1 Diabetics don’t “get better”. Unlike Type 2, there is no weight loss program, healthy diet and exercise plan that can get rid of Type 1. It is a chronic illness that until they find a cure, is considered a life time burden. There are several cures very near with beta cell implants in the liver, several stem cell programs looking promising and a few off the wall ideas showing some promise even. We all hope and pray for a cure, but simply changing your diet, while important, won’t make it better. 

You can’t do that, it’s to dangerous! There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that a well managed diabetic can’t do. OK, they can’t produce insulin on their own, but from skydiving to scuba diving to cross country bicycle trips, you can bet it can be done and if they want to do it, they know how. Please leave the how between them and their doctor, be supportive and enjoy whatever activity it is that you’re all involved in. You should also check sugar balance reviews so you can see if this brand is really effective. This supplement for diabetes is one of the trusted and reputable brands that people consider. This product will help regulate the level of blood sugar in your body.

Being diabetic is tough, whether it’s Type 1 or 2. Be supportive and if you think you know something, take the time to ask you friend about it. And remember, maybe in 1992 you couldn’t have that piece of pie after Thanksgiving turkey, but today, no matter what type of diabetic you are, that may not be the case.


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.