The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is to choose permanent eating changes that work for you. Keeping a diary of what you eat will make you more aware of your choices. This will also make it easier to see your mistakes and weaknesses.

To maintain your current weight a 2,000 calorie plan is recommended.

To lose one pound a week try a 1,800 calorie plan.

To lose two or more pounds a week try a 1,600 calorie plan.

It is important to eat at least every 3 hours. Waiting any longer will only make temptation stronger. Keep foods available that are quick and easy to grab like apples, yogurt, and grapes to name a few. Nabisco has a line of 100 calorie grab bags of chips and cookies as well! With the weight loss, dieting benefits will be provided with resurge product. The spending of the money and efforts should be in the accordance of the person.  The calories from the body will be reduced for the benefit of the person. The clearing of the cookies will be efficient for the person. 

By eating 1200 milligrams of calcium per day you will burn fat faster says Dr. Michael Zemel Ph. D. The calcium triggers the metabolism to burn quicker. A University of Tennessee study showed that women who ate three cups of yogurt a day were able to lose sixty percent more body fat. .

Keep yourself well hydrated. Being dehydrated causes thirst which can fool your stomach into thinking your hungry when you are just actually thirsty. Try to drink eight to ten glasses of cold water each day. By drinking cold water you are making your body work more to heat the water and causing yourself to burn more calories. This will also help flush out fatty cells. Dehydration can reduce your chances of losing up to two percent each day.

By eliminating regular soda you can save yourself one thousand calories per day or more. Try Wyler’s unsweetened singles. They have 10 calories per sixteen ounces and only 10 calories.

The rule of thumb is to stop eating by 8pm or at least 3 hours before sleep. This will prevent the food inside you to process and not just turn directly into fat.

From the time you start eating to the time it actually hits the bottom of your stomach takes twenty minutes. Start with soups or salads. This will help curb your appetite for the meal and you will actually eat less. Soups that are broth based trick your stomach into feeling full but contain only a small amount of calories.

Watch out for salad dressing! The average person uses five tablespoons of salad dressing. To make your dressing go further try putting 1-2 tablespoons of dressing in the bottom of a bowl, add your salad a little at a time tossing all the while. This will allow you to coat your salad more thoroughly.

Take small portions keeping in mind you can go back for seconds. If after that first helping you still feel hungry try relaxing twenty minutes. If you are still hungry after that go for seconds but watch your portions.

A Harvard study reports that it is not how many carbs you eat but more so the type that effects your metabolisms burning power.

Exercising on a regular basis is the key to losing weight. Anything that involves moving is considered exercise. Splitting your daily exercise into two sessions is even better. This will elevate your metabolism two times therefore burning more calories. The chart below will help you determine the best exercise for you and what you will burn by doing it.

  • Twenty minutes or gardening burns 120 calories.
  • Twenty minutes of power walking burns 189 calories
  • Twenty minutes of swimming burns 240 calories
  • One hour of garden tilling burns 400 calories
  • One hour of badminton burns 265 calories
  • One hour of cleaning windows burns 300 calories
  • One hour of mowing the lawn with a push mower burns 335 calories
  • One hour of raking leaves burns 340 calories
  • To burn 100 calories try one of these:
  • Ten minutes of jumping rope
  • Twenty minutes of dancing
  • 15 minutes of walking
  • 30 minutes of playing fetch with your dog
  • 45 minutes of shopping
  • 30 minutes of vacuuming
  • 20 minutes of active stretching
  • 60 minutes of cleaning the house

The next best thing to exercise that you can do is to eat breakfast. No more than 500 calories is recommended. Seventy eight percent of people that lost weight and kept it off eat breakfast. By doing so your appetite will be reduce for the rest of the days meal plan making it easier to eat less.

Weigh weekly it will keep you on track and make you more aware of what you eat.

Watch out for foods like tuna salad, olives and dried fruit. The mayo in tuna salad can pack in a lot of calories, olives are high in fat, and dried fruit contains a lot of sugar.

In today’s busy world eating on the run has become a way of life. Keep in mind that you can eat out and still lose weight. Many fast food restaurants offer a low calorie menu.

Taco Bell offers a “Fresco Menu”. Fresco means salsa is substituted for the cheese and sour cream on the normal menu. The great thing about this is that you don’t notice what is missing and it taste great!


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