Medical spas have grown in popularity among both men and women in recent years. Medical spas, also known as medical spas, are a cross between a conventional day spa and a medical clinic. They strive to balance the best of the two, combining a soothing spa experience with methods and expertise commonly found only in a physician’s office.

Difference between Medical Spas and Regular Spas?

The major difference between a regular spa and a medical spa is the range of procedures available. Medical procedures which cannot be performed at a typical day spa could be conducted in a medical spa. Medical spas should be associated with or operated by a medical professional. Because a doctor performs not every operation, it is performed under the guidance of a dermatologist. Medical spas can differ considerably based on where you can go. Whereas most day spas are aimed toward relaxation, most medical facilities are geared toward healing.

Medical spas provide a variety of services-

  • Skin Whitening

Skin pigmentation challenges can be resolved at medical spas. These include blemishes, melasma, melanin issues, or dark spots. Furthermore, you can improve the appearance and softness of your skin.

  • Laser therapy

Most spas also provide laser treatments. Laser treatments could be used to treat various issues, including wrinkles, skin textures, skin discoloration, blemishes, tattoo removal.

  • Botox injections

Medical spas may also provide injectables for the treatment of age spots and facial lines, such as botox, as well as by sport.

  • Facials of Medical Grade

Medical facials provided by the medical spas differ from regular facials provided by day spas. Micro syringes are used in medical-grade facials to create microscopic paths across the surface of the epidermis. This leads to the formation of skin tissues, which promotes the growth of the skin. This results in tissue regeneration which is more efficient than that provided by the traditional day spas. Collagen Induction Treatment is another name for this process.

Who Handles all these Treatments?

The treatment itself decides the individual who performs your treatment. All processes under the medical domain are supervised by the physician who supervises the medical spa. Estheticians manage the more regular spa therapies. An esthetician will perform all non-medical procedures, also renowned as a skincare therapist. All cosmetic procedures, such as massage body scrubs, will be performed by a skincare therapist. Specific non-invasive treatments, such as acne treatments, microdermabrasion, or superficial chemical peels, can also be performed by estheticians. Even though each state does have its own medical spa rules, a doctor must conduct all medical treatments.

Before, throughout, and after your medical spa process, the experienced Med Spa of Melinda in North Myrtle Beach is always available for any questions or concerns you may have. They are delighted to educate our medical -spa customers on the most recent skincare treatments to provide the visitor with the good skincare results possible. To accomplish each customer’s unique skincare the outcome, it takes more than just a license.

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