Exterior windows can be very expensive to replace when remodeling a home, with custom wood windows running into the thousands of dollars. For a homeowner looking for a low-cost alternative to a full window replacement, here are several inexpensive ways to freshen up those old exterior windows and make them look almost like new. As you try any of these projects it is also important that you get cheap and affordable materials for your project. As you find the best impact driver for 2020 you will be able to make the most out of your DIY project as well.

Multicolor paint palette

Is your house painted one color and the wood trim in another? One way to give old exterior windows a fresh look is by introducing a third, complementary color on the window sash itself. Painting the exterior window sash is a low-cost way of giving your home a bit of pizzazz.

This three-color paint scheme is a popular way of hiding tired old windows and looks fabulous even on older homes with mismatched windows or aluminum storm windows. Popular third color accent colors include black, white, gray, colonial blue, terra cotta, and mustard yellow. The Benjamin Moore company has a fabulous paint design site that allows you to experiment with different color combinations. Here’s the link for the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer tool.

Adding shutters

In many parts of the United States, shutters are decorative accents that help to break up the expanse of exterior siding on a home. They also draw attention away from a plain window.

Exterior window shutters are made of either wood or vinyl and come in a variety of styles and colors. Wooden shutters start at $75.00 for the pair for a standard 24″ x 60″ window. No maintenance vinyl shutters begin at $85.00. For a price comparison and a peek at the many different colors and styles of shutters, the following three sites are worth checking out for ideas.

  • Decorativeshutters.com
  • Shutterland.net
  • Vinylshutters.net

Attaching window planter boxes

Old fashioned window planters are regaining in popularity as people are discovering the fun of container gardening. Window planters come in a variety of styles and sizes and can give a tired window a whole new look along with increasing your gardening space. Window planters start as low as $24.00.

For the do-it-yourself, here’s a great link with instructions for making and installing your own planter box. Interested in a premade? HookandLattice.com has one of the nicest collection of window boxes I’ve seen on the internet.

Window Awnings

Window awnings are colorful roof-like covers that attach to the side of a building and provide shelter from both rain and sun. While most window awnings are usually made of heavy canvas, metal awnings were also quite popular in the 50s and 60s and are still available today.

Awnings are a fabulous way to dress up a tired set of the window, and come in an incredible range of styles, colors, prints, and prices. While window awnings can be expensive to custom order and install, for the do-it-yourself, Sunshineawning.com sells awning kits that are easy to assemble. For a standard three-foot window, awning kits start as low as $108 for just the canvas or $215 for the entire assembly.


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