Part of my work is dealing directly with the sale of vitamins, vitamin supplements, herbal and homeopathic capsules, pills, oils, powders, soft gels and any other format these companies can think up in order to make a buck off the consumer. I do not sell these products, but I work on the advertising end. The time, money, and advertisement it takes to convince someone to pay $62.00 for a bottle of 60 capsules, is unbelievable, but it’s worth it to these companies, because on the other end, they make thousands upon thousands of dollars selling them.

I am not saying that vitamin supplements are harmful, although I do know that there could be a bad interaction if combining them with some prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor. Your doctor should always be kept informed of what else you are putting in your body. The warning on our labels always states: Keep out of the reach of children and Please contact your physician before taking this or any other drug.

I only wish the consumers would abide by these warnings and recommendations, unfortunately some don’t.

As for most children needing them in their diet, that would be a simple, no, in my opinion.

It is vital for children to have sufficient diet laced with proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates but they shouldn’t be given something like a Sunshine Discount Vitamins which can only be taken after a certain age.

If you would carefully read the directions or the descriptions on the supplement label, in many cases you will find phrases such as, “may be helpful in the absorption of…” or “has been know to support the immune system of …” or “the Inca Indian’s where thought to have used this in …”. You get the picture, nothing is set in stone, just a lot of may be and may haves and could be. Like I said, read the labels and see for yourself.

Unless you are living in a third world country and there isn’t any food fit for consumption, or your living with your family on the streets (in either case, vitamins would be the least of your concern), you need not worry.

If your children are hungry, they will eat. When you provide milk and eggs, vegetables and fruits, whole grains and meats, mixed with some healthy snacks, you are providing them with all the vitamins they naturally need. Make sure they also drink a fair share of good clean water and their bodies will grow and so will their brain without the added benefit of more chemicals.

Last but not least, most vitamins end up in the sewer system anyway. That’s true for adults as much as for children. Our bodies only absorb one-fourth of a vitamin tablet; the rest is flushed away, literally. So, let the herbal companies and the vitamin companies put all the pretty bottles on their shelves, but know you don’t have to buy them, and your children don’t have to take them.


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.