Everyone is different when it comes to losing weight. Some people the weight seems to drop off in great amounts. These are the lucky ones! For others, the exact opposite is their blessing and they struggle to get rid of those excess pounds. But there are several different reasons for why some of us lose weight or gain weight faster than others.

One of the main reasons is sometimes as simple as if you happen to be a man or a woman. For some reason, women seem to lose weight at a slower rate than men. But why do men lose more weight than women? In any given time range, men will usually drop more pounds than women. A lot of theories exist as to why this is but it is widely thought that it is all down to the difference in muscle mass and body sizes.

On average, a normal man tends to be bigger than a normal woman. He will tend to have more muscles than a woman and increased muscle mass in the body helps to burn more calories on a day to day basis. Also, men usually have a faster metabolism rate than women. Not too sure why but that is true.

Why Do Men Lose More Weight Than Women – Some other factors.

There are other factors that come into play such as men tend to be more physically active than women. This could be down to the job (if it is physically demanding) or simply just getting out of the house more. These may be little differences but they make a big difference in the space of a few months or more.

And I may be going out on a limb here but men on average don’t jump from one fad diet to another as quickly as women do as there are diet plans like Resurge that are really effective in weight loss. It is no secret that fad diets do more harm than good when it comes to keeping the weight off. The only reason I say this is because you only need to open one of the hundreds of women’s magazines on sale and there is always a new diet plan or weight loss pills for women in the pages.

Where women tend to follow the diets in many of these magazines, the first thing a man thinks about when he wants to lose weight is exercise. They think about getting to the gym or taking up a sport. And by doing this, it gives them a great jump start as they are burning calories during the time they would usually spend sitting and eating.

Any healthy lifestyle will have good wholesome food and regular exercise attached to it. So if you think about the question ‘Why do Men Lose More Weight Than Women’, then hopefully you will now have some idea.

But if women take on some of what I have said in the paragraphs above, I am sure they will be able to increase the weight loss and keep up with the men.


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