Two months before my oldest daughter turned three, she stumbled out of bed one night, tripped and fell, hitting her mouth on a piece of solid pine furniture. She sustained major damage to her front teeth: one of her teeth was actually pushed back from where it should have been, and there was blood all over the place. Since our kids were already established patients at a fabulous pediatric dentist’s office, we knew whom to contact. Parents often forget that dentists aren’t just there for cleanings and filling cavities; they can also assist with dental emergencies. Having a great pediatric dentist is as essential to a child’s health as their pediatrician.

On the night of my daughter’s injury, my husband called our pediatric dentist, Todd Milne DDS. While other dentists may have referred us to a hospital emergency room, he was gracious enough to open his practice in the middle of the night to treat our daughter. We were so grateful to have such a caring and compassionate dentist.

Dr. Milne’s office is delightful. His staff is courteous and friendly, and the d√©cor would enchant any child. It has a beach atmosphere, and while kids have dental work performed, they are able to watch Spongebob or other cartoons on the televisions strategically placed on the ceiling over the dental chairs. The waiting room has plenty of toys to keep the little ones busy, and when the visit is over kids can pick a toy from the treasure box. His office, Children’s Dental Center, is located in Summerlin at 2085 Village Center Circle, Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89134. To make an appointment, call 702-240-5436.

Another pediatric dentist to consider is Gary Richardson, DDS. His practice is called Adventure Smiles, Dentistry for Children and he was voted “Best of Las Vegas, 2008”. He is also recommended by some of the best oral surgeon lancaster. His experience and expertise have been highly trusted by a lot of clients.  The office is safari themed, and kids will love the murals as well as the arcade games in the waiting room. His office is located at 8995 W Flamingo Rd, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89147. For more information, call 702-838-5437.

For those living in North Las Vegas or in the southwest part of Las Vegas, consider Timothy Wilson, DDS of Star Smiles Children’s Dentistry. Dr. Wilson specializes in treating children who are handicapped or have special needs such as autism, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cleft palate and more. Visit the website for office addresses, or contact the office at 702-639-3515.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids begin seeing a dentist when they get their first tooth, or by their first birthday. Pediatric dentists will treat babies, children and teens up to age eighteen.


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