Anyone wishing to hire a car during their vacation cannot go wrong with renting from Hertz. Hertz offer their clients top cars and also work hand in hand with the leisure and travel agent industry to give top notch support.

First of all Hertz work hard at offering great money saving deals for their clients showing that they appreciate their clients and want them to keep returning. One of these money saving deals is the Enjoy Your First Day Free on weekend rentals of 3 days or more at any participating airport of airport location in the USA , Canada or Puerto Rico. This offer is valid on economy through to premium cars.

There is also the save $100 on monthly or multi-monthly deals.

Additionally to these deals is the Rent 1, get 2 days of Neverlost deal. Neverlost is a route guidance system that provides visual and audio turn-by-turn driving directions to just about any destination in the USA, Canada or Puerto Rico.

As for fuel, here again Hertz outshines the rest with their new refueling policy. Vehicles can now be returned with less fuel than when first rented and Hertz replaces the fuel for you at pump price or you can choose to pay a flat refueling rate or purchase the gas at the start of the rental at pump price minus a 15c/gallon discount.

Hertz has also introduced an on-line check-in guarantee which promises to get you in and out of the rental facility within 10 minutes or less. All you have to do is visit and check-in before picking up the vehicle. You then just scan the printed receipt at a kiosk and be on your way. Should it take longer than 10 minutes Hertz promises to give customers $50 off their rental. Currently this guarantee is only available at airports in the USA. Additionally, if you have a lot of luggages like laste kohver ratastel, hertz is ultimately the best car rental for you because they do offer several car options depending on your needs such as the size and number of your luggage’s.

For those of us who are picky about what we drive hertz offers fantastic state-of-the-art products and services. The Fun Collection offers more than a dozen different models including a Jeep Wrangler, Hummer, Ford Mustang, Nissan 350Z and the Corvette ZHZ.

Additionally there is the Prestige Collection which includes 15 different models such as Cadillac, Audi, Mercedes and Volvo. If you rent one of the Prestige Collection you will automatically be equipped with a Neverlost system, have free pick-up from suburban hotels and resorts within a 15-mile radius and a 1 Year free membership to Hertz Gold Club.

Another benefit that Hertz offers is the Plate Pass. This is an electronic toll payment service that will allow you to bypass toll lanes allowing you access to Sun Pass, E-Pass and E-Z pass lanes. For this amenity Hertz charges a daily service fee of $2.50 plus the toll.

Should you be traveling with the family you can also request a Nick on the Go which is a pre-loaded, touch screen media player with over 40 hours of programming from Nickelodeon and Nick jr. The unit can be mounted for back seat viewing or used as a portable outside of the vehicle.


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