A spa party is a great way to reunite old friends, rally after a break-up, plan a unique bridal shower, or it can be the perfect predecessor to a girl’s night out.

If you want to combine the best of two worlds (those being shopping and the spa experience), please allow me to recommend Spa Girl Parties, www.spagirlparties.com. This innovative company offers 3 types of spa parties and a budget-friendly way to spend an afternoon.

The Girlfriend Get-Together is the first of the 3 spa party options that Spa Girls offers. You and your guests will be allowed to sample the line of bath and body products and to order the ones that you love. The Fabulous Facial party is the second option. With this party, you and your friends are introduced to a luxurious line of facial products and you also get to enjoy the personally tailored shopping experience. The third party offered by Spa Girls consultants is the Girlfriend Celebration Party. This one is my hands-down favorite. For a pre-paid fee, you and your guests are pampered, with special treatment for the guest of honor. There is no sales pitch or shopping involved in this party. 

You also have the option to get the highest quality cosmetic Med Spa treatments at New Jersey, which is perfect for your spa party as you get professionals and really serene experience at these spas.

If you are the DIY type, spa parties are best when they are kept to a small group of friends. Keep in mind that their needs to be an even number of guests including you, so no one is left out of the treatments.

First, consider your location. If all of your guests are in agreement, it is possible to chip in for a hotel suite for your spa party. This option also removes the stress of the post spa party cleanup from the hostess. Next, decide on your menu. Keep foods with high bloat potential far from your list. Opt instead for salads and vegan appetizers. Have plenty of mineral water, green teas, and chilled juices on hand.

Plan your spa treatment regime. Will it just be facials? Are you going to include the manicure/pedicure experience? Make a list of the supplies that you will need to purchase.

Pay attention to the atmosphere. Send husbands and kids away for the day, unplug the phone, and turn off the cell. The lighting, music, and aroma of your surroundings will greatly influence the spa experience.

Don’t forget the towels and spa robes. If you don’t want to bear the expense of purchasing these items, ask your guests to bring their own. Make sure to keep a few extras on hand, just in case.

Organize your activities. Even if you are planning on the guests performing as well as receiving the treatments, you may want to book a professional, such as a masseuse.

If all of this seems like a daunting task, consider the services of a mobile spa service like www.mobilespa.com. Mobile Spa offers all of the services that you will need to bring the spa experience to your home. All rates are customized, as are the parties they offer. This ensures that you and your guests get exactly the spa treatments that you want. Mobile Spa (1-800-651-4740) offers an online booking form that includes the prices for each spa treatment. When you visit the site, be sure to check out the packages that they offer. Mobile Spa has a spa party suitable for every occasion, even motherhood, and enlightenment!

Whatever kind of spa party that you decide on, remember that advance planning and attention to detail are the keys to the successful spa experience. Stress will ruin the air of relaxation.


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.