Calisthenics is for everyone, young and old. They provide a lot of health benefits, they help to strengthen up your joints, you can build muscle off of it, and more importantly, it is a real fat burner. Take my word because have you see those gym-goers who walk into the gym and some of them look all bloated and top-heavy just using free weights? Calisthenics incorporates functional muscle that is worked often, which requires an adequate supply of calories, oxygen (Which is good for overall stamina, cardio and strength) So here are some exercises I use to burn off fat and gain strength. But first whatever type’s of training you do. Training your muscles burns fat and calories as its energy reserve. So just stick to the basics that you’re doing and don’t do overdo it. Remember – It’s not a race, if you rush you could injure yourself moreover, you need to go through Reviews On Razalean Diet Pills Doctors Guide so that you can provide your body with the proper nutrition as well. But in order to work them efficiently, it is beneficial for you to use “Calisthenics” than free weights because of these major reasons:

Calisthenics targets numerous muscle groups than just 1 muscle. (functional muscle) Calisthenics can work for cardiovascular purposes. Calisthenics is superior to “Free weights”. Calisthenics assists muscles in fat burning. Such as e.g. (Maximum Intensity Training/High-Intensity Interval Training) Even doing a little goes a long way. You can utilize both Strength and Endurance training to adapt how your muscles work.

The two kinds of fat-burning muscle

(Strength/myofibrillar – Strength-based by contracting in “Time under tension”.) You’re hitting your muscles hard using this technique by squeezing hard on the muscles when working out for a short time. What this does is that it causes “muscle hypertrophy” miniature tearing in the fibers of your muscle fiber, when healed over the fibers contract even better than they previously were. *Heavyweights/Low Intensity* *pulls ups* *One-armed push-ups*

(Endurance/Fast-twitch/Sarcoplasmic – How many reps you can pull off without “Failure”.) In this sense how well conditioned your muscles are repeating the same contraction over and over again without giving in to failure. Endurance utilities “Fast-twitch fibers” to fire off your contractions in a quick effort. (A quick continuous pace is endurance based) *Low weights/ High Intensity* *plyometrics* *Conditioning*

The Basics

The title says everything, there is no such thing as doing hard exercises first because your body can’t adapt to exercises that are hard-hitting. Starting from the fresh ground and building up your castle is key to gaining strength and losing fat.

Warm-up stretches

Raise your arms and stretch to the ceiling stretch down and try to touch your toes grab a towel and wrap both hands to grip it in front, raise the towel over your head like you’re about to pull up, then pull on the towel, you should feel your back squeezing. Head and neck stretching, start by turning your neck clockwise in a circular motion, then do this again counterclockwise. Stretch out your legs by doing lunges, lunges are perfect for warming up your leg muscles. to this 10 times.

What stretching does is that it allows blood to rush into the muscles, a proper good warm-up could remove the unwanted toxins that are trapped during a previous workout and solves the soreness in the muscles. You’ll feel much better after you’ve done a good stretching, but don’t overstretch as this could damage your muscle fibers.


  • Wall pushups (3X10 Strength/ 5×20)
  • (3X10 Strength/ 5×20) Lunges (3×10 – Strength/ 6×35 – Endurance)
  • (3×10 – Strength/ 6×35 – Endurance) Bear Walk – (Endurance) (30 seconds)
  • (Endurance) (30 seconds) Burpees – (3×10 -strength/ 5×30 – Endurance)
  • (3×10 -strength/ 5×30 – Endurance) Leg Raises (3×10 – Strength) (5×30 Endurance)
  • (3×10 – Strength) (5×30 Endurance) Chin-Ups (3 x 5 – Strength)
  • (3 x 5 – Strength) Squats ( 3×10 – Strength/ 5×40 – endurance)
  • ( 3×10 – Strength/ 5×40 – endurance) Dips (3 x 10 – Strength) (5 x 20 – Endurance)

How to do these exercises

Wall push-ups

A few feet facing the wall in front. Arms shoulder-width apart to chest level. place your hands firmly on the wall. Start by slowly pushing yourself to the wall until your face is close to it. Contract your muscles when pushing. push yourself up back to your position off the wall.


This exercise requires you to stand firm, feet shoulder-width with hands out in front or hands held on to your waist. start by placing one foot forward, then apply your body-weight to your leg that is placed in front. Then send your leg back to a standing position.

Bear Walk

Place your hands in the push-up position and make sure you’re body is firm and your core tight.

Start by walking with one hand forward and one leg forward from the opposite sides (Left hand forward/right leg forward = continuous motion)

like how a bear walks. This exercise is good for working the core, traps, pectorals, and shoulders.


Place your two hands firmly on the floor *Shoulder width/chest level, then thrust or jump your legs to the squat position and then push up with your legs to the standing position. Then place yourself back down to the push-up position.

Leg raises

Lie on the floor with your back to it, keep your two legs together. Tighten your abs and core muscles then raise your legs up vertically while lying on the floor as high as you can. Then slowly lower your legs back down. Repeat.


Grip any bar that is supported. Start off by gripping the bar by bringing in your hands inwards with a firm grip on the bar. Start by pulling yourself up with your spine firm and your shoulder blades contracted then lower yourself with your shoulders braced. Repeat. Chin-ups is simply the bread and butter of doing pull-ups.


Stand with your legs apart neat to shoulder width. Bring your hands outward in front and then bring your butt down to the floor with your legs supporting yourself. Then bring yourself back up to a standing position. (Use a chair to help your balance yourself while doing squats.)


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