After being in a marriage for a while, you may notice some changes. One of those changes is boredom or dullness. It is not uncommon to experience times in your marriage that are just lacking. After being together for a while, things can become quite routine. This routine can get boring and have a negative impact on the marriage. Being in a boring marriage is no fun. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to spice up your marriage. Here are a few tips on how to spice up your marriage.

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Start doing things differently. Be creative and do something you don’t normally do. This could range from introducing new ideas in the bedroom to enjoying a nice time with your spouse doing something they like to do. You could come home early and spend some romantic time with your spouse or send them something romantic such as a bouquet of flowers with a love letter attached, something that is unexpected. The important thing is to get out of the normal routine and bring something different to marriage that is enjoyable by both parties.

Another way to spice up your marriage is by revisiting the old times. Remember your first date? What kind of things did you do with your spouse when you both started dating? You could try recreating your first dates. Do the things again that you did when you and your spouse first met. Dress up, get your hair done, and present yourself as you did when you first met. These are the things that led to you and your spouse getting married so it is sure to help get the marriage spiced up a bit.

Going on a vacation is another great way to spice up your marriage. This could be a second honeymoon or a just a simple trip for just the two of you. You could even go somewhere that your spouse has wanted to go for a long time. Having time away from the kids, job, and responsibilities every now and then can really have a positive affect on the marriage and liven it up. Enjoying one on one time at a romantic or special spot can be just enough to light up the sparks again.

Surprises are also a great way to spice up your marriage. Surprise your spouse with a romantic setting one evening they arrive home from work. You could surprise them with a gift they have always wanted. Do something that they wouldn’t expect you to do. For example, if you don’t cook often, make a home cooked meal. If you wear pajamas to bed, wear some stunning lingerie.

These are some great tips on how to spice up your marriage. In most cases, it doesn’t take much to add some spice to a marriage. When things seem like a routine or you feel the marriage is getting dull, change things up a bit, get creative, and introduce some new ideas to the marriage and see how everything works out. The main goal is to keep the marriage alive and strong. Here are a few resources you may find helpful when trying to spice up your marriage.


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