Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones came out as a brand new product on the diet supplement market. But is this product one you should try? This review will tell you whether signing up for the Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones free trial pitch is worth your time. If you pay any attention to the health and fitness industry, then you know how new diet supplements come on the market every single day. Many of these supplements bring new customers in through these free trials you see everywhere. This is a great tactic as many people love to be aware of the next new hot trend.

A lot of people have been hit by “ free” trial offers that actually have you paying after all. For this reason, the diet supplement industry has been hit with a less than stellar reputation over the years.

Is this product like the rest of those scammers? This review will tell you everything you need to know.

The Benefits of Taking This Raspberry Ketones Product

product includes assisting weight management, burning excess fat, boosting metabolism, detoxifying mechanisms, and suppressing appetite. According to the manufacturers, some of the benefits of taking thisproduct includes assisting weight management, burning excess fat, boosting metabolism, detoxifying mechanisms, and suppressing appetite. Proven supplement information about the scams and frauds is provided to the individual for reduction in the weight. The selection of the right product should be made to increase the benefits for the removal of fat. The management of the body is great to have the best results. 

The two main ingredients include green coffee beans and raspberry ketones. Both green coffee beans and raspberry ketones have been proven to aid in weight loss. However, there isnt a whole lot of other information on the manufacturers website. All it tells us is what is in Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones and the purported benefits of the ingredients.

We dont know vital information such as how much of either ingredient is used in the supplement.

The website features a label for one of the products, which shows information about the ingredient. Unfortunately, the nutrition information was blurry and could not be read.

Is This Raspberry Ketones Product The Right One For Me?

Based on the information that we gleaned from the manufacturers website, that question really cant be answered.

Neither the manufacturer nor the products label gives us the information needed to give you a definite recommendation.

Is The Free Trial for This Raspberry Ketones Product Really Free? Is It Just Another Scam?

We feel that we should warn you: The trial for Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones is not 100 percent free. After you sign up, you will have to pay something. This fee covers all of the shipping costs. Once you complete the order, you will be sent a 30-day supply of the product. You should note that you will also be put onto the auto-ship list.

You get a 14-day period to figure out if you want to keep using the item or opt out of your participation in the auto-ship program. On the 15th day, you are billed £85, which is the price of the actual product.

If you do not opt out within the 14 days, you will have the product shipped to you every month and be billed £85 for every shipment. To stop the shipments and the billing, you will have to call the manufacturer and opt out of the program. The question remains:Is this Raspberry Ketones products a scam? Really, the answer is no. The terms and conditions are laid out there for you to see. However, you will have to read the actual page that contains the fine print of the terms & conditions to find them. Despite the fact that this product is not a scam, we feel that the process could be a lot more transparent. No one should promote an item as free if you actually have to pay money! Plus we feel that the terms and conditions should be placed on the order page, where everybody can see and read them.

Because of these reasons, we cannot in good faith recommend this Raspberry Ketones product.

The only products we recommend are those that we can stand behind with a good conscience. In order to get our approval, these dietary supplements have to come across as trustworthy and worth our readers time.


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