Car enthusiasts have a new release to look forward to. American manufacturer Ford will soon be launching one of the most anticipated hybrid models in the market: the new Ford C Max Hybrid. It is expected that this model will be available in the North American market towards the end of 2012. European motorists will have to wait until 2013 to enjoy the chance of driving this exceptional model. 

The Ford C Max Hybrid has been touted as one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the market, and according to specialist reviewers, it is on a par with the Toyota Prius V. In fact, some reviewers affirm that the new Ford could even overtake the Prius as the world’s greenest hatchback.

So how can Ford manage that, and which are its new C Max Hybrid’s key specifications? In terms of its engine, the C Max Hybrid is powered by a dual gas and electric 2-liter and four-cylinder engine, which combined with a lithium-ion battery pack results in a solid powertrain performance. Using its electric motor, the new C Max can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just over 9 seconds and can achieve maximum speeds of 127 miles per hour.

When it comes to its fuel efficiency ranking, the new Ford has been given a rating of 19.9 kilometers per liter in both urban and motorway driving tests, a figure that puts the C Max Hybrid at the top of the fuel economy lists. Ford has certainly worked hard to reduce the carbon footprint of the new C Max, adding details like bio-based soy foam car seats. To top up the list of eco-friendly features, the Ford C Max Hybrid only produces 3.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, as opposed to the 6 tonnes a year produced by an average hatchback.

Thanks to its Smart Gauge Eco-guide, the C Max Hybrid is the ideal car for drivers who are new to hybrid vehicles. The Smart Gauge system guides motorists through the steps of greener driving, providing key information in a customizable LCD display. Other useful features include an automated parking assistant, rearview camera, and an improved version of touch-sensitive controls to adjust temperature control settings.

Last but not least, with base prices starting at £19,745, the much-awaited 2013 Ford C Max Hybrid is an affordable vehicle that will pleasantly surprise all eco-conscious drivers.


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.