The highly used one

When it comes to filing sharing, the number of methods is not less and one of the popular ones out of these is torrenting. The best P2P allows quick sharing of the large files to another person and even a large group without setting up a slow process of servers. And to add things further, it allows a network of people, where the system can use one download to upload the data for another user.

Amidst these growing Torrent invites also lies the vicious elements of crimes. Read on to find more about staying safe while doing the process.

The major issues

When it comes to getting involved in the overall activity of Torrenting, the following are issues often experienced:

  • Unintentional downloading of files that contain viruses and malware destroys the system’s integrity and compromises the overall security.
  • Downloading the copyright content often brings heavy legal charges and leads to detention based on the severity.
  • Slowing the internet speed.
  • Going beyond the general running power of the computer devices.

Keeping all of these in mind, certain tips need to be followed before entering into this process.

The tips

The following points elucidate more on the safety tips while using torrent invites:

  • Choose the best VPN while downloading anything from Torrent. And this generally comes out of the paid ones. They have tested features and are effective compared to the free ones that may be hideous malware in disguise. The best part would be there would be no trace of tracking of the device, and the IP address stays masked all of the time. 
  • Look for the right type of file, which has many seeders instead of leechers. This defines the popularity of the file and showcases that it would be a real deal, instead of the fake ones that often contain viruses. And this also needs to be checked before accepting any form of torrent invites.

  • Another tool that can keep the computer safe is the antivirus program. The right type of it installed quickly scans the system and presents if any threat or hidden malware is found. Accordingly, the quarantine protocols are laid and the file gets deleted from the system. Just look for the best one from the market and half of your problems are solved.
  • Read the comments left by the users after downloading from any particular torrent or user. This shows the overall integrity of the source and makes it clear whether to go for it or not. The seed criticism is something that helps in a majority of the cases.
  • Install a sandbox environment within the system that filters all of the malware and covers the cases of the accidental download. Then, all it would require is a good configuration and the rest of the things would fall into place.
  • Finally, join any community or follow blogs that mention the dos’ and don’ts of Torrenting. This enhances the knowledge and keeps the awareness.

Thus, safe torrenting!   


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.