Cannabis oil is being used widely for many reasons and in many forms. The cannabis products come in the form of cream, chews, oil, etc. Among all these products, the most convenient and portable is the vape pens that contain cannabis oil cartridges. And because of the ease in usage and portability, it is very famous among the various cannabis users.

One of the major components of the vape pens is the oil cartridge. It is also called a vape cartridge, and it is of glass body that contains cannabis oil. Later, when the vape pen is in use, this oil present in the cartridge gets heated up and releases smoke which is, inhaled by the user. The smoke contains all the effects and properties of the best CBD oil UK.

Vape cartridge: what is it?

A vape cartridge is made out of glass and contains around a gram of cannabis oil. This oil is a mix of combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids extracts from the cannabis plant. Usually, the oil has a high concentration of THC in it, but in the recent markets, more CBD dominant cannabis vape cartridges are getting popular. Some cartridge also contains oils that have an equal proportion of CBD and THC.

Why vape cartridges are good?

Vape pens happen to be very popular and, these pens require vape cartridges to work. Apart from this reason, there are some more reasons which make these cannabis oil cartridges preferable over other cannabis products.

  • Portability

Vape cartridges are the best way to carry cannabis oil and also make the whole process of taking cannabis very easy. It does not require to have elaborate setups and, one can use it anywhere. Also, the smoke does not leave any distinct odor.

  • User friendly

Using vape cartridges is very easy and requires zero effort. All one needs to do is attach it to the vape pen and then wait for the smoke released. That is it; the smoke will give all the effects the cannabis oil.

  • Dosage

The dosage can be a problem if someone is using cannabis for the first time. They might not have the idea of the right dosage and also the effects it has. A pre-loaded cannabis oil cartridge allows the user to inhale the smoke in a controlled way. Take in small puffs in the beginning and, later when, one gains an idea of the effects, use accordingly.

Life of vape cartridge

The life of the vape cartridge depends completely on the use of the user. The higher the rate of consumption, the faster the cartridge will finish. And when it finishes, one can use a syringe to fill the cartridge back with the cannabis oil.

Tips to get the best out of every cartridge

The following tips will help with getting the most out of the vape cartridges and also learn how to not waste any of them.

  • Right equipment

There are many varieties of vape pens and cartridges available in the market with different features. It is very important to make sure that the pen matches the oil cartridge. The too powerful pen may burn the oil and, some may not even fit each other. So, check the compatibility of all the equipment to avoid any damage or wastage.

  • Cleaning

Many times the pen may not be working in terms of releasing smoke. The main reason can be dirt obstructing the link between the pen and the cartridge. Using a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol, clean the pen and the mouthpiece. It will remove the dirt as well as also kill bacteria and germs.

  • Storing

The cartridges have a glass body, thus it is a bit fragile and there is always a possibility of it breaking if not kept carefully. The best way to extend its life is by unscrewing it from the pen when not using and keeping it in the box provided by the manufacturer. When attached to the pen, keep it upright with the mouthpiece at the bottom and in a cool place. Because heat or exposure to the Sun can evaporate the oil.

  • Leaks

Sometimes the cartridges may have leaks, immediately contact the dispensary or manufacturer and ask for a replacement. A refilled cartridge that has a leak will not be replaced by the manufacturer. Also if the leaked cartridge was used then, make sure to clean the vape pen as residue from the leakage can severely damage the pen.

  • Residue oil

When the cartridge is almost empty, the pen may not produce any smoke as the oil is at the very bottom of the cartridge. One can turn the cartridge upside down so that the oil gets all over the wick. Another way is to take the oil out and mix it with a lotion and, one can apply it topically. To avoid wastage, try using the vape pen horizontally and not vertically.

Vaping cannabis oil is not only relaxing but also helps with other health issues. Having a good knowledge about the use and ways to store the vape pen and oil cartridge will increase the overall life of the equipment. And this way one will be able to use it for a longer time.


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