Mortal Online is a sandbox MMO based on the Unreal 3 Engine. A company out of Sweden by the name of Star Vault develops Mortal Online.t

Upon entering the world of Nave, you only have the rags on your back and no shoes on your feet, with limited help options many find this game to have a very hard learning curve. Only after a few interactions of the limited help, You find yourself running around talking to the Vendor NPC’s and starting to gather Lumber and mushrooms to gather gold to get the first book or buy some armor. Slowly you build yourself up and are moving on to killing things. You will continue to develop your skills and will have to make a full-fledged character. I understand this is a very short idea of the game, but many people do not understand the depth of this game. You are limited to three characters and with them, you will need to figure out what you want to be able to make and what you will have to rely on the community or a guild to make for you. There is not 100% perfect character, you can be the perfect mage or swords or hybrid but you will not be able to construct your armor, shields, or weapons, you will have to rely on someone else or simply use a slot to make a crafter.

The crafting system is huge, that is the easiest way to put it which is quite similar to Minecraft alts shop. To give you an idea there are seven types of metal and eight types of wood and four types of stone. You will mine your stone and then use a crusher or a grinder to get a certain yield, and then you will add something to that and get your metal. See the possibilities are endless. When making a weapon you will construct the item from metal and then pick a wood, the medal and the wood will determine how much damage you do, and how heavy is it along with much more. Shield construction is the same with the same options. When it comes to potion-making I have yet to dabble in that but the items seem to be anything in-game. I have been told you can make heal over time, and, and other types of potions. The game does have a housing system, but it is not free placement just yet. Houses come in different tiers You can build them out of the different stones, , and lumber in the, and based on the items you pick your home will have a certain amount of health.

The game offers a siege mode, this is where the players can attack your home and destroy your lives dream. I like the system. It needs a bit more tweaking though, and I think they need different types of siege weapons. Overall the system is, wonderful…

There are other options in the game more than I can talk about because the length of this review would be huge. The game does offer Land control taming, full loot player verse player fighting some Player verse monster fighting.

Overall: My system is on a scale of 1 to 5

Gameplay: 3

Replay 3

Graphics: 4

Overall: 4


Game has a full list of features that will keep you entertained for hours.


Server needs to be rebooted about once or twice a day do to node issues, AI is broke in the game. Soon to be fixed. Some bugs make the game hard to enjoy at times.


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