1) Does how long practical training of strength/bodybuilding?

I’ve been doing weight training since I was 17 years old. As a beginner, do not you can obviously start with bodybuilding immediately, but I think I interior ice bodybuilder lifestyle at 18.

(2) How did you start with this sport?

Initially, I practiced Judo for a long time as an athlete’s competition. I even participated in the German Championship, with considerable success, but unfortunately suffered a broken collarbone in the last fight. The long break and rehabilitation forced me away from any sport. At that time, a new sport was born for me: fitness and weight training. I learned to love and appreciate this type of exercise and lifestyle.

(3) What is your body type?

One can argue if I am more Mesomorph or endomorph. I have always been slim, so it wasn’t very difficult to build this structure. In addition, I came from a home where my mother (@momsgymfood) had always cooked comedies in the world of fitness-oriented. So the healthy lifestyle accompanies me practically from the cradle. The fact is that building muscle is not so difficult for me. However, a diet is not the easiest thing and which is why I would recommend d-bal max to everyone reading this article.

(4) What difficulties you had during the muscle building?

I think that all who claim to be doing things right from the beginning are lying to themselves. I also had to try a lot of things. Properly distribute my diet worked very well in my case: taking adequate at some food. I learned almost everything about how to train myself; I managed, in part, thanks to my sports studies.

(5) Always has been a natural bodybuilder?

Always, Yes, without a doubt, and I’m very proud of it. Everyone should be aware of the long-term benefits that bring, and no matter how you choose, I respect that. You should be faithful and be aware of the possible consequences. At least, I think so as well, so other users would not have nor prejudice against us. It is true that there are some black sheep among natural bodybuilders, but somehow we must accept that – at the end, and at some point, all of them unmask it. It is a matter of waiting to see!

(6) With often train per week?

It depends on the phase of the diet is. During the phases of increasing volume, I train 4-5 times a week. On the contrary, in the drying phase, I can increase my workouts to approximately 6 times per week, according to the principle of division. This makes it easier to burn more calories on a diet of calorie restriction, which increases the caloric deficit. You must keep the intense training together with targeted cardiovascular training.

(7) What is your diet plan? For example, how many meals do a day?

I do 5-6 meals a day. In the morning, I start with the known oat, or 3 whole eggs and rice, and add a source of protein for rapid action. As an appetizer, I choose fruit or a piece of cheese. At lunch, I do ordinary food like rice, Turkey/chicken, broccoli, or other sources of vegetable origin. I put special emphasis on a balanced macronutrient distribution. I follow a diet rich in protein with about 2-3 g per kg/weight body, but guys, you should always enjoy what comes. After the training, I take a beaten posentrenamiento consisting of whey protein and maltodextrin. At night, taking food hot, something similar to what I take with food, a sumptuous salad, and last but not least, before bedtime, I drink a casein protein shake.

(8) What supplements do you take?

I think that some of the most important supplements are whey protein, maltodextrin, and BCAAs. You don’t have to take any spectacular supplements, but you must use your support function correctly. Take them at the right time, in the right way.

9) What are your 3 favorites, and why exercise?

All the basic exercises are exercises perfectly useful and significant. I have many favorite exercises, but free training (no machines) is for me the best and what I find more fun to make. Among others, it includes squats, military press, the press of banking, pull-ups, and dead weight.

(10) What is your philosophy towards fitness?

Either because you are playing the sport for yourself, or because others have ruled it yourself, whether you enjoy it or because your doctor has prescribed you, ready to give the best of yourself!. Remains always motivated and do not let yourself be overcome by those who hate the sport. Believe me, almost can achieve the impossible with this sport. Good luck!

(11) Finally, a tip for our beginners?

Beginners should focus clearly on the technique since it will build the foundations of a successful start. Believe me when I tell you that weight by training alone is not decisive. The connection of the nerve to the muscle is much more important. If you’re not sure of yourself, learn from the best and most experienced. But beware, not all experts want the best for you. Choose with care!


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.