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Oh how they bloviate about “CHANGE”, you’d think that this was something so new and different, politicians would have tried it before. One gets the impression from listening to “O”, and “Hill”, and “JE”, etc., that surely they’ve come to save the minions from the “status quo”.

On the other side, “Little Mac”, “mitten”, ” Huck Boy” etc., they too mouth the word “CHANGE”, but only in the context of the “status quo”. There are no conceits trumpeting change, about taxes, (except The Huckster), health insurance, war, environment, education—only that their change will make all of these issues more tenable???. How is McCain’s 100 year war more tenable? How is Romney’s health care for profit more tenable? What American, who is not earning $250k or more wants to endure perpetual tax increases caused by the rate of inflation, while the rich get real tax cuts and can afford annual inflation at 5%?

Impossible Now Unless—We can’t go back to the beginning of this campaign season but we can proscribe a strategy for the conduct of the campaign following the conventions. Because it is the very nature of how these campaigns are conducted that CHANGE must most be in evidence. I was thinking of a ridiculous idea where all candidates should be placed and tested under a lie detector test UK.

We, purportedly, a Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, etc. nation, espousing the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” adage of mans’ humanity toward man, countenance the lies, slander, character assassinations, push polling, swift boating, muckraking, and wholly unscrupulous and often criminal (caging) acts authorized implicitly or explicitly by the candidates and their associates in combat with their opposition. We excuse this as just “politics”. However, we must then not complain when standards of behavior for our children seem so low.

Let’s see them “CHANGE” all that. Let’s see them present what they have rather than spending millions lying about their opponents. If they don’t have the courage to “CHANGE” that critical ethical aspect of the American political process will they have the courage to tackle ethical behavior when dealing with BIG Oil, Pharma, Media, Banking, Finance, etc????

Hillary claims she will take on the special interests, yet more than half of her campaign is financed by special interests. Will she bite the hand that feeds her?

Obama Claims that there will be change and that his approach to issues will bring warring parties to the table in the interest of the “commons” to insure a better society. Please start to tell us how you will get BIG oil folks to work with LITTLE renewable energy folks.

All the others are carbon copies of the two front runners when it comes to someone having a nose ring leash on them, (except Kucinich and Ron Paul), that keeps them from actually achieving anything. They will, as President, offer legislation, hold summits..domestic and foreign, issue “White Papers” and Executive Orders. But substantive “CHANGE” will not be forthcoming. And, alas, we will conclude at least they tried. The same lament we utter now for the current gaggle of Congressional “leaders.”

So, “CHANGE” is only possible when:

  1. Political campaigns have an ethical foundation which eschews, all manner of character assassination.
  2. Political campaigns are publicly financed.
  3. Candidates present proposed solutions as alternatives to the status quo rather than compounding the dysfunctional and inefficient status quo.If we can not envision a better system we will not build a better system.

Becoming a millionaire online is a dream that several people have, and turning that dream into a reality is definitely much easier than you may think. There are so many ways to become a millionaire online, that is, if you can avoid the millions of scams on the internet these days and yes, I did say millions

One way to become a millionaire is article marketing. Article marketing, despite what you may have heard, is still a great way to make a stream of income. Article marketing can be fairly easy as well if you just choose a topic you are knowledgeable about or have an interest in and the best part is that you don’t need to spend any money doing it.

Another form of income stream is email marketing. With email marketing, you will be emailing other opt in people who have agreed to receive your email offers and hopefully they will want to purchase your products or try your offers.

And still another income stream is affiliate marketing, which is my favorite. With affiliate marketing, you will create websites, do email marketing, article marketing, pay per click marketing or some other form of marketing not stated yet to help sell some other person’s product which you will get a commission for. Are there more ways to get income streams? Why, of course there are.

So once you master one way to make an income stream, then go to the next way.

Keep doing this till you get your million dollars or more. That is how I plan to do it, and yes, I know it will happen. I believe that time will come that I will be counting dollar in euro in millions. It just requires, patience, perseverance, hard work and a good strategy for me to achieve it. It happens on a daily basis plus I have a lot of conviction, and do you know why? Let quickly sum up my story.

I love the internet! I love all the opportunities for relationships, knowledge, entertainment, financial stability, and freedom it gives me, but at the same time, the internet can literally hurt you. It also did that to me.

For some people, getting to be online can lead to a great source of financial gratitude, and others, like yours truly, got into a financial rut. There is much to that story, but all I will say is thankfully, I have a very loving and forgiving family.

I will also have help on my journey so as to not waste my money ever again. I now have an actual plan to get me to where I want to go. (Which is much needed!)

I would love for you to come with me to make our first million together. I warn you that it will take action on your part and it will not happen over night, so knowing that,

Lake Tahoe is a huge body around the Lake that is 72 miles of shoreline and is a split between Nevada and California. There are dozens of beaches and mountains that will blow your mind, and you will love them. Lake Tahoe is a magnet for people who want to spend time or live in the alpine air, calming on the edge of the water and involving in the best things in life. Life around life is much more relaxing than we normally think. The Lake brings plenty of visitors every day, having their beautiful and adventurous experiences there. There are two sides to Lake: North Shore and South Shore.

As compared to earlier times, there is a huge development in South Shore, and there are businesses and casinos all around. You can also book Hotel in Lake Tahoe and get a world-class experience of living around the Lake. There are fun hotels, lodges that offer luxury amenities and peace away from the hustle and bustle of the country. Here we will read about some best lodges that have an unbeatable position and are great for couples as well as families to spend their vacations.

  • The Landing Resort and Spa

This awesome resort is located on the right of the shores, which means you can enjoy a scenic view from your hotel. In summers, you can get sun loungers on rent on the beach or can soak yourself up on the rooftop terrace. In winters, you can enjoy wine around your surroundings by sitting in an armchair ahead of an open fire. You can get the blissful experience of rooms here as they are decorated with lodge décor and chic touches, custom headboards, and stone walls.

  1. The Beach Retreat & Lodge

You can get a peaceful experience in this hotel as it features airy, bright, and fun rooms creating a large and relaxing space for you. It is a situation on the beach itself and is near to Bijou Golf Course. Golf lovers can enjoy themselves by playing golf in beautiful weather. If you are going with your family, you will have an enjoyable and relaxing experience as in winter you can swim, and in summers you can enjoy at beachfront bars.

  • Hotel Azure

Hotel Azure is one of the modern hotels in Lake Tahoe that welcomes you with modern rooms and great features. The rooms of this hotel are clean and large that offer a natural color scheme, and you can see views from the balcony. There is a hotel restaurant that offers amazing hearty dishes and a beautiful lounge area for guests to relax and soak up in summer. Also, it is near to Lake Tahoe, and you can take complimentary bicycles to ride to nearby trails and enjoy.

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to visit in your summer and winter holidays. You can experience every great thing living here that you dream of. Also, check out the best places and resorts to stay in Lake Tahoe.

In an earlier article, I counted down the 10 R Rated movies that have grossed the most money in history. I thought it was only fair to also take a look at the top-grossing G Rated movies of all time. I’m going to take a wild guess and say there might be a Disney movie somewhere on hits list. These are the top ten grossing G rated movie of all-time. Want to watch a movie in HD? Then you try out this link and get all these G rated movies that are listed here along with all other classic movies for free. 

10th Highest Grossing Rated G Film: Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

Gross: $184 million

Seventy years old and still going the strong. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ appearance on this list could be proof that it is the most “classic” Disney movie of all-time since it is the only one of the classics on this list.

9th Highest Grossing Rated G Film: Toy Story

Gross: $191 million

Toy Story was the first 100% CGI movie. Not only would the gets enjoy Toy Story because it was animated but many non-children were interested in the outcome of the CGI.

8th Highest Grossing Rated G Film: Gone With the Wind

Gross: $198 million

Gone With the Wind is the second oldest movie to make this list. Gone With the Wind is just two years younger than Snow White so it has also remained a classic for nearly 70 years.

7th Highest Grossing Rated G Film: Ratatouille

Gross: $206 million

Ratatouille was the only Rated G movie to make the all-time top ten in 2007. Pixar pretty much owns the Rated G market as five of the top ten are Pixar movies and Pixar has only made seven films. Bug’s Life just barely missed the top ten and the Incredibles is rated PG.

6th Highest Grossing Rated G Film: Aladdin

Gross: $217 million

Disney movies have always done pretty well at the box office but the last few 2D animated movies before Pixar came along is when the animated movies seemed to take a huge leap. It seemed like every year Disney’s movie was making more and more money. First was the Little Mermaid, then Beauty and the Beat, then Aladdin and the next movie is on the list too.

5th Highest Grossing Rated G Film: Cars

Gross: $244 million

Kids will always enjoy animated movies. Kids will always like cars. So naturally, an animated movie about cars was a perfect fit, and kids and adults both flocked to see it.

4th Highest Grossing Rated G Film: Toy Story 2

Gross: $245 million

If a movie is popular and the movie studio decides to make a sequel then it will usually do even better than it’s predecessor even if it isn’t as good, because nobody will know that until the movie is over and they’ve already paid their money. Fortunately, Toy Story 2 was just as good as the first and deserved to make even more money than the first.

3rd Highest Grossing Rated G Film: Monsters, Inc

Gross: $255 million

I was kind of surprised to see Monsters, Inc so high. I actually like Monsters, Inc a lot, better than those Shrek movies, but I just didn’t realize it was more popular than Toy Story or Snow White.

2nd Highest Grossing Rated G Film: The Lion King

Gross: $328 million

The Lion King is when Disney’s 2D animated films peaked. Even though Toy Story would come out one year later and the 3D craze would begin, The Lion King would still remain the highest-grossing G Rated film all the way until 2003.

1st Highest Grossing Rated G Film: Finding Nemo

Gross: $339 million

Honestly, I’m not sure why Finding Nemo is the top-grossing Rated G film of all-time. I don’t think the trailer looked as interesting as the other Pixar movies. Nor did I think a story about fish was really appealing. Maybe it just had some poor competition? I don’t know the reason but Finding Nemo is your highest-grossing Rated G Film of all-time.

Worms are believed to exist without the capacity to intellectualize. The essence of their existence is defined and restrained by a Ganglia, which is thought to function primarily as a sensor of stimuli. It is considered not to possess the capabilities necessary to anchor a system of sophisticated and cognitive thought.

However, from an observational standpoint, worms appears to understand that the sport of fishing casts a fearful prophesy upon their livelihood. It is as if they are able to dramatically visualize all the chilling and unnerving aspects that angling with a worm entails. These clever crawlers create the perception that their realization is the result of the fore warnings of a rich folklore that is alive and well in their fertile chambers beneath the earth’s surface.

When a shovel overturns the turf, unless caught off guard, a worm will gather all its available resources and attempt to dive deep into the belly of the earth. A person qualified in the study of worms may explain this as simply the worm’s sensory reaction to sunlight. However, the primary motivation may be nothing short of pure unadulterated fear. Perhaps, the worm is experiencing its simple life pass by, as it recalls the harrowing images brought to life through the infinite wisdom of its ancestors. Regardless, a worm will pursue freedom at any cost, even when gripped by a human hand. It will tug and squirm with all the vigor it beholds in an effort to remain free. Often, it will split in two, as if to salvage at least a partial existence.

A captured worm, however, once selected and prepared for sacrifice on the hook, will galvanize its remaining life forces and struggle vehemently to regain its liberty. Experts in the field of worms may claim this is the result of the worm’s reaction to pain stimuli. Yet, a worm appears to express a sad illumination that it understands its undesirable fate, should emancipation not be realized at this critical moment. It inexplicably conveys an awareness of the fact that soon it will be hooked, cast into the air and eventually descend rapidly into a graveyard of water. Here it will either drown or be gorged upon by a member of the fish community or another worm loving creature.

These behaviors that worms exhibit in relation to fishing seem to suggest that our knowledge of these humble, yet proud creatures is not quite complete. In the past worms have been dissected and consequently it has been proven that a brain does not exist. Additionally, the extent to which worms apply their Ganglia is believed to be fully understood. Perhaps, it is necessary to investigate more thoroughly the possibility that worms intellectualize in manner, which at present is unfamiliar to modern science. It should at least be entertained, that worms have a system of communication among themselves that allows for their apparent insight into the nature of fishing.

The bottom line is that it is impossible to go fishing without using a worm as bait because the fish are too clever and don’t seem to be attracted to anything else and top of it, the fishing rods are of bad quality so the first thing is to look up online as Fathera reviewed the best crappie rods that are the best bet for fishing.

I ran into a demonstration of Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette in a local flea market. I noticed the guy sitting behind his booth puffing away on what appeared to be a cigarette…then I though, how could this be, this is illegal, you cannot smoke in buildings where shoppers are.

However there was no odor, and being intrigued by this, I had to stop and ask him what exactly he was doing. He told me all about the Green Smoke, Electronic Cigarette, and after hearing about it, I was pretty sold on the entire concept, no butts, no second hand smoke, no dangerous carcinogens tarring up my lungs, no real harmful smoke so I could smoke it anywhere, even inside. Best of all though I would be getting my fix of nicotine, without having to kill myself in the long run. A visit can be made at social media account for the correct information about the vape juice. The latest Tweets from Aquavape should be in the notice of the person. No dangerous effects will be delivered on the health of the person. Some active attention should be paid at the tweets to gather information about the products. 

The kit itself was expensive, and immediately I asked how much the sample pack was, at the time he was selling individual disposable ones as trials, basically no re-charges. For $12.00 for this disposable Green Smoke, Electronic Cigarette, I figured why not, I went ahead and bought 2. One for myself, and one for my dad who is recently trying to give up cigarettes, but can’t. I knew that this could help, as most things he had tried were not close enough to the real thing, I would imagine, as a smoker being able to blow smoke out would make it all the more realistic, without being dangerous to myself, and others.

I wondered how it tasted.

The sales rep placed a plastic cover over the cigarette and allowed me to sample it. The taste was present, but not very close to what a real cigarette tastes like. The flavor almost has a sugary quality to it, but it is very light, and you know, very tolerable and yes, I knew I would be able to get used to it, and give up smoking real cigarettes all together. This nifty device gives me that nicotine fix I crave throughout the day, and for a fraction of the price. I began to think about how much money I would save, as the filter cartridge costs $5 for a pack of 5. Each cartridge is equivalent to a whole pack of smokes. Basically it would be like getting 5 packs of cigarettes, at $1.00 each, so the money saved in the long run would be enormous.

I wanted to see if I could do it though, if I could really give up smoking the real thing. If I could, I would go back and buy the rechargeable kit and completely give up smoking regular cigarettes.

Set Up:

Setting up the Green Smoke, Electronic Cigarette is a breeze, and only requires you to screw a filter cartridge, into the longer cigarette section. Once the 2 are screwed together you can begin to smoke. The cigarette actually will light up at the tip. You won’t be able to see it while you smoke, but others will, and I liked this, because carrying this electronic cigarette around would be less embarrassing, than say someone noticing me puffing from a stick that did nothing, like older methods of trying to quit smoking had.


The Green Smoke, Electronic Cigarette is a bit top heavy, and the one thing I had a difficult time cutting out from my routine was flicking after taking a puff. Due to the heaviness of the electronic cigarette, I nearly threw it to the sidewalk by accident, because my brain associates flicking with smoking.


I was able to go the entire day puffing randomly here and there, without having to open up a real pack of cigarettes, so this did work for me. I also liked the fact that I no longer smelled like cigarettes, and that my teeth wouldn’t yellow from using it.

I do every now and again go back to smoking a real cigarette though, but the cut back is amazing, and I have only picked up a real cigarette when I had forgotten to bring the Green Smoke, Electronic Cigarette along with me.

In the long run, when this disposable dies, I will go out for the larger kit, and I am pretty sure this will replace the need for a real cigarette.

If you are looking to quit, or just looking to cut back and eventually quit then definitely give this a try.

There are many CBD products for dogs that popped up in the CBD industry, such as cbd dog treats. However, did you know that you can also use your regular CBD oil for your dogs? In this article, we will list some of the benefits of giving CBD products for your dogs. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Decrease anxiety from your dogs

Do your canine companion have problems with separation anxiousness or irritation to loud sound? CBD can help your dog in overcoming such anxiety issues. CBD has been thoroughly analyzed for its impact on anxiousness and emotional stress. In human beings, analysis indicates that CBD oil can decrease anxiousness attributed to speaking in public, panic attacks, as well as post-traumatic stress disorders.

In case your dogs are afflicted with stress and anxiety, giving them CBD oil will be a great relief for them. Cannabidiol from legitimate CBD oil is not psychoactive, which means that your dog will not get high with CBD usage. He will only receive all of the benefits associated with CBD, and will not get the intoxicated effect. If you want to learn more about the benefits and side effects of CBD oil, check, a website that is dedicated to resources about CBD.

  1. Relief for pain

The cannabinoids that can be found in CBD oils are proven to work effectively when it comes to pain relief. It is very effective that scientist even considers it as a potent remedy for chronic pain. Research demonstrates that CBD is very effective when it comes to dealing with pain, general inflammation, acute pancreatitis inflammation, and inflammation in the intestines.

  1. Can Assist in taking care of dogs suffering from seizures as well as epilepsy

Reports shows that at least 5% of pet dogs are afflicted by seizures and epilepsy. The majority of dogs suffering from seizures are provided with drugs like phenobarbital as well as potassium bromide. Certainly, these medicines can assist in easing your dog’s seizures. However, they can be really bad for the liver and other internal organs of your dogs. Additionally, some drugs do not function very well in some instances.

Research has shown that CBD has a good effect in epilepsies and seizures that are otherwise not affected by traditional drugs. Additionally, they are not that harmful to your dogs.

  1. May help your dog in beat cancer

Studies have shown that CBD oil along with other compounds that can be found in hemp possess properties to combat tumors. CBD has been proven to prevent tumor and cancerous cells from expanding and improve the death rate of tumor cells.

CBD oil will assist the immune system in killing cancer cells. It also blocks the ability of cancer cells to generate the energy that they need to survive, and can also slow down the growth of tumors. When taken with other medicines, CBD will greatly improve the potency of other medicines. If your dog suffers from cancer, this could be a great choice.

Your flash drive houses all your confidential data that demand the best protection. But, how will you safeguard the stored videos or files if you can’t guarantee a solid protection for the drive only? Well, you just can’t and that could lead to a disaster. The good thing is keeping your flash drive secured is no rocket science. It just takes a few simple steps to guard the device. The post below offers a brief on the best tips to ensure optimum protection for your USB Flash Drive.

Go for sturdy construction

There is no point in investing your hard-earned money into a flash drive that can’t sustain a sudden drop. So, stay away from the flimsy plastic options that are just a waste of money. Be careful to put your money into those that boast a sturdy construction like infinitykloud drive. Remember, a cheap and vulnerable pen drive cannot guarantee the best protection for your sensitive data.

Password protection and encryption

One of the strongest security measure would be to guard the drive with state-of-the-art encryption. There are several tools and apps for USB flash drive encryption today. But, if that seems to be too pricey, you can at least secure the drive with strong password protection.

Install or update anti-virus software in computer

You will be frequently plugging in the drive into your own computer. Now, you cannot be assured of the safety of the drive if your own computer is not safe. Thus, if you haven’t installed an anti-virus program yet, install it now in your computer. If you have got one installed for a long time, update it go ensure cutting-edge security.

Adopt safe computing practices

This is even more important than installing anti-virus software in your computer. Safe computing practices will go a long way in keeping your system virus-free and your drive safe. So, don’t go to unsecured website and don’t open unknown emails. Keep your computer password protected and be careful while offering access to it to others.

Try to avoid cross-contamination

You will plenty of tragic stories from flash drive users where they would tell how their drive got virus-infected from cross-contamination. Well, cross-contamination happens when you plug in your USB drive into someone else’s already infected computer. 

It might not be possible to know beforehand whether the other person’s computer is virus-infected or not. But, you can at least maintain this rule that you won’t plug your drive into any computer other than yours. If at all, you need to do the same, make sure the other computer is properly guarded by a strong anti-virus program.

Be careful while removing the drive

You can’t just pull out your drive from a computer without going through proper steps. It’s especially important when the stored data is being transferred or accessed. A sudden pull out of the drive can be badly damaging for the device and might even lead to data loss. Make sure to disable the drive on your computer before taking it out.

Normally losing weight is the issue that has been plaguing our society. However, gaining weight has also become an issue, especially among men. People are resorting to desperate options to try and gain weight. Bodybuilders are turning towards weight gain supplements before entering a show or competition. However, supplementation is not the only solution to gaining weight. You also need to have a balanced diet that is rich in protein and other types of nutrients.

Gaining weight involves an abundant amount of calorie intake on your part. Therefore you need to make a decision as to whether or not it is practical for you to consume an ample amount of food during the day. If you have commitments that would prevent you from taking the necessary care required for your body to gain weight, weight gain supplements are the ideal choice for you. Even though they don’t replace a nutritious diet regimen, weight gain products supply you with a balanced nutrition that is healthy as well as weight inducing. The shop through the customers should be done after considering the resurge customer reviews. The supplements for weight reduction will be an ideal choice of the person. The level of nutrition and protein in the body will be excellent for long life. Complete information should be available about the gains of the products. 

Make sure you pay attention to your required calorie intake while choosing weight gain products. For instance, one of your main concerns while trying to gain weight should be the consumption of an ample amount of protein. Therefore, logically it makes sense to go for a supplement that has a surplus amount of protein. Or possibly you might be consuming enough protein through your diet, but having trouble meeting your daily calorie intake. In this case, it is an ideal option for you to go for a supplement that has an abundant amount of carbohydrates but has a low amount of protein. Therefore, it is advisable for you to take the time to sit down and analyze your current nutrition and determine the nutrients that are necessary for you to accelerate the weight gain process.

A word of caution! Try to avoid weight gain products that have a huge amount of calories. You do not want to consume a high number of calories at once. The ideal solution is to split the calorie intake over a number of smaller portions in a day. This is a much more efficient way to gain weight as you are supplying your body with a constant flow of nutrition. Ideally, you should aim at consuming at least six to eight small meals per day.

Finally, make sure to carefully scrutinize the labels and look at the ingredients of a couple of brands of weight gain products. You should never opt for weight gain products that are high in sugar as these only result in a gain of fat rather than a gain in muscle. Last but not the least, it is much more healthier to gain weight through muscle instead of fat, as the build up of fat might lead to a multitude of issues such as obesity and other cardiovascular diseases.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in SEO you know the importance of .GOV and .EDU back links for improving your search engine rankings. With this method you can get an unlimited number of free .GOV and .EDU back links for little effort as you connect with for SEO related services. 

.GOV and .EDU back links help so much with your SEO efforts to get in the top of search engine rankings because they are such high trust and high authority web sites. Generally speaking, .GOV and .EDU web sites will have very high PR because they are reputable sites, they are linked to from other high authority .GOV and .EDU sites. This makes a back link from a .GOV or .EDU site worth quite a bit more than any other type of back link you may build.

Now on to the SEO method for gaining free .GOV and .EDU back links:

Your real friend here is Google, knowing the advanced search capabilities of Google really allows you to find anything that you desire.

Now that you are at Google you will want to narrow it down to .GOV and .EDU sites that allow you to post links to them. Your best method for success here will be to find WordPress blogs on .GOV and .EDU domains that you can leave a simple comment on. Keep in mind that these blogs are usually much more highly moderated than a standard blog so do not put your link in the comment field. Instead go ahead and post it in the URL field with the NAME field as your anchor text, this will place your anchor text as a clickable back link to the URL that you provided.

In order to find WordPress blogs on .GOV and .EDU domains simply enter the search querie: wp-admin of course if you’re looking for a .EDU WordPress blog simply change it up to: wp-admin. The search results that come up now will all be for WordPress blogs hosted on .GOV or .EDU domains, depending on your search. At least 70% of these will allow comments, seek out a blog and post a comment as described above. Now you have a free back link from a .GOV or .EDU web site.

Another method that you may use it find web sites that allow comments, but are not WordPress blogs. Some examples of these are Blogger blogs or just standard web sites that allow the posting of comments, usually custom coded web sites. One thing that nearly all of these types of .GOV and .EDU web sites have in common in a comment.php page. Repeat the same sort of Google search, only this time try: comment.php for .EDU web sites try comment.php. The sites that come up in your search results this time will be either .GOV or .EDU, depending on your search, web sites that have a comment.php page on them. The presence of this page is an indicator that this web site allows comments to be made.

A little word of advice, make your comments relevant. You will have a much higher success rate on moderate.GOV and.EDU web sites and they will stick around forever if they are highly relevant to the particular page. Just skim it and write a sentence. Another good method is to look at a previous comment and respond to it with a short point, this only takes a few seconds and insures much higher success rates.

Finally, you can get more advanced. Everyone who is in the SEO game knows that relevant backlinks are even more valuable. Insert your keyword as well for a list of relevant web sites to post backlinks to. An example is wp-admin acne which will bring up WordPress blogs on.GOV domain names that use the keyword ‘acne’.

This is the best SEO method for building completely free.GOV and.EDU backlinks. It is very quick and you can build a high volume of powerful authority backlinks in no time. What are you waiting for? Get to work!