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One of the most essential actions that a person who is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction should do is to truly understand and accept that he or she needs help. If he accepts that seeking help would be the best option to beat addiction, then it would allow him to be open to all the possible and effective treatments available. Understanding that rehab recovery program is a reliable and helpful kind of treatment can actually be the start of the battle against addiction. Now, when a person signs up for an addiction recovery program, one of the necessary things that needs to be conducted is a drug detox. 

Basically, detoxification is described as the process where all of the toxins and other negative elements that drugs imposed on your body are removed. According to experts, this kind of process can be severe and an unpleasant experience. This experience is also known as the withdrawal stage. This is where all the withdrawal symptoms are starting to show in the picture. While this might be very challenging for the patient, this stage is very crucial as this will be the foundation before getting into the residential treatment itself. The patient also needs to undergo some test before the process such as urinalysis. For more information, you can read this article:

When the patient has been admitted into the facility, he will be monitored by a doctor 24/7. Observation by a medical expert is very crucial because as stated earlier, withdrawal symptoms are something that should not be taken lightly. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous in some cases. Hence, the guidance and supervision of a medical team is very important in this stage. The team will help the patient to surpass all the necessary steps and stages of the drug detox process. In some cases, medical experts would provide them non-addictive medication to help them through the procedure. The main goal of drug rehab is to support the patient and not to hurt them. That said, some doctors would offer the patient a kind of medication that he needs to take to somehow tampered the withdrawal symptoms. Also, drug rehabs always ensure that they have the right and up to date facility for the comfort and convenience of the patient. According to studies, most of the patients who are undergoing drug withdrawal are susceptible to have anxieties and depression. As such, putting them in an peaceful and stress free environment is really crucial.

When the patient undergoes detox before residential treatment, the toxins of the drugs or alcohol will completely leave his body. It is normal that the patient would feel week after the detox process. But after quite some time, the patient will feel a lot calmer and healthier. Since all the toxins have been removed from the patient’s body, it is now easier for him to undergo counselling. It is true that after the detox, the brain is still addicted and craving for drug. Hence, the patient should still be carefully monitored and supervised until he totally recovered and achieved sobriety.

AFK Arena is one of the most spectacular games that a lot of players are crazy about. With its lighthearted fun, casual, competitive and yet can ruthlessly ignite your competitive nature as you reach some of the tough levels, it is no wonder why this game is one of the top favorites. So if you just started playing this game, you are in the right article. Here are some of the tips and tricks you need to consider in playing AFK Arena.

Progression Automation

One of the best ways to easily advance and always win in AFK arena is to have the game auto play. This is very convenient and easy for you. But is it possible? Certainly, yes. Basically, AFK Arena is a type of game that promotes automation when playing. However, this auto play feature of the game is limited still because you still have to do some clicks in order to proceed to the next level every time you clear a stage. But the good news is, there is a way to automate your progression. This is possible through the use of the combo key. This method allows you to record yourself on playing every stage of the game and advancing to the next stage and then utilize such recording in order to automate the process of the game. The process is very simple, and it would only take you a couple of minutes to get everything ready. However, this combo key is only applicable for Bluestacks players.

Save Your Best Skills

Another important tip and strategy that you need to consider when playing AFK Arena is to save your best skills. You have to keep in mind that AFK Arena is not that intelligent and  it does not usually use the spells of the hero  in the best way possible. So, you might be able to see that your unites are blowing the spells of healing whenever you have your HP full or unsuccessful to deploy shield when anticipating the attack of a strong opponent. Thus, it is advisable to just simply disable the auto battle feature and do the game in your own way. But the positive side of it is that by taking control of your skills on your own, you are able to make reaction to the  circumstance accordingly and you can make the right decisions that the automatic play feature might mess up.

Positioning is Key

If you are still stuck in a very challenging and difficult level, it only means that your strategy is not quite effective. Being stuck in a particular level will also affect your hero ranking negatively. Initially, you might think the answer to this problem is to level up and upgrade your characters. While this is also a good way to address your situation, you should also consider that there is a more effective way which is positioning. Simply, you just have to move your unites around in order for you to determine which arrangement is the most appropriate and compatible for the challenge.

Play On Bluestacks

Technically speaking, your arrangement in the game can impact both negatively or positively your overall action in battle, despite the power of your combat. Relatively, through the adoption of an ideal formation, you are able to significantly beat stages that are essentially above the power of your combat. As such, it is advisable to always keep in mind the strategies and techniques  of each of your hero or unit. As an example, Mirael has the ability to unleash a fiery phoenix that can damage everything it touches. Hence, if you place mirael in the center of the of the back row, her spells can damage enemies. As a result, when you upgrade her, it can destructe the formation of the enemy.

Upgrade not Replace

When you unlock heroes, you might notice that every unit has its own function. While some unites may be weaker than the others during the first part of the game, most units has the ability to enhance and develop enough to earn a place on every team. This is why it is very important to upgrade your heroes instead of replacing them. Bu upgrading your heroes, you are able to sacrifice surplus heroes in order to increase the star ranking of another unit.

Gear is important

Last but not the least, you should also pay attention to gear. Just like upgrading your heroes, you can also strengthen a unit by outfitting them with the right gear. As you progress in the game, you can get gear from AFK farming and beating stages.

Many will become concerned when they notice symptoms of hearing loss in them or in a loved one. Many who suffer from hearing loss will not want to admit they are experiencing problems. In children hearing loss can affect the way they perform at school both academically and socially. The best thing to do is to know the symptoms of hearing loss and seek medical evaluation.

See the source image

Some signs and symptoms to look for when suspecting hearing loss is difficulty in understanding words, asking others to repeat what they said or to speak more slowly, withdrawal from conversations and avoiding social situations. If you feel that you have to turn up the television or the volume on your telephone you may be experiencing hearing loss. At online search engines, the sonus complete reviews should be excellent and results in the best treatment. The conversations with the doctor should be great for recovering of the hearing loss. The charges of the pills will be under the budget of the person to purchase the pills from online or local stores. 

Parents may first notice hearing loss symptoms in children by observation. Some symptoms of hearing loss in babies and small children include not having a startle response in a newborn. A baby should be able to recognize a parent’s voice after three months of age, the baby should be able to turn its head to the sound of noise by six months of age and the baby should produce words such as mama and dada by twelve months of age. As your baby grows into a child the symptoms of hearing loss or having difficulty learning, failing to respond to speech, turns up the volume on the television, not being attentive and has limited or no speech. Another possible sign that your child is having hearing problems is behavioral problems. The child may appear to not listen to the person in charge. Failing in school can be another sign with the older child. The child is not able to hear correctly so the child will fail to learn.

Adults may notice their own hearing loss. This can result in a denial of the problem. Many may be reluctant to admit to having hearing loss and seek help from a doctor. Many may even fear having to use a hearing aid. If you first notice symptoms of hearing loss it’s important to know that it could only be a temporary problem. Denial and depression can set in while suspecting a hearing loss problem. The most important thing an adult can do when they notice symptoms of hearing loss is to consult with their physician. The good news is modern medicine can surgically cure some types of hearing problems. Some adults will first suspect a hearing problem, when it sounds like everyone is mumbling and they can’t make out the words without looking at the person speaking. Not being able to hold a conversation with others can result in arguments and misunderstandings. Feeling like you have cotton balls stuffed in your ears maybe another sign of hearing loss or another ear problem. Another frequent sign of hearing loss is not being able to hold a conversation in a noisy environment. This could be the first clue to early hearing loss and prompt a visit to the doctor.

Hearing loss can be perceived on different levels. Some levels of hearing loss include mild hearing loss, high frequency hearing loss, moderate hearing loss and severe hearing loss. Hearing loss can be perceived as having ear muffs on are as bad as having your hands completely covering your ears. Some hearing loss can seem as you have swimmers ear plugs in your ears. Hearing loss can be very difficult for the person suffering from its problems. However, the good news is that there are many different treatments to help correct this problem.

The first thing we found when my son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes was that everyone thought they knew a lot and really knew nothing. The final straw was a friend of his giving everyone an ice cream telling him that she wasn’t giving him one because she wasn’t going to contribute to him not taking care of himself. If he ate better, he would have this problem. Considering we have our own garden, do fresh vege’s, various grains and try to shoot for the healthier meals long before he was ever diagnosed, I thought he was going to push her over and take the ice cream! But he didn’t.

People think they’re smart. My ex-husband even went so far as to attempt to blame my negligent parenting for our sons diabetes. I guess he would have known more if he showed up at the hospital any time during that week.

But here nor there, let’s address some of the more common myths my son and I have confronted about Type 1 diabetes, formerly commonly known as juvenile diabetes.

If you ate healthier this wouldn’t be a problem! I blame this on the growing industry of Type 2 diabetes medications, the glory of making money through advertising in a burgeoning industry. While no less dangerous, no easier to care for and actually probably far less aggravating over all than Type 2, most cases have very different causes. The causes of Type 1 is still under investigation with information showing that there is likely a virus that some people are genetically predisposed to having a weakness against. What it comes down to is your body is attacking a portion of your pancreas for some as of yet to be fully determined reasons. Whatever the cause, there is no diet on the planet currently known to prevent this. Over-eating is not the cause, sugar is not the cause, eating to much sugar is not the cause.       

You can’t have sugar! This is not your grandmother’s diabetes and we are not in the 1980’s. We know that no matter what carb you put into your body, it will be turned into sugar in the blood stream. Please don’t berate your Type 1 friend for that occasional ice cream or the candy bar. It’s not that they can’t have it, it’s simply that they have to accommodate it with insulin. A Type 1 diabetic should have a healthy balanced diet with plenty of everything. A healthy diet can include the occasional treat.       

You can’t get low blood sugar, you’re diabetic, that’s hyperglycemia! The most unfortunate thing about this, is this incident occurred with a teacher, while my son was having low blood sugar. Yes, diabetics of all types can have low-blood sugar. A miscalculation on insulin, more exercise than accommodated for in their regimen or sometimes just a body doing whatever it wants to do, low blood sugar is a risk. It’s also an extreme danger, consider it the same as being unable to breath. Please, if your friend says they have low blood sugar, trust they know what they’re talking about, it’s their disease to care for.       

You eat too much, you’re always eating! If you didn’t do that, you would get better. Many diabetics do what we should all be doing. They eat 6 small meals/snacks a day. This is normal and very healthy as long as the food is healthy. Type 1 Diabetics don’t “get better”. Unlike Type 2, there is no weight loss program, healthy diet and exercise plan that can get rid of Type 1. It is a chronic illness that until they find a cure, is considered a life time burden. There are several cures very near with beta cell implants in the liver, several stem cell programs looking promising and a few off the wall ideas showing some promise even. We all hope and pray for a cure, but simply changing your diet, while important, won’t make it better. 

You can’t do that, it’s to dangerous! There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that a well managed diabetic can’t do. OK, they can’t produce insulin on their own, but from skydiving to scuba diving to cross country bicycle trips, you can bet it can be done and if they want to do it, they know how. Please leave the how between them and their doctor, be supportive and enjoy whatever activity it is that you’re all involved in. You should also check sugar balance reviews so you can see if this brand is really effective. This supplement for diabetes is one of the trusted and reputable brands that people consider. This product will help regulate the level of blood sugar in your body.

Being diabetic is tough, whether it’s Type 1 or 2. Be supportive and if you think you know something, take the time to ask you friend about it. And remember, maybe in 1992 you couldn’t have that piece of pie after Thanksgiving turkey, but today, no matter what type of diabetic you are, that may not be the case.

It is a little bit tricky to consider Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing as well as hospital marketing because one cant inspires and force the patients to come to their hospital. The most crucial thing for you is to increase the number of patients so that you can get satisfactory outputs from it. The most effective as well as a reliable method for running a hospital is advertising and marketing. As a reason, marketing is wide as well as relevant for the patients. With the help of advertisements, you can interact with more and more number of people easily.

Almost all the hospital go through this method of marketing because it is one of the most effective methods for getting achievements for your hospital. It will build a positive connection with the hospital with its patients. There are several hospitals and small healthcare organization which considers advertisements so that people will attract towards your organization. Running a hospital is not an easy task because you need to consider everything for the comfort of the patient. There are lots of things that should be focused on you, and the biggest thing is to maintain hygiene and wellness. People will attract to your hospital if and only if you have maintained proper hygiene.

Despite all these things in this article, you will be going to read about the 4 new rules for effective hospital marketing so that it will become beneficial for you to consider all the things wisely and to get satisfactory outputs from marketing such as listed in the lower section.

The 4 new rules for effective hospital marketing listed as:

  • The first new rule for effective hospital marketing is to consider the right platform where you can easily advertise your hospital. There are lots of platforms for doing marketing, but the right one platform will help you to increase engagement. For this, you can consider social media and other websites so that people will show interest in your advertisement. The most important thing while rendering advertisements is to attract the audience so that you will get positive results.
  • There are several websites where you can post relevant content and consider blogging so that more people will attract to your post and hospital. It is important to go through these concepts because through this, and people will consider your organization despite others. We have seen lots of advertisements for hospitals and healthcare organizations, and it is the solution for getting benefits from posting content.
  • You need to first acknowledge your product before taking any other action. It means that makes ideas and focuses on those things which need improvements. Running a hospital is not easy because here you have to take all the things in your mind such as requirements, tools, machines, etc. if you focus on all these things, then it will become beneficial for you as well as for your organization.
  • You need to give priority to social media because it is the platform through which the audience will get attracted. It would be highly beneficial for you to create your own website so that people can easily connect with you. Also, maintain all the things on your websites, especially the comment section, because almost everyone considers the comment section to know the reviews of the organization and company.

Lastly, all the 4 new rules for effective hospital marketing, as well as advertising is listed on the upper section so that one can easily illustrate all the things for promotions and interaction with patients as well as payers. May this article will become helpful for you to consider an effective way for hospital marketing.

Deep cycle RV batteries are different than the type you use to start your car. There are three types of batteries you can use in your RV. These types include flooded acid, gel cell, and absorbed glass mat. This article will discuss the different types of deep cycle RV batteries.

Flooded Acid

One of the first types of deep cycle RV batteries is the flooded acid design. Most RVs use this type of battery. They have thick lead plates that are submerged in a solution of electrolytes. These deep cycle RV batteries can have either six or 12 volts. These batteries are preferred because they are inexpensive and widely available.

However, these deep cycle RV batteries have a few disadvantages. You can only use them in a vented compartment because they generate flammable and corrosive gases whenever they are charging. These deep cycle RV batteries can also spill acid. You will also have to check them occasionally and add water to them because it will boil away while the battery is charging.

Gel Cell

One of the next types of deep cycle RV batteries is the gel cell variety. They are similar to flooded acid batteries except that the solution of electrolytes is gelled instead of liquid. Therefore, you won’t have to put water in them like you have to with flooded acid batteries. These deep cycle RV batteries also don’t generate gases while charging, so you don’t have to keep them in a vented compartment.

There are a few disadvantages of gel cell deep cycle RV batteries. These batteries are more expensive than the flooded acid variety. Also, They can easily be damaged if you overcharge them just once. These deep cycle RV batteries also take longer to charge because you have to charge them slower than other types. With a check at the site, the purchase of the batteries will be comfortable and easy for the person. Proper research can be done at the online search engines to gather information about the charges.


The last type of battery you can use in your RV is the absorbed glass mat design. These deep cycle RV batteries have glass mat material located between the plates and the electrolyte solution. This prevents them from spilling acid. The fact that they will never spill means they are the only type of battery that you can ship safely. They also require little maintenance and won’t generate gas.

The main disadvantage of these deep cycle RV batteries is that they are the most expensive design on the market. Although they are more durable than the gel cell variety, they can still be damaged by overcharging.

These are the different types of deep cycle RV batteries. Flooded acid batteries are the most common and inexpensive, but they can only be used in vented compartments. Absorbed glass mat batteries are the most expensive, but will never spill and require little maintenance.

Do you know what I just did? I drank a large glass of water. Want to know why? I just woke up. What does that have to do with anything? It’s the first step in this guide. Drink a large glass of PURE, NOT TAP, water when you wake up. This gets the metabolism going, and helps to cleanse your body, you know, flush it out.

If you reading this you want answers to loosing weight. Above is the first step. There are many others, do as many as you can. If all you did was drink more water, especially in the morning, you would lose weight, not much because we have know idea what you’re putting in your mouth the rest of the day, but you would be on the right track. This list is the right track. If you stay on it you will loose, if you stray a bit it won’t hurt, and if you want to loose weight, and you ignore this list, YOU WILL BE FAT.

Step two is to eat a big breakfast. Eat to loose weight? What is he talking about, you ask? Here it is; 20 percent of fat people eat a big breakfast, 80 percent of thin people eat a big breakfast. If you are fat and eating a big breakfast, you are eating the wrong kinds of food. Remember this is a life style changing article, if you don’t want to change you won’t loose the weight. Eat as much as you like of fruit, all organic. have rye bread, real bye bread, not bread made with bleached rye flour. Raw butter, that is not homogenized or pasteurized. raw milk, wild, not farm raised, smoked salmon, organic chicken, beef, lamb, sardines, tuna, any organic vegetables, eggs, salsa, coffee made with pure water, NO TAP WATER. Sweeten your coffee with pure evaporated cane juice, or honey, or the herb stevia, You may also drink tea, real tea, not mass produced tea bags, again made with pure water.

Step three, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, we beat this one to death already.

Step four, Walk for exercise, at least one hour a day, CONTINUOUSLY. Don’t count the stroll through the parking lot to work.

The more you keep walking, the more calories you burn and this is an essential step to get rid of the flab surrounding your stomach little by little without breaking the flow otherwise it won’t go anytime too soon, thereby forcing you to lookup resurge reviews online with nowhere else to go.

Step five, Don’t eat late in the evening.

Step six, Cleanse your body, a colon cleanse, a Candida cleanse, and a liver cleanse are mandatory.

Step seven, No aspartame, or other artificial sweeteners, no MSG, no high fructose corn syrup, no white sugar or white flour, and NO DIET SODAS OR DIET FOODS. These things are bad news!

Step eight, Take digestive enzymes.


Step ten, eat organic foods, and have a big salad for lunch, I mean you can have a huge satisfying salad for lunch, with anything from the breakfast list on it. For dressing try 100% unrefined organic coconut oil, or olive oil, and organic apple cider vinegar, or fresh lemon juice. You may add organic sea salt and fresh ground pepper for taste.

Step eleven, BREATHE. Learn to breathe deep, look here for an article to come on breathing.

Step twelve, Add muscle, yes work out, yes you must, no it does not have to hurt, do it.

Step thirteen, Cheat whenever you want. Remember this list is like a set of railroad tracks, if there were no turnoffs, the train couldn’t do its job. If you follow this track and only this track, you would soon be bored. Just get back to the list in order to loose the weight. Don’t get bored and eat, don’t stop walking and exercising just because you had a piece of cake at you nephews birthday party. Don’t stop drinking water, because your significant other bought you a Starbucks. Just get back on the tracks to being thin, and forgive yourself the few side trips you take.

My favorite yoga pose is one of the most simple for beginners to perform: Cobbler’s Pose.

Cobbler’s Pose is done while sitting on the floor or on a yoga mat. This yoga pose is also recommended by Dr. Randall Dryer Austin, tx as it is quite effective for your hips, groin, and Spine. Sit with the soles of your feet pressed together, heels as close to your groin as you can manage, and your knees spread open and resting on the floor. It is like sitting cross-legged, or “Indian style,” but with your feet pressed together. Make sure to sit up straight, as Cobbler’s Pose is a spinal stretch as well as a groin and hip stretch. Yoga beginners, and people with tight hips muscles, may need to take a few minutes of deep breathing and allow for the gentle stretching of the pose to allow them to bring their heels in tight to the body. Do not force anything, especially with your knees and groin; these are not muscles we want to pull! Keep your movements smooth and avoid jerking your muscles about when they are in deep stretch. No fluttering your knees like butterfly wings like in gym class!

Once you are able to hold Cobbler’s Pose seated upright, you can attempt to add in a forward bend. At first, you just hold your ankles and take in some deep breaths, visualizing your groin muscles relaxing and opening. Then, making sure to keep your spine straight, you start to bend over your feet. Keeping your spine straight is the most important thing at this point; it’s easy to just slouch your stomach and hunch your shoulders and feel like you’re bending over. Aiming to keep your chest over your toes, and not your heels, is a good visualization that forces you to keep your spine elongated all throughout Cobbler’s Pose.

If you can, you can reach out your arms so that they are stretched out in front of you, and bring your forehead straight down to the floor. Make sure your back stays straight and that your hipbones also stay connected to the floor. Breathe deeply. Cobbler’s Pose was the first pose where I really understood what yogis meant by “breathe into the muscle.” The stretch is so focused on the hip and groin muscles, that I am very aware of the subtle changes that each inhalation and exhalation brings to the stretch.

I include Cobbler’s Pose not only in my yoga practice but also in my pre-aerobic warm up. It’s a great stretch for the hips, and also seems to help loosen my hamstrings. I have a lot of tightness in my back, so any backstretch is extremely beneficial to me, as well.

I, like many across the nation, have been on diet after diet rollercoastering all over the weight charts. My diet wasn’t always good and in combination with necessary medications my weight reached to top 200 lbs. I have learned to eat right and very rarely give in to any kind of temptations, but I just can’t seem to get the weight back off.

Many many many people, I have come to find out, believe that all overweight people eat grease and sugar and that is it. I get sick when I eat to much of either of them so tell me, how did I get over weight? This is a touchy subject for me because I have been battling my weight for 8 years now with no success. It’s not that I eat the wrong things it’s that it takes so much to give me the sensation of being full.

I have been on appetite supressors and they work, they really do, until it’s time to stop taking them. Then I just gain all of that weight back, usually with some extra baggage along with it. I can’t live on appetite supressors the rest of my life and I do eat healthy so what are my options?

Keep on this rollercoaster ride, stay heavy, or get serious and see my doctor! I chose option three.

I started asking questions about Gastric Surgeries. I had heard plenty of things about Gastric Bypass surgery and the whole idea scared me. It is a major surgery that has some major health risk to it. But it was still an open option to me. I being desperate to get my weight and health under control as my doctor just told me I now have high blood pressure as well as my weight issues.

I did my research before I went in to see my doctor and found out about Lap Band Surgery. That was the surgery that I want done. I will be able to continue to eat my healthy meals with the exception of the rice I have been eating and this will reduce the size of the meals that I can intake. This is what I need. Something that permanently reduces the size of my meals. No more appetite supressants. This is a healthy appetite supressant.

I went to the seminar that you must attend to find out about what the benefits and risks are of having these kinds of surgeries. They even passed around one of the Lap Bands so everyone could see it. It was an informative and interesting seminar. By the end I was positive I wanted the Lap Band Surgery and so it begins. I also consulted with the top plastic surgeons in Birmingham. I realized, this is very crucial before undergoing any surgery. You must be able to do some research first and learn about the entire thing so you know what to expect.

I am in the extremely early stages of trying to have my surgery. My doctor wants to do some Diabetes testing on me and I had a sleep test done on me to determine whether or not I have Sleep Apnea, which I do. After the sleep test I filled out a lot of paper work for the surgeon to determine if I am even eligible for the surgery.

To be eligible I must be 100 lbs over weiht or have a BMI ( body mass index ) of 40 or higher, or 35 or higher with a comorbity. Sleep Apnea is one of the comorbities as well as the newly discovered high blood pressure. I also have back pain due to weight issues, asthma, poly cystic ovary disease, and swelling of the legs and feet. I should qualify with a BMI of 38.6.

After mailing in all of my paper work I waited anxiously for a phone call telling me that I was approved for surgery and to find out what to do next. There is always something to do next. About two weeks later I got a phone call from the surgeons office saying that I qualify for surgery but they are being approved for excellence in March and my insurance won’t pay for the surgery until that is done, and because I am not Diabetic I have to pay %20 of the surgery and doctors visits which comes out to roughly $2800.

For most people they get that kind of money back in income tax returns but I am on disability and that kind of money is just not in my reach. I told the lady this and asked her how much of the money needed to be come up wth before the surgery because she said this amount covered all pre op visits, the surgery, and post op visits. She said that by the time surgery date came I would need around $1900. That was a little better.

So now I am waiting and saving. Both I am doing impatiently. I will still see the doctor in April and I will start doing the presurgery things then but instead of the presurgery things taking a few months they are going to take closer to a year or more so that I can save up the money I need. This is my journey starting from the beginning.

Exterior windows can be very expensive to replace when remodeling a home, with custom wood windows running into the thousands of dollars. For a homeowner looking for a low-cost alternative to a full window replacement, here are several inexpensive ways to freshen up those old exterior windows and make them look almost like new. As you try any of these projects it is also important that you get cheap and affordable materials for your project. As you find the best impact driver for 2020 you will be able to make the most out of your DIY project as well.

Multicolor paint palette

Is your house painted one color and the wood trim in another? One way to give old exterior windows a fresh look is by introducing a third, complementary color on the window sash itself. Painting the exterior window sash is a low-cost way of giving your home a bit of pizzazz.

This three-color paint scheme is a popular way of hiding tired old windows and looks fabulous even on older homes with mismatched windows or aluminum storm windows. Popular third color accent colors include black, white, gray, colonial blue, terra cotta, and mustard yellow. The Benjamin Moore company has a fabulous paint design site that allows you to experiment with different color combinations. Here’s the link for the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer tool.

Adding shutters

In many parts of the United States, shutters are decorative accents that help to break up the expanse of exterior siding on a home. They also draw attention away from a plain window.

Exterior window shutters are made of either wood or vinyl and come in a variety of styles and colors. Wooden shutters start at $75.00 for the pair for a standard 24″ x 60″ window. No maintenance vinyl shutters begin at $85.00. For a price comparison and a peek at the many different colors and styles of shutters, the following three sites are worth checking out for ideas.


Attaching window planter boxes

Old fashioned window planters are regaining in popularity as people are discovering the fun of container gardening. Window planters come in a variety of styles and sizes and can give a tired window a whole new look along with increasing your gardening space. Window planters start as low as $24.00.

For the do-it-yourself, here’s a great link with instructions for making and installing your own planter box. Interested in a premade? has one of the nicest collection of window boxes I’ve seen on the internet.

Window Awnings

Window awnings are colorful roof-like covers that attach to the side of a building and provide shelter from both rain and sun. While most window awnings are usually made of heavy canvas, metal awnings were also quite popular in the 50s and 60s and are still available today.

Awnings are a fabulous way to dress up a tired set of the window, and come in an incredible range of styles, colors, prints, and prices. While window awnings can be expensive to custom order and install, for the do-it-yourself, sells awning kits that are easy to assemble. For a standard three-foot window, awning kits start as low as $108 for just the canvas or $215 for the entire assembly.