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People in general have no problem understanding what breast implants do, or what a face-lift is, but they a bit vague when chin augmentation is discussed. What happens when you have chin augmentation surgery and what kind of results can you expect? Let me explain:

Quite simply, to augment (or enlarge) the chin and the jaw line, an implant is placed deep below the skin surface and is secured with permanent stitches into the surrounding tissue so that it cannot move around. The medical name for this procedure is mentoplasty.

There are a wide range of implant materials, shapes and sizes available. Chin implants are usually created using solid and semi-solid materials such as silicone and elastomer. This is very different from the silicon-gel or saline-filled implants, which are used in breast enlargement operations.

The surgeon may also suggest a genioplasty operation. This involves sliding the jaw line forward, which will then increase the projection of the lower face giving you an attractive profile.

Quite often people decide to have chin augmentation done at the same time as a Rhinoplasty (nose job) operation, which really improves the overall profile and gives a more harmonious appearance.This is not a huge operation and the operation time is generally 1 to 2 hours.

The surgeon will make an incision for the implant under the chin where there is a natural crease. The stitches will be removed within 5 days after the operation. Our Michigan facelift patients don’t simply look younger without the surgery. The use of the facelift should be in the daily routine of the person. The charges of the facelift will be less in comparison to the surgery. 

Sometimes an incision will have to be made inside the mouth. The stitches used in this kind of procedure will dissolve over time on their own. Your surgeon or doctor will explain which operating method he or she is going to use before the operation.

At the end of the surgery, the surgeon will apply a tape to the chin. This is to keep any swelling to an absolute minimum. You will also be given a compression strap to wear for the same reason.

If a horizontal osteotomy procedure is used, the surgeon will fracture the jawbone so that he can bring forward the position of the bones. This is often called ‘chin advancement’.

A good surgeon will not carry out this operation if it is not necessary. In fact the surgeon or doctor may recommend a totally different alternative to chin surgery. Restylane SubQ and Radiesse are fillers, which add a natural looking fullness to the chin and jaw line. Some practitioners even fill this area with fat to pad out the area.

With so many different operations and procedures open to you, your doctor or surgeon will be happy to discuss which one will be best for you.

Few people don’t experience back pain in their life at some point. Sadly, sometimes it turns out to be something serious; sometimes people have to go through tests to find out what is wrong with them.

Usually pain comes from muscle pulls and strains.

When it is more severe, sometimes a test called a myelogram is required.

What is a myelogram?

A myelogram is a test that visualizes your spinal canal. The test is performed by a medical doctor called a radiologist who deals with X-Rays, sound waves and magnetic fields. There is a “contrast material” that is injected into your spine so the pictures can be taken.

What happens during a myelogram?

A technologist will explain the procedure and have you change into a patient gown and moved to the X-Ray room.

After your blood pressure and pulse have been recorded, you will be given two injections either in the arm or buttocks. One shot prevents lightheadedness and the other prevents muscle spasms.

Then you will put on your stomach. Your back will be cleansed with antiseptic soap and alcohol.

The doctor will then inject you with a “numbing medication” to minimize the pain of the injections.

After that he will inject the spinal needle and remove a sample of spinal fluid. Then he will inject dye so that the X-Ray and imaging can be done.

There is a difference in procedures for various parts of the back.

If you are having a myelogram for your cervical or thoracic (mid to upper) spine then after you have received the myelogram you will be taken for the CT and then to hospital room where once again your blood pressure ands pulse will be checked. You will be kept for from 2-4 hours before being released.

If you are having a lumbar or low-back myelogram then you must wait 3-4 hours before even getting your CT.

While all myelograms only take about 1 ┬╜ hours, it is a good idea to plan anywhere from 4-8 hours four the entire procedure.

How do I prepare for my exam?

You may have liquids but may not have solid fluids; you may take prescribed medications; bring a list of medications and bring copies of previous X-Rays and medical studies.

Following the exam you will need to have someone take you home and you will need to take it easy for about 24 hours.

One thing that is important to know is that you will get two bills, one from the hospital and one from the radiologist.

Myelograms can be painful at times; however, severe back pain needs to be checked out when you consider some of the major illnesses that are associated with it. You may also consider the top 3 spine surgery in Austin in providing treatment for your back pain. They are experienced and licensed in performing such surgery.

There are a lot of ways to lose weight, and there are more ways to gain it all back! Here is a list of the top 10 things I think will help you lose weight and keep it off. Most importantly make a plan you can follow for life. You need a life change, not a quick fix.

Go see your doctor. There are certain conditions medications (antidepressants, birth control, etc.) that will cause you to gain weight or make it very difficult to lose weight. Before you do anything crazy (running a marathon for the first time, starting p90x from couch potato) check with your physician. Moreover, you can try coolsculpting which is a perfectly safe method to get in shape. Moreover, CoolSculpting recovery time is also low making it perfect for professional that does not have that much time.

Set a reasonable goal. Many people start off with some huge numbers in mind. In my experience, it’s much easier to say, “I want to lose about 5lbs. this month”, instead of aiming to lose 50 lbs at some undetermined time. You Dr. can help you determine a reasonable goal but around an lb or two a week is healthy for most people.

Use a mental image to help you see yourself. Get an outfit in the size you want to end up. You can also use the website at to set up a virtual avatar of yourself. You create an account punch in some basic measurements and it gives you a semi-realistic portrayal of your self. Then you can adjust the model’s weight to see what you would look like at various stages of weight loss. It’s not going to be accurate down to the inches but it will get you in the neighborhood.

Watch what you eat for a week. If you’re not logging your food intake you will be surprised at how much food you are actually putting away. Sugary drinks are the worst! One 20 oz bottle of soda can be over 200 calories easy. Drink 3 or 4 of those and that’s a large meal you have consumed extra per day.

Figure out your resting metabolic rate. Using the tools on Calorie Count’s website you can figure out what your current activity level is and what you’re currently burning a given week.

Exercise, it’s not a four-letter word and you don’t realize it but you’re actually doing some already. Make exercise work for you by tracking what you currently do. Maybe you take a stroll, maybe you chase your kids around, whatever, monitor it. Get a heart rate monitor and start watching your exertion level. Use a website like this one to calculate your calories burned.

Add to your exercise routine, a little. People’s biggest failure in dieting and fitness is taking on to much at first. You can’t go from couch potato to p90x level exertion in a week, you will fail and quit. So add a little. Take an extra walk a day. Do some pushups and sit-ups when you get up in the morning. Just a little here and a little there.

Measure your calories burned versus your calories consumed. If you have been logging your food your exercise then you should start to see a trend. Do you eat more calories than you consume? Do you eat less? The first knee jerk reaction (especially among women) is to drastically lower their calorie intake. They do something crazy like go for the all lettuce diet. Then their bodies hold onto the weight and they can’t lose it. It’s called starvation mode. If you consume less than around 1200 calories for a woman you run that risk. We men run that risk at 1500 calories. These aren’t hard numbers and you’re physique and metabolism will vary, but if you’ve been dieting and you can’t lose it you may not be eating enough.

Look at all the little adjustments and make a plan that fits you. If you work long hours at a demanding job, you are not going to come home and work out for an hour 5 days a week. To find out what you can do and stick with it. You made changes to your life to get the way you are, you need to make changes to change yourself. Make sure they are changes you can live with.

Cheat. I mean it. Go get yourself a little thing of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (You know the little buckets of ice cream) and cheat every now and then. Don’t get the half-gallon bucket though that’s suicide not cheating!

For those working in health care, doctors, nurses, pharmacist’s etc. moral dilemmas are moving many into the area of prejudice and discrimination. Religious values and preference are causing these service providers to make judgment calls that aren’t necessarily in the best interest of the patient. Refusal to pull the plug on terminally ill or coma victims, to perform an abortion, to prescribe birth control, morning after pills or Viagra, to do vasectomies or to inseminate someone gay allows them to take on a new role. The role of being GOD.

In studies on the way to becoming a fully-fledged medicine practitioner questions were asked that should have put into perspective what was expected of them. What kind of treatments they would be asked to perform should have sent them packing if they knew it went against what they believed. Most of these health professionals believe that they have the right to turn people away because in America they have the right to practice their religious beliefs.

The persecution of doctors who do perform acts such as abortions are scorned by doctors who feel guilty about what they consider to be a hideous immoral act. Guilt ridden doctors usually won’t refer patients to doctors who will do the procedure needed or wanted. Instead they will pray, finger point, and cast blame. They will turn away patients who want to terminate a deformed or sick baby and they will make rape victims who cannot face carrying their rapist’s child to full term feel violated and raped a second time. Even pharmacists who don’t know the whole story will deny filling prescription drugs such as the morning after pill if they assume it goes against what they believe.

The debate has been going on for quite some time about the rights of patients versus the rights of medical professionals with no sight of middle ground. Most of the problem stems in pro-life issues. No one should be allowed to kill or prevent a human life in the mind of morally conscious medical individuals. The religious doctors think assisted suicide is a big no-no because the person committing suicide can’t ask God’s forgiveness once they die and that makes it an unforgivable sin that would send them to hell. They feel terminally ill people on life support or those in a coma can’t speak up for themselves if they’d rather live then die. Babies to be aborted can’t scream for help. Future fetuses shouldn’t be denied existence because of birth control and gay people weren’t meant to have children.

The freedom for medical performers to practice religion in their field is making rounds in legislation. This would keep them from being sued by patients denied treatment, but it wouldn’t keep the patients from feeling rejected and discriminated against. Many patients walk away in tears. No one wants to be belittled by someone clearly imposing his or her religious or moral beliefs upon them.

Who knows what conscious minded religious hypocrites in the medical field would start pulling next? Will they refuse to treat a car accident, heart attack and stroke, broken bone, flu, pneumonia or a snakes bite victim? I hope I don’t have to find out. It is better to find out the best 10 ways to market your medical practice than knowing such unfortunate things.

A spa party is a great way to reunite old friends, rally after a break-up, plan a unique bridal shower, or it can be the perfect predecessor to a girl’s night out.

If you want to combine the best of two worlds (those being shopping and the spa experience), please allow me to recommend Spa Girl Parties, This innovative company offers 3 types of spa parties and a budget-friendly way to spend an afternoon.

The Girlfriend Get-Together is the first of the 3 spa party options that Spa Girls offers. You and your guests will be allowed to sample the line of bath and body products and to order the ones that you love. The Fabulous Facial party is the second option. With this party, you and your friends are introduced to a luxurious line of facial products and you also get to enjoy the personally tailored shopping experience. The third party offered by Spa Girls consultants is the Girlfriend Celebration Party. This one is my hands-down favorite. For a pre-paid fee, you and your guests are pampered, with special treatment for the guest of honor. There is no sales pitch or shopping involved in this party. 

You also have the option to get the highest quality cosmetic Med Spa treatments at New Jersey, which is perfect for your spa party as you get professionals and really serene experience at these spas.

If you are the DIY type, spa parties are best when they are kept to a small group of friends. Keep in mind that their needs to be an even number of guests including you, so no one is left out of the treatments.

First, consider your location. If all of your guests are in agreement, it is possible to chip in for a hotel suite for your spa party. This option also removes the stress of the post spa party cleanup from the hostess. Next, decide on your menu. Keep foods with high bloat potential far from your list. Opt instead for salads and vegan appetizers. Have plenty of mineral water, green teas, and chilled juices on hand.

Plan your spa treatment regime. Will it just be facials? Are you going to include the manicure/pedicure experience? Make a list of the supplies that you will need to purchase.

Pay attention to the atmosphere. Send husbands and kids away for the day, unplug the phone, and turn off the cell. The lighting, music, and aroma of your surroundings will greatly influence the spa experience.

Don’t forget the towels and spa robes. If you don’t want to bear the expense of purchasing these items, ask your guests to bring their own. Make sure to keep a few extras on hand, just in case.

Organize your activities. Even if you are planning on the guests performing as well as receiving the treatments, you may want to book a professional, such as a masseuse.

If all of this seems like a daunting task, consider the services of a mobile spa service like Mobile Spa offers all of the services that you will need to bring the spa experience to your home. All rates are customized, as are the parties they offer. This ensures that you and your guests get exactly the spa treatments that you want. Mobile Spa (1-800-651-4740) offers an online booking form that includes the prices for each spa treatment. When you visit the site, be sure to check out the packages that they offer. Mobile Spa has a spa party suitable for every occasion, even motherhood, and enlightenment!

Whatever kind of spa party that you decide on, remember that advance planning and attention to detail are the keys to the successful spa experience. Stress will ruin the air of relaxation.

What is the current situation regarding the diseases in the entire world? To be frank, it has gone from bad to worse in the past few decades where even people who were found to be healthy yesterday are confined to the hospital bed today.

We already have enough problems in our lives without falling prey to diseases of which we were not even aware of until recently. Sadly, this is the case due to the outbreak of corona virus to the different parts of the world, which is festering in the worst possible way.

The probability of the healthiest man alive falling sick the very next day is quite high with a ratio of 1:0, which is definitely a danger signal that has to be taken care of before it is too late.

However, sitting back and fretting about it over and over again does not do any good and expecting the doctors to help you out is a far worse scenario as that means that you are quite lazy in making efforts on your own.

Rare Health Threats

The current scenario is such that life threatening diseases are less of a threat than the ones that have long lasting side effects on health and many people prefer death than to live such a life.

There is an extremely rare health hazard which is termed as leaky gut, which has become problematic for a few people as they are left with little options and are reduced to being mere spectators.

The food that we consume is broken down by the digestive system as the food and healthy nutrients are absorbed from the inside and it plays a significant role in keeping the body secure from harmful substances.

The gut becomes leaky when the lining that surrounds the intestine that keeps the digestive system and its accumulated contents distant from the rest of the body starts leaking, similar to that of a pipe.

It is indeed a rare health threat as many people have not even heard of the term ‘gut leak’ but once it takes your system captive, there is little that can be done about it, except for the regular medicines prescribed by doctors to keep it in check.


Now, the question that pops up is why does the gut start leaking? Naturally, due to the harmful substances present in the food that we eat that allows them to escape the gut membrane and mix up with the blood, which is when the body receives the warning that these are invaders out to destroy the system, which triggers a response that allows other diseases to make way as well.

If you eat food that contain less nutrients over a regular period of time, then it doesn’t take long for them to make holes in the lining of the intestine as the substances that have less nutrients cannot be broken down easily.


Due to the immune system being afflicted with the harmful chemicals present in the food, they kill of healthy nutrients and minerals that the body absorbs and therefore it is unable to produce healthy blood cells that are vital to keep the other organs going.

As a result, the total restore product of the entire system breaks down and the diseases are able to find their way into our body because they have no functions to stop them.

Anyone wishing to hire a car during their vacation cannot go wrong with renting from Hertz. Hertz offer their clients top cars and also work hand in hand with the leisure and travel agent industry to give top notch support.

First of all Hertz work hard at offering great money saving deals for their clients showing that they appreciate their clients and want them to keep returning. One of these money saving deals is the Enjoy Your First Day Free on weekend rentals of 3 days or more at any participating airport of airport location in the USA , Canada or Puerto Rico. This offer is valid on economy through to premium cars.

There is also the save $100 on monthly or multi-monthly deals.

Additionally to these deals is the Rent 1, get 2 days of Neverlost deal. Neverlost is a route guidance system that provides visual and audio turn-by-turn driving directions to just about any destination in the USA, Canada or Puerto Rico.

As for fuel, here again Hertz outshines the rest with their new refueling policy. Vehicles can now be returned with less fuel than when first rented and Hertz replaces the fuel for you at pump price or you can choose to pay a flat refueling rate or purchase the gas at the start of the rental at pump price minus a 15c/gallon discount.

Hertz has also introduced an on-line check-in guarantee which promises to get you in and out of the rental facility within 10 minutes or less. All you have to do is visit and check-in before picking up the vehicle. You then just scan the printed receipt at a kiosk and be on your way. Should it take longer than 10 minutes Hertz promises to give customers $50 off their rental. Currently this guarantee is only available at airports in the USA. Additionally, if you have a lot of luggages like laste kohver ratastel, hertz is ultimately the best car rental for you because they do offer several car options depending on your needs such as the size and number of your luggage’s.

For those of us who are picky about what we drive hertz offers fantastic state-of-the-art products and services. The Fun Collection offers more than a dozen different models including a Jeep Wrangler, Hummer, Ford Mustang, Nissan 350Z and the Corvette ZHZ.

Additionally there is the Prestige Collection which includes 15 different models such as Cadillac, Audi, Mercedes and Volvo. If you rent one of the Prestige Collection you will automatically be equipped with a Neverlost system, have free pick-up from suburban hotels and resorts within a 15-mile radius and a 1 Year free membership to Hertz Gold Club.

Another benefit that Hertz offers is the Plate Pass. This is an electronic toll payment service that will allow you to bypass toll lanes allowing you access to Sun Pass, E-Pass and E-Z pass lanes. For this amenity Hertz charges a daily service fee of $2.50 plus the toll.

Should you be traveling with the family you can also request a Nick on the Go which is a pre-loaded, touch screen media player with over 40 hours of programming from Nickelodeon and Nick jr. The unit can be mounted for back seat viewing or used as a portable outside of the vehicle.

Preparing for a hunting trip? Probably, you are looking for the best long range scope to buy. But before making a choice, it is important to understand how each feature of a spotting scope works. And magnification is certainly the most essential feature to consider.

It tells how clear you’d see a view on a given distance. This is essential on any hunting trip, especially in terms of viewing the surrounding, spotting targets, as well as for enjoying the outdoor sceneries.

But magnification is quite more complex than it seems. Many factors affect the magnification and image clarity a spotting scope offers. That is why you must know how magnification exactly works, then purchase the best one such as the Gosky 20-60×60 HD Spotting Scope.

Here’s what to Learn about Spotting Scope Magnification before Buying

For starters, magnification indicates how many times an image would be enlarged for viewing. When buying spotting scope, you’d encounter three sets of numbers such as 20-60X60. The first two sets tells the magnification range of a scope, while the last set tells the size of the front lens in diameter. With the example, such scope’s magnification ranges from 20X to 60X, and it has a 60mm-diameter front lens.

Now, there are two big factors which affect magnification. That is regardless of the magnification range of a spotting scope. Understanding these factors help you identify the best spotting scope for your specific hunting needs.

  1. Viewing Features of the Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes have other viewing features aside from magnification. Thing is, they all affect the resulting image you see, that is why it is important to learn about them before choosing a scope.

First, consider the image quality a scope produces. In most cases, image quality gradually decreases when you increase magnification. That is why, most spotting scope provide the best image quality on 20X magnification.

Say, you need 40X magnification or higher. Expect most spotting scopes to produce blurry images on such range, especially when you hit 60X. Thing is, the best but expensive spotting scopes still produces sharp image quality even on high magnification range.  If you cannot afford such scopes, balance magnification with image quality by choosing mid-range spotting scopes.

To make sure of having a spotting scope with quality image resolution, find one with fully multi-coated lenses. These scopes have efficient light transmission for better image viewing. Moreover, consider bigger but high quality lens size for better viewing range.

  1. Atmospheric Conditions

Atmospheric condition of the area where you’d go hunting is also a factor. For example, you’d go hunting in a foggy or misty environment, high magnification is almost unusable. Magnification range higher than 40X is good for wide open fields with high visibility.

As a rule of thumb, lower magnification is best for wet or humid environment on low altitude, whereas high magnification is suitable for dry environment on high altitude. Also, note that the atmosphere seems to limit magnification of any scopes on 60X, even on the best possible atmospheric condition. This makes buying powerful astronomical scopes impractical, since you’d rarely find a chance to use more than 60X magnification on the field. It’s also the same reason why most spotting scopes have 60X as the highest magnification point.

Now, you already know the important factors to consider for magnification of spotting scopes. This helps you buy the right one depending on your needs. Think of the hunting grounds where you often go, consider the features of a scope, and strike the balance with your budget.

The artwork alone is not enough when it comes to Embroidery and embellishment. Only a specification manual does not fulfill the intended function adequately for the system of computerized machines.  While the artwork is significant, another set of skills sometimes obscures the former. Yeah, we’re talking about the digitization of embroideries. Like any other ability, a skilled digitizer designer is the one who can prepare digitized files flawlessly.

Digitization turns current artwork into a template that can be installed on your device. In other terms, the program is used for the development of a set of commands to tell the user how to create an interface or design. If you are new to Embroidery digitizing, then you need to get acknowledged with the various aspects of it before you start.

What Does An Embroidery Digitizer Do?

Embroidery machines are highly efficient and insightful today. It is a simple and relatively automatic operation. However, these computers are not autonomous when it comes to design perception. A specification can not be interpreted and destroyed by the computer alone in a simple digital format. 

Most methods for the printing of garments can be used and printed from pattern archives. Embroidery is an exception since stitches are made of split patterns. The solution that fills this void is digitization. The digital format of a template is the reflection of its stitch. The framework demarks parameters such as stitch orientation, stitch forms, stitch paths, and density across various areas of design.

In brief, a digitizer runs the computer digitally via digital data. Machine producers and construction complexities also come into play, including cloth form, thread types. All of this should be included in the processing of digitized data by a digitizer.  In short, it’s a quite challenging job and a lot to think about. Surprisingly there is still a myth that questioned the skills that almost anyone can digitize projects on their own.

Can Anyone Digitize Projects On Their Own?

Embroiderers are always looking for ways to reduce the expenses as they spend a lot on digitizing. This extends especially to aspirants or home-based designers who find it difficult to spend on digitized files continuously. Annoyance becomes exacerbated when the tests of the digitizers are often frustrating. This paves the way to solutions where the money is spent, and the expected outcomes are not obtained.

Digitization by yourself is one of the alternatives. For embroiders, it appears to be a lucrative option. However, as nice as it sounds, for most of the fresher, this solution is not a practical option. Embroidery digitalization is a professional activity. It must be trained from scratch like any other advanced skills before you acquire professional expertise.

How Can Be Embroidery Digitization Beneficial In Your Daily Life?

Customers always tend to peer through the latest and toughest methods of Embroidery with their logo on garments such as shirts, caps, and uniforms, etc. This strengthens your company’s reputation and knowledge. Digitization will allow you to produce the best product remaining, which is just like the emblem the consumers want to show. So in this profitable area, you will find companies. The digitization helps to create embroidery items for a wide variety of materials so that you can extend your prospective customers to work with them.

Over the years, CBD or also known as cannabidiol is gaining popularity all across the globe. Hence, Vaping is one of the easiest ways on how people can consume CBD. Simply explained, CBD is described as a compound that can be found in cannabis plants and that can be extracted from industrial hemp used for inhalation using vape and e-cigarettes and for oral consumption through edible products. There are several and various health benefits of CBD that have been proven effective through different studies. As such, here are not only 3 CBD vape juice benefits but more and more:


Vaping CBD is known to be a good treatment for some mental diseases. One of those is anxiety. There are several studies that indicate that CBD has the power to effectively provide treatment for anxiety. Studies through the use of single photo emission and functional magnetic resonance confirmed that CBD can deliver anxiolytic effects on our brain. As a result, CBD can have mood-regulating effects which can be utilized in treating depression.

Heart Disease

Another health benefits of vaping CBD is that it can be used also in treating heart disease. Some research about anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties of CBD has the power to prevent damage from cerebral ischemia. This is a kind of disease in our hearts that can directly result to stroke. 


There was a study in the early 1970’s that reported CBD as a substance that can provide sleep-inducing effects. Through medical observations, it is proven that people who are vaping CBD are shown to have increased their sleep time. In additional, vaping CBD can also promote alertness and active mental abilities.


Another health benefit of vaping CBD is that it can actively decrease the possibility of having epilepsy. According to studies, patients who are epileptic that consumed 200-300 mg of CBD every day shown fewer seizure activities. Nowadays, CBD has now been approved as an effective drug for treating seizures in patients who are two years old and above. 


CBD is also used for treating psychosis. There was a study in 1982 that indicates that CBD can treat symptoms related with psychosis. Patients from South African hospital did experience much mire frequent psychotic episodes when provided treatment with CBD that is low in cannabidiol. Furthermore, there are also studies that claim that CBD has the power to reduce psychotic symptoms even in individuals in healthy conditions. 

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Vaping CBD has also been reported as effective in delivering anti-inflammatory effect on our body. As a result, many medical experts believe that through vaping CBD, diseases like sciatic nerve constriction and arthritis can be effectively treated. This is because CBD delivers anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive actions. 

Neuroprotective and anti-oxidative effects

CBD is also believed to have effective properties in reducing hydroperoxide-induced oxidative damage. This means that the use of CBD can be an effective neuroprotectant and antioxidant. In other studies, CBD is also proven to have therapeutic potential for treating symptoms related with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

Lastly, CBD is also effective in treating side effects of chemotherapy such as vomiting and nausea. There was a study in 1990, where 44 percent of the American Society of Clinical Oncology patients were treated using CBD.