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Acupuncture has been used in the treatment of back pain for many decades. The procedure is quite simple and involves insertion of very fine needles into the body. The exact placement of the needles is important. Although acupuncture is widely used in the Orient to treat a range of medical disorders, it is only used to treat a few painful conditions in North America. No one knows exactly how acupuncture works but there are a few anecdotal reports that the treatment may help reduce pain and relieve vomiting.
Acupuncture for back pain is done on a weekly basis in an outpatient setting. Most individuals require anywhere from 8-12 treatments. Each clinic visit can last anywhere from 30-45 minutes

The treatment of back pain with acupuncture is done when you are lying down in a comfortable position. Most acupuncturist use single use sterile prepackaged needle. The insertion of the needle does sting for a second but is not very painful. When the needle reaches the appropriate depth one does feel the sting. After insertion of needles, the needles are often rotated or stimulated with either electricity or heat. Most people require anywhere from 10-15 needles per treatment. Once the needles are in place, they are usually left in the location anywhere for 5-25 minutes.

While there are a lot of oriental theories on how acupuncture works, the western concept is based on the belief that the needles most likely stimulate nerves or muscles and this helps to relieve pain and possibly increases blood flow.

Acupuncture is widely used to treat back pain. It is never the sole treatment but used as complimentary treatment to the conventional medical treatments. The majority of reports on the effectiveness of acupuncture are anecdotal and most scientists believe that the major effect of acupuncture is placebo based.

Acupuncture, nevertheless, is quite safe when performed by a skilled practitioner and has few complications. It is widely available and may help relieve pain. Individuals who do not like to take pills may find that acupuncture is a better alternative.

However, acupuncture does have a few negatives. It should never be done in any individual with a blood coagulation problem or has broken skin. There are many instances of needles breaking inside the body and damaging internal organs. Further if the needles are re-used (and they often are to save money), there is always the chance of transmitting an infection process.

So before you go and get acupuncture for your back pain, always ask for recommendations. Check the training of the therapist and most important find out what is the cost. The majority of medical insurance carriers and Medicare do not cover the costs of acupuncture. And the treatment does not come cheap.

The state of new jersey is known as the forefront of spinal surgery as it was the state where the first successful operation took place.

The year 2010, the age when video games and internet have replaced good old fashion playing and imagination. Below you will find a list of things you can do with your young children. that does not involve video games or internet.

Collages with construction paper. All you need is some colored construction paper,colored glitter, glue, plastic scissors, and a white poster board. Have the kids draw and cut out all different shapes. Pour some glue on the shapes, add some glitter, then have them glue the shapes the way they want them all over the white poster board. You will be surprised at what a good time they have thinking up things to glue onto the poster board.

Painting unpainted ceramic figures. Go to your local arts  amp; crafts stores, Micheals is great for this sort of thing, JoAnne Fabrics is as well. Pick out some small little ceramic figurines, they usually run around $1.00 to $3.00, depending on the size you get. Buy some paint brushes and some paint, and let them paint them however they want. Young children love making things they can give to their Mommy’s and Daddy’s.

Dressing up in grown up clothes. This is one of those fun things that all kids should experience as a child. Dressing up in Mommy’s or Daddy’s clothes is not only fun, but you can get the best pictures out of them as well. Get some of your fancy clothes that you really do not wear, and let them have fun. You can even show them how to have a funny fashion show to show the clothes off.

Making cookies and cupcakes. Kids love making and eating anything that has to do with sweets. Buy a few cake and cookie batters, some sprinkles, icing, and make a day out of baking. Kids will not only enjoy making their own treats, they will enjoy eating them as well.

Movie day with Mommy and Daddy. Have your child or children pick out three different movies that they want to watch, buy some popcorn, and candy and make a day of it.

Playdoh days. I have to say, that my young children, even my teenagers still love to play with Playdoh. I can buy three, six packs of Playdoh for under $7.00, and it will keep them occupied for a few hours at the least. Make sure you buy all different colors, with some plastic utensils, and cookie cutters. I can guarantee they will want to do it more then once.

These are just a few things you can do with your young children at home. Yes, it is the time when other things seem more exciting to them, but if you bring back the basics of imagination, you will see that they will actually like it.

Also, a sensory gym that provides a clean environment for children will allow them to become active with physical training and forgo laziness.

If you are updating yourself with regards to banking, trading, and cryptocurrency throughout the previous ten years, you could be aware of “blockchain,” the transaction recording system powering bitcoin. If you are not that knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies, there is also a chance that blockchain is not that understandable for you. In banking terms, the blockchain is the public ledger behind bitcoin. It is decentralized, which means that no governing body is specifically controlling and maintaining it. Blockchain is really simpler to have an understanding of, and this article aims to inform you exactly of how it works. Understanding how blockchain works are important if you are interested in using websites such as Bitcoin Circuit. Without further ado, let’s start:

The basics of Blockchain

Blockchain in bitcoin means the electronic information kept in a public ledger. “Blocks” within the blockchain consist of digital bits of data. Precisely, they possess 3 components. Blocks save details about financial transactions such as the day, time, and also amount of your latest transactions.

Blocks save details about the identity of the parties taking part in dealings. As an alternative to storing your real name, your transactions is documented with no identifying details by using a distinctive electronic signature.

Blocks save details that differentiate them from every other block through the use of hashes. A hash will be completely unique from one another even though just one minor detail has been changed. As such, the hash is a really good way of foolproof record keeping.

The way blockchain functions

Whenever a block saves new information, it is put into a blockchain. A Blockchain contains several blocks put up with each other. To ensure that a block will be included with a blockchain the things mentioned below must happen first:

A transaction will have to take place. After you make a transaction, it will have to be verified. As opposed to other payment methods such as banks, in which something will manage this verification, the verification in bitcoin transactions are done by bitcoin miners.

After the verification, your transaction will be saved in a block. A unique hash will be assigned to the new block, after that the block will be included in a blockchain.

As soon as that unique block is put into the blockchain, it will be openly accessible for anybody who wants to see it. If someone looks at the blockchain of Bitcoin, they will notice that they will be having access to exchange information. In addition, details about the time, amount and the parties involved in the bitcoin transaction can be viewed as well.

The privacy of blockchain

Anybody can see the details of the bitcoin blockchain, however, people may also choose to link their computer systems to the blockchain system. By doing that, their personal computer will obtain a clone of the blockchain that is kept up to date immediately anytime a brand new block is put in, similar to your Facebook or Twitter news feed.

Clearly at this point, a website is a must for business. Not having online representation, a business will suffer. An online presence is only the first step. Your websites need to be interesting, bright, and user-friendly and have innovative designs that catch the eye. This is the way to make the maximum impact on consumers and do wonders for your profits. A few trends in website design have emerged as the most effective and popular. The following are 3 of the best ways to approach medical website design and other professional designs.

Website Design Idea: Rich User Interfacing

Websites are becoming visually appealing and beautiful while still being easily usable. Technology like flash player and AJAX is being used to design stunning visuals that the customer will always remember. Websites are becoming sophisticated, smart and personal. Websites provide immediate results and feedback, and are easy to navigate. Embossed fonts and big lettering is used to make an impact .More and more websites are being designed to look like magazines. Beautiful, attractive and striking colors are being used for the website design. All these elements come together and make a truly rich and memorable website design.

Website Design Idea: PNG Transparency

This PNG Transparency design idea has taken off quite nicely in the past year. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics which simply allows for smaller image sizes without image quality deterioration. With PNG Transparency website load quicker and are graphically appealing. Although an advanced browser is needed to make this feature function, companies are going for this PNG Transparency design for their websites. PNG

Transparency integrates the background image with the actual content on the website. The background image stands out and is meant to highlight the headline or announcement.

The PNG Transparency designs are often seen in print media or magazines. There are several techniques used by the designers to achieve this end product. The PNG

Transparency Design leaves room to experiment with the style, colors and transparency when it comes to this style. A unique and impressive look for your website can be achieved using PNG Transparency effectively.

Social Media Blocks

Faster internet speeds have allowed users to browse websites quickly. Users go through more information quicker on websites than they could a few years ago. Social media networks like facebook, twitter, myspace, wordpress, and YouTube have allowed more of a presence than ever for businesses. This provides a new opportunity for designers to represent information in a smarter and more effective ways. By using media blocks, like videos, slideshows, screen-casts etc on the website, content can be communicated easily.

Entertaining videos providing step by step instructions and information are a great addition to any website. However, the media blocks must only be an addition to the actual content on the screen, since not every user will want to watch a video or view a slide show.

So, when building your site, you should consider rich user interfaces, sound png transparencies, and effective social media blocks. The available tools for new website allow business to grow their business quickly and effectively. Effective use of these tools will grow your website, busines and profits.

I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last few months now… my ex thought I was a little too heavy, so I figured it’s a good time to start trying to get into shape. I’ve tried a few different things, and last week I went for the Sacred Heart Soup Diet. It’s a pretty well known one week diet plan, promising to help you lose 10 pounds or so in a week, so I figured what the heck… why not? I stopped Looking for CoolSculpting providers in Wayne, NJ, and instead started to do some research on the Sacred Heart Soup Diet.

When I was doing some research though, one thing that caught my eye right away… as the story goes, the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital came up with the diet plan to help obese patients lose weight before heart surgery. Turns out this story’s bull. The Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital neither came up with the diet, nor do the endorse it.

But! With that said, the Sacred Heart Soup diet centers around a natural vegetable soup, with natural foods (different foods for every day) to supplement the soup. So the food’s healthier than what I normally eat, a little less expensive than what I normally eat, and you can eat plenty, so the number of calories eaten isn’t too low.

So! When I started, I went all 7 days, and wrote down a little entry after every day. You can either read about my experiences, or skip straight to my conclusions about the Sacred Heart diet.

Day 1: the Sacred Heart soup’s pretty good. I’ve had soup like this before, so I knew more or less what to expect… but I can see eating this for a week. When my mom made soup back when I lived at home, she’d usually make a few day’s worth anyway, so this shouldn’t be too bad. I like fruit too, except for bananas… bananas suck. So first day, I’m feeling pretty good.

Day 2: Not much to report here… feel normal, the soup’s still… well, the Sacred Heart soup. And it’ll be the same for the next while too… I made a big batch. Two batches will probably get me through the week, one yesterday, one day after tomorrow. The veggies are less fun than the fruit though… raw means nothing interesting. I’d have liked a potato, but oh well…

Day 3: eh… feeling a little bit achy today. Not feeling like soup’s a great idea, but oh well. Hey, plenty of people in Africa that’d kill for some of this… um… Sacred Heart Soup… yeah. The fruits and veggies came out good… mixed it up with some indian. You ever get stuck eating vegetarian… indian all the way man. A chick pea is a vegetable, right?

Day 4: new soup batch! Mixed it up a little and changed the seasonings… I like this batch better. Chicken instead of beef, and more mushrooms. Not sure why I like ’em, but I do. I feel a lot better today too… guess I just needed to catch my second wind? The bananas and milk sucks though, I hate both. So… I made smoothies, that wasn’t too terrible at least.

Day 5: Alright! Nice, some meat today… I like chicken over beef, but I’m thinking I wasn’t complaining today just the same. I still feel good… a little more energy than usual I think? And! Scale says I’m making some headway, so I’m feeling pretty good about things now.

Day 6: Today’s pretty easy… with the meat and veggies there’s a whole lot of good food I can make to go with the soup. A lot of my favorites are still out because of the no carbs thing though… pity. Fajitas sound delicious… or like… some stuffing…

Day 7: alright! Made it! I’m seriously about sick of the Sacred Heart Soup though… in the end, says I lost 9 pounds. Not bad… though we’ll see if it stays off.

So! As far as the conclusion goes… well, you’ll have to read about it here;). Is the Sacred Heart Soup Diet for you? Read a little more information, think about it… and hey, might be worth trying.

Conclusions about the Sacred Heart Diet.

In the modern world, men and women are both highly fascinated with the idea of doing your household by yourself and knowing the necessary points regarding the different equipment, so make sure you choose for the accurate one. It is essential for you to know the working of all the necessary items such as the cable pullers.

Before buying these cable pullers, you need to be considerate about several things that allow you to attain the benefit of these cable pullers to the best. If you are new to these items, then you can continue reading this article for grabbing the necessary details regarding the cable pullers.

Top 8 points to consider while buying cable pullers

Before we dig deep into things to know while buying cable pullers, we need to know the working of the cable pullers. Cable pullers mainly handle the responsibility of the pushing and pulling cables prominently for the electrical power systems through floors, walls, and other ductwork mainly. The main duty of these is to cut, join, and install different wires, junction boxes, and panels.

  1. Approvals: when purchasing such equipment for yourself, then you must be getting one that is approved by the government. You can look for the set-aside government agency’s remark as it allows you to have effective and reliable cable pullers that are convenient for use. When pondering to get the best one. According to Eitmonline, the best power pullers are one that is approved by the government.
  2. Elasticity: you should be getting one that allows you to have pretty much elasticity and should be flexible as well. Getting these cable pullers might be expensive but proven to be more reliable for use.
  3. Secure: your safety starts within yourself, so you should have one that has robust protection; that’s the point that is optimal for you to get one for your protection.
  4. Temperature: it is essential for you to look up to the temperature of the cables, which these cable pullers are good for insulation. It is one of the primary things to start with when willing to purchasing any cable or wire for yourself.
  5. Price: the range should be checked prior before you go for the purchase of any of these cables or wires. You cannot get these wires at lower prices additionally of good quality, so it is essential for you to get those in the budget but the quality one. You must have a good budget as getting a cheap one with the inferior quality might mess up the work.
  6. Reliable distributors: you must be getting one that is reliable and trustworthy for yourself. You need to know the importance of reliable distributors. Getting these products from a reliable one would allow you to have a lesser amount of risk. You should understand the security aspect.
  7. Best manufactures: the increasing demand for cable pullers is lowering the quality of the cables, so you must be having those that provide you the best quality of these cable pullers. With this increasing demand, several low-quality manufacturers have taken place in the market, so you should be cautious while getting one for yourself.
  8. Voltage: different cables and wires have different voltage before making use of those cables and wires you need to know the voltage of these. As it provides you the necessary information for the use of these cables and wires. So it is convenient for you to seek fine knowledge before getting such electrical equipment. Running excess voltage through the cables and wires having lower voltage can result in the danger.

The above mentioned are the essential points that you need to consider before buying any of the cable pullers or power wires.

The bottom line

In this article, we have mentioned some of the essential points that need to be considered while buying these cable pullers. It is good for you to understand the importance of these cable pullers so that it can work for a longer time. It is good for you to be considerate about all the above-mentioned details in the article. Consideration of these points allows you to get the best cable pullers for the work in a good range that are durable as well.


The Vacuum cleaner technology has heavily advanced in past years. It is considered to be a modern way to clean out all the dust and another harmful particle around us. It is one the fastest and reliable way to make sure that our soundings are clean and hygienic. The majority of people who have carpets in their house prefer to take the services of vacuum cleaners. Because the tubes which it has have the exceptional capability to suck out all the dust particles from the respective area. And the main reason behind the massive success of the machine is its working ethics and friendly user interference. Therefore when it comes to variety, there are almost countless, so sometimes it becomes a nasty headache to choose the best among them. So the best way to buy the best one is by reading their reviews.

Things to look for in vacuum cleaner before purchasing 

Here are some essential things to always focus on before buying a vacuum cleaner. Let’s throw some light on it. These pointers might help you in deciding your next vacuum cleaner.


One of the most asked questions choosing the vacuum cleaner is the flooring style of our house because every house has its different style of carpet. Like some have matting at their home, prefer wooden flooring, so sometimes it becomes a significant headache for buyers to choose according to their priority. So if your space is more extensive and you have a vast area so, the upright vacuum cleaner should be your preference because it has floor nostrils. This is entirely adjustable, and this is the main reason why the majority of people prefer this device as their first choice.


money is always considered as the backbone of any item or venture; therefore, it is clear that if you are willing. Or you can spend more money, and you will get a better and more premium product. But if the budget is low than surely it will be hectic to select the best among them. Because in smaller ranges, there are fewer choices of cordless vacuum cleaners. As they are new in the market and with the help of technology and therein build quality, one can surely select the best product according to their needs and requirement. But if you are the one with the middle budget, then the canister vacuum cleaner should be your preference as they provide the best after-sell services to the consumers and make sure that their clients are happy and satisfied with their services.


usage of the device throws a burdensome impact on the durability and reliability of the invention; therefore, if you are the one who cleans your house. Or surrounding only once a weak, then one must always buy higher rate cleaners because of their motor. And other types of equipment always tend to work on a larger scale, and their durability is much stronger as compared with other cleaners. But if you have the flip side of the coin in your pocket and you love to clean your house regularly. Then for sure, stick vacuum will be your choice as they have the best spare parts and motor with the sound mechanism. It will ensure that the machine is capable of tackling and handling all the load of work with ease.

Maintainer cost

not only the actual value but the cost which we invest in taking care of it also plays a vital role in purchasing the new cleaner from the market. As we know that it is an electronic device, and they tend to get damaged after some time. But with the help of proper maintenance, one can make sure that they can have that particular machine for longer. And the reliability of the device heavily depends on the way we take care of the object and how we use it. So bagless vacuums should be the first choice because they do not have any bags which did not include a kit, which should be changed after some time. These bags are costly, and they require regular changing of the object. Therefore these bagless bags are one of the pocket-friendly cleaning machines available in the market.


it is one of the most common aspects everyone considers before buying a new product from the market. A vacuum cleaner can never be the same for anyone’s point, and the product must be applied everywhere. Like one filter can make sure that our house, car, and washroom can be cleaned in no time, and also, it should have many other tools. I can be attached to the device according to our requirements and priority. Because if you are looking at the cleaner, which is best for car cleaning, then one must always consider the portable device and have a small handy size. Because the large size filter will be challenging to operate in small car space due to this, it can create tangling of the wire.

The noise of the machine

many non-users of vacuum does not know about the fact that vacuum cleaners make a vast and annoying sound. When they are tackle ling more load than expected, their motor starts to take the pressure and heats up. So it is always suggested to but the better and heavy load machine so that whenever we are cleaning on a larger scale. That our machine’s motor does not heat will completion of the task. So this will also ensure the fact that the life span of the vacuum cleaner increase very quickly and without any effort.

Advantages of the vacuum cleaner

There are many homes with pets. These pets make the house dirtier than we expect, so to get rid of this kind of dirt vacuum cleaner plays a vital role.

  •    Efficiently and effectively use

the first reason to use a vacuum cleaner is it saves time and energy. If we clean manually, then it takes hours to do that cleaning. On the other hand, if we use the vacuum cleaner, then it will take hardly 10-15 minutes to do the cleaning. It also saves our energy as we have to work less. It is also considered as smart work because the vacuum cleaner works way faster than any other thing.

  •    Simple to use

It is so easy and straightforward to use as there are instructions present already on the manual. You just have to follow the instructions and rest everything will run smoothly. The necessary steps to use this cleaner you just have to plug into the electric socket and turn on the switch. You are done as everything will be done by itself as you just have to move the vacuum cleaner safely on the floor.

  •    It removes tiny particles

The silent feature of the vacuum cleaner is that it removes the small particles which are also called as microscopic particles from your home. These microscopic particles, like germs or bacteria, can do a lot of harm to our body.

  •    Automatic cleaning

Technologies are rapidly increasing day by day as it is boon for the people living a hectic life. The robotic vacuum cleaner has been invented so that it can automatically detect dirt or dust in the house, and it cleans that automatically.

Home is a place with which every person is attached and has emotional sentiments. People always want to invest in a place that they can call themselves proudly. Owning a condo is a good strategy in terms of real estate investment. You must make a smart move by considering all the excellent features while investing in a condo. Condos are preferred by most people as they get all the fabulous amenities at reasonable prices, and they get a good lifestyle.

Condo communities offer various facilities to residents and a great lifestyle. Living in a condo also has some cons as the residents have to pay HOA monthly, and there are many other charges as well. If you thought of investing in housing, you must look for Ola EC and know more things in detail.

While investing in a  condo, you must look for specific features that you will get to know in this article.

  1. Location

While purchasing a condo, you must look for the location as it is the most critical factor to consider. You must look for the development plans in the future of that area and must get the unit of your choice. Having a unit in a condo community that is close to shopping centers, hospitals, etc. will benefit you a lot.

  1. Security

The condo community must offer high security to its residents. People who are living alone or who leave their child also most concern about security. There must be locked gates, cameras, and security guards to ensure the security of the property. Also, with high security, there will be less risk of any theft or robbery.

  1. Social connections

Condos are the individual units that have some shared areas. You need to socially interact with people living close to the unit you are offered. This will help you to make social connections, and you will get to know many things about the condos and condo community.

  1. Condo fees

It is important to look for the condo fees and what does it include. Mainly there are two kinds of condo fees, which are monthly utility fees, which include water and gas bills, and the maintenance fees, which cover the security, cleaning, general repairs, amenities offered, and some portion of the condo’s insurance. A person must look for all these and must gain all the information about the condo fees.

  1. Price

A buyer must look for the price of the condo unit by adding up all the monthly fees in it. It is important to make a comparison between different condo communities and choose the one that falls into your budget at the end of the month. Other than the price, the buyer must make a comparison of the amenities offered by the condo community.

  1. Amenities

The one thing that everyone wishes for is the excellent amenities. You are going to pay monthly charges for these amenities; thus, it is important to know what different amenities you will be offered by the condo community.

Wrapping up

You are making a real estate investment, and it involves the money that you have gathered. It is imperative to look for the necessary features and compare them with others and choose the unit that is best suited according to your needs and preferences. You must look for all the features mentioned above while making an investment in condos.

Like medical insurance, the employer may offer a Short Term Disability (STD) insurance to his workers (Group STD). If he does not offer such a program, the employee is able to insure himself – (Individual STD)

Short Term Disability Insurance will pay the employee a percentage of his monthly wages (Salary Replacement) in the case of temporary nonattendance due to injury, illness, pregnancy or mental disturbance.

Typical program:

  1. Weekly payment as a percentage from the employee income (Salary Replacement)

Percentage varies from plan to plan. Usually from – 50{0f02a0451207784813eb889f019ad82b25cc7efdbb50ca340bafd8ed7a6129b7} to – 70{0f02a0451207784813eb889f019ad82b25cc7efdbb50ca340bafd8ed7a6129b7} of the employee’s weekly Gross Salary.

  1. Maximum Benefit Amount:

Each program will determine the Maximum compensation (usually weekly). That presents the maximum payment the employee will receive.

  1. Benefit Duration:

The program is intended for temporary Period (Short Term). Period of coverage varies in different programs, usually from 12 weeks to 12 months.

  1. Waiting period:

Waiting period is defined as the time between the day that the employee is unable to work (due to illness / injury / pregnancy) and the day the insurance program begins to pay him weekly payment. This period depends on the conditions of the plan and the employer.

  1. Premium:

The cost of the program, usually paid on a monthly basis. Premium Group is cheaper than a premium individual.

There is an option to purchase a Long Term Disability Insurance based on the same principles.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance:

Life insurance policy will pay a certain amount in case of the Insured death to the Beneficiaries appearing in the Policy. Life insurance policy coverage is relatively wide in any case of natural death or an accident.

Main reasons for life insurance:

  1. Substitute for loss of income
  1. Assistance to wife / spouse maintenance the house
  1. Funding the children and their education

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance – AD amp; D:

This insurance provides coverage in cases of death or severe injury / paralysis as a result of an accident. The insurance company will pay to the Beneficiaries compensation in a case of the insured death, and in the case of paralysis.

There are several types of AD amp; D policy in the U.S.:

  1. Additional life insurance policy Group (Group Life Supplement) – part of Group life insurance policy is provided to the employee as part of his work. Compensation is usually the height of the compensation of life insurance policy.
  1. Voluntary (AD amp; D Voluntary) – the Policy is offered to the employee on a voluntary based, the premium is paid by the employee from his salary.
  1. Travel Accident – Business Trip – Insurance is usually done by the employer in case of the employee’s death in an accident during a business trip.


can i have more than one life insurance policy uk?

Yes you can have more than one policies. It however, depends on several other factors as well. You can discuss your options with you advisor as well.

I very recently discovered just how a life insurance policy can work for you while you are still very much alive. I recently ran into a financial crunch that required me to seek out how I could access some fast funds to float me through the crisis. Another credit card was out of the question, as I didn’t wish to be saddled with any more debt.After brainstorming for awhile, I decided to contact my insurance company in regards to a life insurance policy that I have had since I was born.

My parents set up a small policy on each of their children at the time of our birth. After so many years, this policy almost pays for itself through dividends accrued throughout the year. Aside from paying a small bill once a year, I rarely even think about the policy. This year though, after doing taxes, when seeing my annual tax statement on the policy, I was reminded of the fact that some life insurance policies do have a cash value. Even though I didn’t want to close my policy, I thought perhaps it was what I needed to do.

After speaking with a specialist at the insurance agency, I was informed of the cash value, which was nowhere close to the death benefit available on the policy. You take quite a hit when you cash in the policy, aside from losing any and all benefits the policy offered. I was then informed that I could take out a loan on my policy and was told the loan value of the policy. This amount wasn’t much less than the cash value would be, so I asked some further questions.

The loan value is the amount of cash value able to be borrowed on a policy. This may vary depending upon the type of policy you have. The death benefit of the policy is then reduced to the amount of the original value, minus the loan amount. Now, I am not certain if it works this way with all policies or all agencies, but for me, I was told that this loan never has to be re-paid, however, regardless of if it gets paid back over time or not, I will be charged an interest fee once per year on the amount still outstanding on the loan. After doing the math, I knew this was the way to go to not only get the money I needed to ease my current cash crunch, but also to still ensure that I had a small life insurance policy to help cover costs in the event of my untimely demise. This was a decision I could live with, no pun intended.

I had inquired as to if this would go against my credit as taking out a conventional loan might, and was informed it would neither negatively or positively affect my credit score, which was good news. I was also told that after I paid some of the money back, if ever I needed it again, I could have access to it and use it somewhat like a line of credit. Best of all, this is a tax free way to gain access to your funds, whereas if you cashed in a policy, you would be taxed on at least a partial amount of the funds.

Never before had I realized that a solution had been sitting there for so many years, available if needed. Obviously this is not something you would resort to as a first option, but if other options do fail, it’s nice to know it’s there waiting in times of crisis. Contact your insurance agent if you have questions regarding your options on your own life insurance policy and you might find help is there if needed. Or else, you can just look online for all the information. You can compare different insurance policies as well. You can just look online for average life insurance payout uk, to get a fair idea of market.