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Towel radiators might be confusing for some. What’s it for? Why are they important? How useful are they for you and your family? And the most important one, why do towel radiators of the same size seem to be emitting different heat outputs?

Things can get technical when we’re talking about radiators but not in this article. We’d like to help you understand this heating device better so it’s easier for you to decide which one to get. Towel radiators are useful and below are the basics in understanding them.

What is a BTU?

A BTU is the measure of heat emitting from a radiator. Before installing a radiator in your own homes, calculate the amount of BTU required so you’ll know whether or not you need two or three radiators in the entirety of your own home. BTU Calculators are available online for your needs. 

Does a towel radiator surface area and size matter?

Absolutely! The larger and bigger a radiator’s surface area is, the higher the heat output would be. So this is the first thing you should consider before buying a radiator for your home. 

Does the towel radiator material make a difference?

They might not have that much of a difference in terms of the heat it emits, but the type of radiator material does make a difference in terms of how fast it would heat up. For example, cast iron radiators will heat up slowly and will cool down in the same speed as compared to aluminum which will heat up fast and then cool down just the same.

Are there different designs? If so, is there a huge difference?

There are many different designs for your towel radiators these days. They’re no longer the bulky ones but the sleek kinds. The design also makes a difference in terms of emitting heat. For instance, radiators with a hollow tube design contain a huge surface area than a regular flat looking one so more heat is generated.

Why should you have a towel radiator?

Towel radiators are helpful especially when you’re sharing bathrooms. This is because you might have a hard time letting these towels dry when the racks are full. This means you have more damp towels than dry ones and will eventually lead to a smelly bathroom. With a towel radiator, your towels will warm up faster than the average time it takes for it to do so.

They also save up space. Towel radiators are attached to the wall so you can move around freely in your bathroom. You can also have space to put extra items such as laundry baskets, counters and shelves.

Last but not the very least, towel radiators make your house look modern and beautiful. They add a nice sleek touch to your bathroom which not only is a useful device but can be the envy of many. A towel radiator was once considered a very luxurious item. But these days, it’s a life saver especially when you need dry towels in a bathroom shared by many.

To know more about towel radiators, check out the listing on this site

Did you know that you can build your sauna straight from a kit? Home Sauna kits are a DIY way to easily build your dream sauna. This can be a pretty easy job but is it really worth it? If interested, you can get your very own home sauna kit from find out for yourself.

But before you make that decision, we will help you make up your mind one in for all. In this article, you will know all about home sauna kits. Enjoy!

Options when buying a sauna kit

Contrary to what most people know, you have three options when buying a sauna kit. These are the following: the basic sauna kit, the pre-cut sauna kit and lastly, the pre-built sauna kit. The best sauna kit for each person depends on the skill level and the level of commitment to the sauna-building project. Let us further describe each sauna kit type. Here we go.

Basic Sauna Kit

The basic sauna kit is, as the name suggests, pretty basic. If you are the type of person who is so picky about the materials or how the wood is cut or measured then this sauna kit type is for you. The basic sauna kit consists of the sauna plan, instructions, and materials list. That’s it. Using all these, you have to be the one to buy your materials as listed on the materials list. You also have to prepare the materials such as to measure and cut them. From there, you can now assemble and install your sauna. This goes without saying that your preparation should be done very well and should be a hundred percent done accordingly to the instructions. When you choose to opt for the basic sauna kit, you might need help from an assistant or a professional. You also have to make sure that you have done the necessary research to aid you in completing the sauna.

Pre-cut Sauna Kit

Next is the pre-cut sauna kit. This kit provides you with all the items found in the basic sauna kit except that it comes with pre-cut materials. You don’t have to go out and shop for materials anymore. You don’t have to measure each one and cut them. All you have to do is to assemble and install. Saves you a lot of time if you want your sauna done in a day’s work. You can even do this one on your own if you just follow the instructions completely.

Pre-built Sauna Kit

Last but definitely not the least, is the pre-built sauna kit. This sauna kit type is the ultimate DIY kit. This kit has no more plan and instructions. The manufacturer ships the sauna pre-built and all you have to do is to install it. You don’t have to spend time to assemble it anymore. If you want the easiest way to build a sauna using a sauna kit, go for the pre-built one.

Advantages of Sauna Kits

Why do some people prefer to build a home sauna out of a sauna kit? These advantages are the answers to this question. Let’s check them out.

  • Some sauna kits already provide the necessary materials and components needed to build a sauna. You don’t have to go through all the trouble of running around town finding the right item. All the components in the sauna kit are tailored to fit for the sauna that you are about to build. All you have to worry about how to go about the instructions.
  • Sauna kits cost less than buying a readily-installed sauna from the market. Yes, it may cost less because you still have to put in some effort of assembling it or installing it but this actually makes the experiencing more rewarding. When you worked on something and at the end of the day, you get to see your work completed, it gives you this satisfaction, pride, and joy. Makes using the sauna feel so much better.
  • Sauna kits are so versatile. This means that sauna kits are easy to customize according to what you want your sauna to look like. It can be customized to fit a smaller space indoors or outdoors. It is all up to you.
  • Sauna kits are a great DIY project. This is definitely a step up from gardening or doing arts and crafts. This is something you could do with your partner, friends, and other family members. Since a sauna is a tool that can be used by everyone in the family or in the household, it is a good project to work on together

What to consider when choosing a sauna kit

Now, that you have been convinced to buy a sauna kit, here are the things to consider when buying one.

  • Go for a brand that has a lot of positive customer reviews. Go online and check out what people have today. Do a lot of research and take your time, don’t rush. This is a very important part of the process and you can’t choose the wrong one because it will all go downhill from there.
  • Quality of the sauna is very important. Make sure that the materials used are high-quality. The more expensive the sauna kit is, the more you can be sure that you are getting a better deal out of your money.
  • Consider all the things you have to think about when you are finally installing your sauna. Is it in the right place? Are the lightings and vents in places where they should be? A lot could go wrong in the long run if a little but important has not been accounted for.
  • You should also think about if you really can do this project by yourself or should you let a professional do it. At the end of the day, what’s important is that you get a full functioning sauna up and running. It may just cost you even more if you insist on doing the job yourself but you won’t be able to do it properly.

Nothing is relaxing then spa and leasing all your uncertainties away in the sauna. Sauna is also known as a steam bath, or in the modern term, we can say it as a spa. There are several benefits of saunas like the heat, a lined standard room made from wood to collect all the excitement. The spa is a traditional thing which maintains body fit and makes all the stress away from us. The spa is done by a hot room in which you will be placed for a short period; sweat your heart out, exit feeling refresh and you may get a little bit toasted. You can also take a steam bath for a long, and you may feel better because they do much quite evidence.

The traditional steam, the bath is best because they do several things to make the body relax and stress out. Now a day several things are getting introduced to make it more comfortable like Home sauna. It is used to take a steam bath at home without spending lots of money outside.

The benefits of saunas which you don’t know are: 

Low blood pressure

Steam bath leads to several benefits which reduce several risks of diseases like high blood pressure, neuron-cognitive diseases and many others. Many scientists published a study in 2018 that 100 test subjects who spent 30 minutes in a sauna and as a result the blood pressure is decreased in both systolic and diastolic. Systolic is the pressure on blood vessels during the heartbeat, and diastolic is a pressure between beats.


Most the people take spa for relaxation after 30 minutes which is good for health. The risk of cardiovascular diseases is increased by arterial stiffness. It also a cause the heart attack or bypass suffers. You can use home saunas for taking a steam bath at home to maintain your body fit and stress-free.

Good for lifespan

There is a link between a steam bath and a low risk of early. 2300men were died in the age of 20 years due to taking saunas bath. Near about 49% of people were passed away due to gaining once-weekly steam whereas 38% of people are those who take twice bath in a week and 31% were those who take a daily. It is suitable, but more usage of it leads to pumping blood very fast that is not good.

Help to brain

Better pumping of blood is not only good for our body; it also good for our brain.  There are some disadvantages of steam bath, but there is the best thing that helps our mind too. It is just an enjoyable activity that prevents memory development for those people who have a problem with memory loss.

Protect lungs

Steam bath or sauna is useful for our lungs. It improves the function of our lungs. If someone in your home has asthma, then you can buy home saunas to maintain the health of your family member.

These are some benefits which you need to know about saunas. While buying home saunas, you also remember its disadvantages. Use it when you needed, excess use of it leads to many diseases.

Weighty losing tips include some minor changes in your routine and diet chart. These changes help in losing weight. It is to stay healthy, wealthy and fit. For this purpose, you have to take proper care about your diet. Take food items which is beneficial for your health, don’t consume things which leaves terrible impacts on your fitness and health.

For example, you have to do exercise regularly make it compulsion as food for you, only eat boiled and homemade rather than junk food or from outside. Intake of these things will lead a change into your body and health. These will benefit for you, and for future, too. You have to adopt some early morning habits for weight loss, and by doing so, you see a significant change. But you have to it in daily routine.

Sometime people will not lose weight by doing so, and people start taking supplements with this. Here ketosumo is the weight loss tablets, and it shows you results in less time. But you have to consult with any doctor before taking ketosumo supplements because slimming tablets has its own side effects.

Weight losing tips that shows your result

  1. Intake of fresh eatables

It is essential to take a diet which involves tremendous fiber in it. Fiber leads to losing weight, and it has easy digestion. Fruits and vegetables are enriched in fiber so take a diet having vegetables and fruits in it as much as it’s possible. Fiber tends to give you a saturation point of hunger satisfying.

  1. Grains

Whole grains are considered as healthy food. It prevents cholesterol level and heart disease too. Whole grains are found as healthy food because it is rich in vitamin B and give energy.

  1. Protein

The proper amount of protein tends to the adequate growth of the body. Items enriched in protein are the dairy product, chicken, and meat, etc. you should have to include these items in your diet. Your proper growth and development are necessary.

  1. Don’t eat junk food

It has high fat, which gains weight and this is not suitable while dieting. It is harmful otherwise too, in case you are not dieting. Junk food damages the liver and creates some health problems. So, homemade food is better than junk food.

  1. Avoid intake of refined sugar

It seems hazardous because it leads to the weight gaining, hypertension, and some other disease. Ignoring the use of refined sugar leads to a proper lifestyle with good health.

  1. Exercise

You have to perform such activities which can help you in removing excess weight from your body. There are several exercises which are mainly working on losing fat and maintain a good physique. Exercising has many benefits like they increase the stamina and strength of performing an activity for a long time.

These are some things which you should have to try before taking food supplements like ketosumo. It is better to find a natural way of losing weight than taking ketosumo supplements.

Traditionally it has had always been men asking out women for date.  But in the contemporary age of feminism and an egalitarian society, women too can muster up the courage to ask out a guy they like. Yes, you will be having lots of butterflies in your tummy. But don’t freak out- remember you are a smart, strong and empowered lady and you can definitely ask a man out.

The post below offers some cool hacks to ask a man out.

Start with small tit-bits

It’s not suggested to hit the rocket straight. If you go to any top relationship advice site like shallononline, you will only be advised to not to pop the question out of the blue. It would be better to start things with small light conversation. If your crush belongs to your office or class or friend circle- well and good. You will plenty of chances to meet him and strike a conversation. But if he is not, try to find him over social network or other possible avenues. Try to form an easy-breezy friendship first. Then, after a couple of weeks, if he seems to be interested in talking to you, ask him out to catch up in person. Mention it would be just two of you.

Start with coffee

If you are struggling to find where to take your crush out- be safe with coffee. A coffee date is always a great idea for a first date. It’s not going to take too much of time which means there will be no awkward silences. It’s safer than hitting a bar as a coffee date eliminates the risks of getting sloshed out on your favorite poison. Most importantly, the entire idea of coffee date is harmless. If he hesitates, just say- “come on, it’s just a coffee dude…chill!”

Never seek help from friends

It’s okay to ask your friend for the name and other basic details of your crush. But do not ever make your friend ask him out on date on your behalf. It would be a huge turn-off. Remember you are a strong and independent woman who can do her jobs herself. In fact, if you can muster the courage to ask out a man yourself, it will only leverage your stand before him.

Use “extra ticket” hack

Try to find his passion and hobbies. Is he as much fond of wine tasting as you are? Do you have an extra ticket of major baseball match and he is a die-hard fan of the game? Have you got a couple pass for the upcoming EDM festival? Well, if you have got an extra ticket for something that you think he will enjoy- just tell him. Chances are high that he will love to join you.

Be positive

It’s natural to anticipate the trauma of getting rejected by your crush. But don’t let such negative thoughts deter you from a new beginning. Be positive, proceed with best of intentions and everything will fall into place.

If you are roaming in the streets of Denver, it is very likely that you will hear top edm songs playing anywhere. The city is a mecca for fans of electronic music and offers them a unique range of places where people can enjoy electronic music.

If you are in Denver and want to check out the best places that play edm music, pay a visit to these places:

  1. Beta Nightclub

Located at 1909 Blake St,. Denver, this place will bring you some of the best edm artists to play for a live audience.

  1. Temple

This is a brand new nightclub in 1136 Broadway, Denver and offers you an amazing edm filled night for all occasions. You might also catch some of the latest edm artists if you are paying a visit.

  1. Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom + The Other Side

This place is a perfect stop for everyone who want to sink in the bass and enjoy a cozy dinner with family. Pay a visit at 2637 Welton St., Denver to enjoy the luxury of this place.

  1. The Black Box

This underground nightclub in 314 E 13th Ave., Denver is a hub of electronic music. Visit the place for a nonstop treat of bass and your favorite beats if you feel like grooving.

  1. Milk

This underground club brings you a combination of a Clockwork Orange themed night club that plays the heaviest bass in the city. Visit it at 1037 Broadway, Denver.

  1. The Church

Experience the ambience of a church that was situated in the building earlier but with the best edm performances at 1160 Lincoln St., Denver.

  1. Bar Standard

Bar Standard is also located in 1037 Broadway, Denver but you will need to climb high to reach this amazing rooftop nightclub.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is a nightclub with 4 floors located in 1082 Broadway, Denver. The place has a number of different types of music to provide you with a larger than life experience in one night.

  1. Stereo Lounge

It is located in 1612 Wazee St., Denver and hosts some of the finest edm gigs in the region. If you are lucky, you can even find some sensational artist playing live there as well.

  1. Knew Conscious Gallery

If you visit this place at 2041 Lawrence St., Denver during the day, you will see a fine art gallery. By night, this place is the home of edm lovers who have a monthly or yearly membership.

  1. Your Mom’s House

This nightclub is located in 608 E 13th Ave. Suite 1, Denver and offers more than a dance floor to the visitors. Enjoy a leisurely evening in the living room!

  1. Tracks

This house of drag queens and edm DJs can be visited at 3500 Walnut St., Denver.

  1. Proof NiteClub

If you think you are a bit old, visit 7800 E Hampden Avenue, Denver and forget your age.

  1. X Bar

Located at 629 E Colfax Avenue, Denver, this LTBTQ+ bar has the friendliest people and great edm.

  1. Lincoln Station Bar

Visit 776 Lincoln St., Denver for delicious food and rocking edm.

Your body has a built-in time keeping system known as the circadian rhythm. Melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone secreted by your pineal gland, regulates your bodies circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm plays an important part in regulating your sleep/wake cycles.

The release of melatonin is stimulated by darkness and suppressed by light. While your pineal gland produces melatonin your entire life, evidence suggests the production of melatonin slows as you age. Scientists believe this is the reason sleeping problems often increase with age.
Melatonin for Sleep

Synthetic melatonin is available as a dietary supplement. You should be aware that melatonin is a naturally occurring substance and does not need FDA approval to be produced. Because of this, no guarantees on effectiveness exist. Melatonin has been used successfully to help sleeping problems particularly sleep phase problems. It has also been useful in treating insomnia caused by jet lag.

Melatonin pills are commonly available in dosages from 1-3mg. It is recommended to begin with a small dose and increase the dosage if necessary. Since melatonin is most effective when taken within 30 minutes of going to sleep, it should only be taken at night.

Research shows long term use of Melatonin has many positive effects on the body and no negative side effects have been found. Melatonin helps to synchronize your bodies circadian rhythms and is also a powerful antioxidant. It also plays a role in the production of testosterone and estrogen.

Melatonin should only be used by adults. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should not take melatonin. You should consult a physician before taking melatonin if you have an auto-immune disease, a depressive disorder, diabetes, leukemia, epilepsy or a lymphoproliferative disorder, or are taking an MAO inhibitor.

When it comes to weight loss, food trumps even increased activity, for its ability to dramatically affect your success or failure at achieving your weight goals. It’s especially key to any longterm success at maintaining a healthy weight.

A common problem with dieters is that they believe they’re doing the right thing by eating and drinking ‘diet’ foods or by eating things they consider to be healthy, when in fact these foods are anything but that. Truth be told, in this age of fast foods, microwaveable meals, dinner-in-a-box, preserved lunch meats, sugar-packed and artificially colored cereals, ‘vitamin’ flavored waters, and whatnot, most Westerners unknowingly don’t even know what real food is.

They aren’t telling you the truth

Trust me when I say this – no matter what the marketers tell you on TV and no matter how healthy and happy the actors look in the commercials – a processed waffle is not a healthy, smart choice for breakfast. No matter what they say, peanut butter packed with sugar and hydrogenated oils is not a good option for your kids. And no matter how many pounds lost by that one guy, eating highly processed sub sandwiches loaded with preservatives, salt, and sugar is not a smart weight loss strategy. Get my point? This is not real food. Once you learn to eat what your body is actually designed to eat, then and only then will you truly crack the code and achieve successful and permanent weight loss.

The best way to learn what real food is is to address what it’s not. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of bad foods, but it addresses some of the heavy hitters. If you want a healthy, fit body – if you want to age in such a way that you remain active and vibrant well into old age and you look younger while doing it – then avoid these fake ‘foods’ at all cost.


Why it’s bad for you:

  • One can contain as much as 10 teaspoons or more of sugar.
  • Contains sodium benzoate, a DNA-damaging preservative, which can lead to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and other serious ailments.
  • Artificial colorings have been linked as cancer-causing agents and to increased hyperactivity in children. Caramel food colorings common in popular soft drinks have been linked to diminished immune system functioning.
  • Each can or bottle can contain up to 300 times the pesticides of a similar quantity of tap water.
  • The chemical compound Bisphenol A (BPA), found in the linings of soda cans, is considered an endocrine disrupting chemical and is linked to cancer, altered behavior, infertility, and obesity. Canada recently declared it a toxic substance.

Diet soda, diet lemonade, and fruit punch powders, and basically any diet beverage period

Why it’s bad for you:

  • Diet soda has all the same issues as regular soda (except it doesn’t contain sugar).
  • However, the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas and other diet beverages have a number of serious problems. Aspartame, just one of many artificial sweeteners, is broken down by the body into formaldehyde and stored in body fat. Formaldehyde-based products are used in automobile manufacturing, plywood and carpeting adhesives, paints, explosives, and embalming. Artificial sweeteners also contain two known tumor-causing agents, formic acid and diketopiperazine.

Processed ‘food’

Processed food is any food that’s been altered from its natural state for either safety reasons, taste, and/or convenience. Examples include potato chips, cereal, pre-made meals and dishes found in the frozen food section of any supermarket, salad dressings, pre-packaged lunch meats, and much more. Not all processed foods are bad for you though. For example, pasteurized milk is technically a processed food, but pasteurization is actually beneficial in that it kills bacteria. There are other exceptions, and in the case of processed foods at even a natural, whole foods type market, they should still be eaten in very limited quantities and with very careful label reading. However, understand that most processed food is unworthy of being consumed at all.

Why it’s bad for you:

  • Often stripped of their vitamins and minerals while processed, many of these foods are then enriched with synthetic vitamins in order to give you some sort of nutritional value when you consume them. There is no scientific proof that synthetic vitamins actually provide any health benefits, and may even cause adverse reactions in some people.
  • Like sodas, many processed foods contain preservatives and artificial colorings which can be downright dangerous to your health.
  • Processed foods are notorious for their use of ingredients like sugar, salt, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and simple carbohydrates – all of which are designed to not only impair your health but make you fat. Period.

Fast food

Why it’s bad for you

  • Fast food is basically processed food on steroids. Full of fat, sugar, and sodium, fast foods are designed to addict you to its flavors. And that it does very well, making the Western world very fat and unhappy.
  • These ‘foods’ are chock full of preservatives and cancer-causing flavor enhancers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg lettuce in some cases. Click the link to learn more about the dangers of fast food, and just what you might find in that delicious chicken nugget.

Car enthusiasts have a new release to look forward to. American manufacturer Ford will soon be launching one of the most anticipated hybrid models in the market: the new Ford C Max Hybrid. It is expected that this model will be available in the North American market towards the end of 2012. European motorists will have to wait until 2013 to enjoy the chance of driving this exceptional model. 

The Ford C Max Hybrid has been touted as one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the market, and according to specialist reviewers, it is on a par with the Toyota Prius V. In fact, some reviewers affirm that the new Ford could even overtake the Prius as the world’s greenest hatchback.

So how can Ford manage that, and which are its new C Max Hybrid’s key specifications? In terms of its engine, the C Max Hybrid is powered by a dual gas and electric 2-liter and four-cylinder engine, which combined with a lithium-ion battery pack results in a solid powertrain performance. Using its electric motor, the new C Max can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just over 9 seconds and can achieve maximum speeds of 127 miles per hour.

When it comes to its fuel efficiency ranking, the new Ford has been given a rating of 19.9 kilometers per liter in both urban and motorway driving tests, a figure that puts the C Max Hybrid at the top of the fuel economy lists. Ford has certainly worked hard to reduce the carbon footprint of the new C Max, adding details like bio-based soy foam car seats. To top up the list of eco-friendly features, the Ford C Max Hybrid only produces 3.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, as opposed to the 6 tonnes a year produced by an average hatchback.

Thanks to its Smart Gauge Eco-guide, the C Max Hybrid is the ideal car for drivers who are new to hybrid vehicles. The Smart Gauge system guides motorists through the steps of greener driving, providing key information in a customizable LCD display. Other useful features include an automated parking assistant, rearview camera, and an improved version of touch-sensitive controls to adjust temperature control settings.

Last but not least, with base prices starting at £19,745, the much-awaited 2013 Ford C Max Hybrid is an affordable vehicle that will pleasantly surprise all eco-conscious drivers.

I recently found a great summary of the typical naysayer on the ‘net. This reaches out to most situations like on Digg or Reddit, forums, and comments on blogs. I have to disclaim this hasn’t applied to anyone posting here yet, so no one takes offense. Or, take offense if you like, I guess I have no control over that.

General Rules of Internet Posting:

1. Anything which appears true, but does not agree with my personal point of view MUST be “photoshopped”, or otherwise fake. Post comment accordingly.

2. Anything which appears false, but agrees with my point of view MUST be a government cover-up conspiracy.

3. If YOU don’t agree with my point of view, then you’re either a Nazi, {insert opposing political affiliation}, pedophile, {insert another insult} or internet troll looking to stir up trouble.

I read this and copied it from a Digg comment and modified it a bit. It cracked me up because it is so true. Of course, the person who has an opposite opinion must be a troublemaker just looking to stir the pot. Yeah, that’s it.

Couldn’t be that you are wrong, or even that there are no “wrong” in the situation, just differing points of view. My dad had a great saying he likely picked up somewhere in his Navy career, which I will share in family-friendly form. “Opinions are like butts, everyone has them, and most of them stink.” Admittedly crude, but succinct and so true. Not quite sure what that says about this site, but at least we have fun sharing our opinionated rants 🙂