There are a lot of different features that set the Ascent apart from other portable vaporizers, but my favorite has to be the high quality glass they use. Yes, the digital temperature controls are nice and I agree that the variety of colors the Ascent comes in are all great. But the single most important advancement that this portable handheld vaporizer has made has to be the 100% glass air path. The fact that vapor will come in contact with nothing but glass means that you will be inhaling some of the cleanest and purest vapor imaginable. Other lesser vaporizer manufactures just look at the bottom line, when they see that they can save a buck by using plastic instead they do it. Organicix, LLC has really gone above and beyond, the DaVinci was already a great success but they did not want to stop there, they kept pushing for perfection in a vaporizer. here in this article you will understand about the benefits of using vaporizer and how dry herb vaporizer can be used for weed consumption. Let us understand more deeply this topic.

If you have been vaping as long as I have you know immediately when you are vaping from an inferior product. With the Ascent you will know immediately you are vaping with what could arguably be called the best handheld vaporizer on the market today. The Pax compared to the Ascent is laughable, they are not even playing the same sport. The Firefly looks nice, but it just cant produce the same size clouds. One vaporizer I would recommend that is pretty comparable in performance is the Pinnacle Pro DLX, I love the Ascent but have to admit that the PnP (Pinnacle Pro) is a damn nice vaporizer. Let it be noted that DLX means you got the Hydrotube, the Pinnacle Pro alone is still a nice vape but the Hydrotube attachment is what really takes it to the next level.

If you do decide to get the Ascent you are going to get some goodies along with it. DaVinci made sure that you will be ready to vape right out of the gate. Other companies **cough, Ploom** don’t even include the all the accessories you need to get started. But that is a post for another day. The Ascent comes with two glass mouthpieces which is great, sometimes they break and you need to get a replacement. With the Ascent you get that replacement before you ever need it, forward thinking at it’s finest. You will also get two glass stems, these are bit harder to break but still its great to have backup before you even need it. The list goes on; you get two glass oil jars, one stir stick, a carrying pouch, three replacement screens, one battery charger and an instruction manual.

The Ascent allows you vape herbs, oils and waxes. You can tell by looking at the pictures how sleek and sexy it is but when you hold it in your hand you will really blown away by the craftsmanship. You can get it in a few different styles such as Stealth, Carbon Fiber, Burl Wood or Croc Skin, I own the Croc Skin. So in summary if you are looking for a everyday vape that is portable and heats up fast you are going to want to grab the Ascent. It delivers huge clouds of vapor and wont die on you two months later, you can rest assured because they offer a two year warranty. This handheld vaporizer features a direct draw delivery system and a dual voltage battery which means it accepts both 110 volts and 220 volts. If you have any questions about the Ascent feel free to leave them in the comment section below. As always thanks for reading and make sure to check back soon!


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