Uitleganimatie is a flexible and dynamic medium to portray one’s story and ideas to the next level. It offers an engaging alternative to text, upgraded statistic infographics and breaks the ancient constraints of live-videos. Animated videos and dramas are the recent most favorite amongst teens. Mentioned below are some purposes of animated videos.

Visual Representation > Text:

As per analysts, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is through the eyes and lasts way longer than text videos. The first and foremost purpose of the animation is to portray rich media moments by leaving a long-lasting impact on the audience. They appeal to the senses and are the easiest way to inherit an important message into someone’s brain and heart.

Captivate and Entertain:

As children, everyone’s fondest memories circle watching multiple cartoons, mainly because of their colorful and liveliness, which naturally makes the content more fun to watch. Psychologically, there is just something about moving images that captivate the brain, extending towards uitleganimatie.

To Bring Any Concept to Life:

Through animation, one can bring the wildest concepts and imaginations to life. Animated videos can portray water catching fire, or a man having wings, or instantly putting perspective to your imagination of a single person, then zooming out to show a crowd, next landing in the stratosphere to show the entire population in one place; all this can be done through animation video, making it’s another highlighting purpose.

To Grow Your Business:

Initially, to make your brand recognizable, you will need to direct an explainer video showcasing your product, services, and stirring your viewer’s emotion to get into action. Following this, you will need to direct and produce a series of tutorial videos for your team and viewers to adapt your product. All this costs a great deal of money. However, with animated videos, the process of churning multiple videos is quite easy, as you just need to think in visuals and need a storyboard, and before you know, the video will be produced. It’s easier and quicker.

To Help Manage Easy Video Production:

Any life action video director will know how frustrating and tiring it is to consider factors such as the actors, location, high tech equipment, sets, props, and the weather, to produce a blockbuster Video or drama. However, with animation video, all these problems are highly easy to handle. One can easily switch backgrounds, add or delete props, and movie characters, all with a simple click of drag-and-drop.

Helps Strike The Right Tone:

Sometimes with real people and live videos, the message can often get muddled up and disoriented from the real topic at hand. With animated videos, one can eliminate all distractions and portray important contextual messages with ease, striking an extended range of emotional tones, attracting a larger audience, and constricting them from putting their guard up or get defended.

Visually Capture Ideas:

If you wish to display something very big like world poverty, or something minuscule like a microorganism, or even something abstract like bitcoin, all can be easily portrayed through uitleganimatie. With animated videos, you can smoothly capture more like add hard-to-represent ideas on a screen.


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.