Virtual Office concept has been widely well-known among foreign entrepreneurs who prefer to establish their business virtually without worrying about paying large sum money just to lease an expensive physical working space .

You can register at a website to learn the reasons behind the selection of virtual office. There is no need for physical place to conduct the operation for survival. The services are the best one for the users. The entrepreneurs can get excellent services to have more growth and development. 

Who cares whether you’re going to develop your business by having your own drop-in office or just simply do your business in a remote location with help of virtual office solutions .After all , productivity and profit of the business is all what matters about .

For all start ups and beginner in the entrepreneurship field , virtual office would be a great platform for you to establish the small business . Sadly , these virtual office business idea not that widely being accepted or popular among local entrepreneur as it is still new and at early ,developing stage in Malaysia.

They still rather prefer to have a permanent physical office in order to maintain the credibility of their brand .

For those business start ups , here are 5 reasons why you should consider a virtual office.

  1. Prestigious business address

Whats the main important thing to run a business ? Definitely , none other than your own business address . Wouldn’t it be better just to rent a valid , business address at prime location rather than leasing a permanent physical office space at the same location .

With help of virtual office solutions , you can easily get a prestigious business address which can be used in your business cards , mail correspondence and even to meet with your clients .

  1. Reception Services

One of the greatest thing about virtual office is that you can have a free reception service ,where there would be a receptionist who will help you to answer and forward all important calls under your business number .Its totally different scenario if you have your own office .

Need to hire receptionists and some extra employees just to answer and forward some business calls and mails.Sounds like you’re going to save some money with virtual business ,isn’t?

  1. Private office spaces

Even tough you would not able to own a permanent space ,you can still meet your clients and have meeting with your employees in a fully occupied ,convenient conference room.Most of the virtual office solutions have been offering physical office spaces services like meeting rooms for their clients on temporary basis.The difference is that duration of using these office space services limited .

Most of the virtual office providers like Regus and Lion World have come up with certain virtual office packages which included with these services .In this way,you still can be connected with your clients and employees.

  1. Mail Forwarding

With help of virtual office services , all the couriers ,packages ,letters and even faxes that received under your name will be collected and forwarded to your respective address .This is a great flexible options for those who run mobile business throughout the world .

  1. Credibility and Impressions

Having your own offices space at prime , highly industrialized region like around KLCC and KL Sentral would be extremely expensive .Plus ,do you think your clients would be satisfy or impress with a normal office environment at a remote location ?It’s all about impression and peoples’ judgement .


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.