Rust has become one of the most popular games that don’t allow character customization.  This particular game is available on PC & will soon be available on PS4 & Xbox One. It is one of the most popular multiplayer survival game that doesn’t allow character customization. Moreover, players have already discovered the workaround they will use to customize characters in-game.  Players should have a specific copy of Rust in their steam library before doing anything. It is highly recommended that you should set your profile to public. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in completing the basic levels in Rust, then you should buy a Rust account. Thousands of trustworthy and certified platforms are out there where you will able to buy the account.  If any person wants to customize a character, then they will have to make use of code in the category. Following are important things that will help you in customizing & changing the character.

  • Customize the Hairstyle, Skin Tone, and Gender

Rust isn’t offering any type of character customization option to the players. Therefore, it is your responsibility to find out specific codes that will help you in changing the Hairstyle, Gender, and Skin Tone. You can easily customize important items for the Rust via Rust Workshop.  If you want to create a new item in the Rust, then one should choose a desired item from the menu. One will able to customize a variety of important things in Rust like items, clothes, deployable weapons, and other things. One can easily customize everything from the menu.

  • Build the base

Building a base is a little bit difficult task in the future. One has to craft everything that you need to build a base. For instance, one will have to craft your tool door lock & cupboard. It is your responsibility to practice the important skills on the training server. You will have to learn that how to build the base efficiently & quickly.  

  • Learn PVP on sandbox servers

If you are planning to learn the PVP, then it would be great to learn the PVP on sandbox or training servers where you will able to hone skills without risking losing the gear. You will able to practice the skills with different kinds of weapons & the right technique. Tier 1 weapons are considered as one of the easiest to get hold of a game. It is your responsibility to practice with Tier 1 before moving onto Tier 2. 

  • Select A Perfect Server

It is your responsibility to choose the right server in the Rust. Make sure that you are choosing a server with less than 100 players. If you want to progress more quickly in the game, then one should opt for the best server. There are a lot of highly populated servers out there that are incorporated with highly experienced players. If you want to fairly start in-game, then it would be better to avoid these kinds of servers. You need to aim to develop the base properly. One can easily farm the important wood in-game.  Make sure that you are building the base in the snow area. 

  • Spotlight on the base

Majority of players are doing mistake while starting playing the games. So players must clear their base of games and search for the guidelines of playing the game. There are many resources from where any of the players get the easy information directions and can easily apply on their any game round. In the case if they will not find any information to access then they can immediately get best customer support services. The gaming information is dealing by most of the online platform to gain the attention from new players.  The primary element that every player should consider before playing the games is gather the farming material that will make quiet easy from players. 

  • Make use of sleeping bags

One of the most key factors that every online gambling player should examine before begging the game is that crafting the multiple version sleeping bags. Additionally, the sleeping bags are crating the wise role for map location, hence the several minutes are required to kill your enemy and get back to your position. The players do not have to start the games from scratch, means the hundreds of players are playing after getting the proper instruction and guidelines. If any individual are interesting in rust then should try at least once.  

On the basis of your playing the rust game then every time you are getting new game updates. If you want to have unfathomable experience of rust game then playing more than one time in day helps to get incredible benefits. 


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.