I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last few months now… my ex thought I was a little too heavy, so I figured it’s a good time to start trying to get into shape. I’ve tried a few different things, and last week I went for the Sacred Heart Soup Diet. It’s a pretty well known one week diet plan, promising to help you lose 10 pounds or so in a week, so I figured what the heck… why not? I stopped Looking for CoolSculpting providers in Wayne, NJ, and instead started to do some research on the Sacred Heart Soup Diet.

When I was doing some research though, one thing that caught my eye right away… as the story goes, the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital came up with the diet plan to help obese patients lose weight before heart surgery. Turns out this story’s bull. The Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital neither came up with the diet, nor do the endorse it.

But! With that said, the Sacred Heart Soup diet centers around a natural vegetable soup, with natural foods (different foods for every day) to supplement the soup. So the food’s healthier than what I normally eat, a little less expensive than what I normally eat, and you can eat plenty, so the number of calories eaten isn’t too low.

So! When I started, I went all 7 days, and wrote down a little entry after every day. You can either read about my experiences, or skip straight to my conclusions about the Sacred Heart diet.

Day 1: the Sacred Heart soup’s pretty good. I’ve had soup like this before, so I knew more or less what to expect… but I can see eating this for a week. When my mom made soup back when I lived at home, she’d usually make a few day’s worth anyway, so this shouldn’t be too bad. I like fruit too, except for bananas… bananas suck. So first day, I’m feeling pretty good.

Day 2: Not much to report here… feel normal, the soup’s still… well, the Sacred Heart soup. And it’ll be the same for the next while too… I made a big batch. Two batches will probably get me through the week, one yesterday, one day after tomorrow. The veggies are less fun than the fruit though… raw means nothing interesting. I’d have liked a potato, but oh well…

Day 3: eh… feeling a little bit achy today. Not feeling like soup’s a great idea, but oh well. Hey, plenty of people in Africa that’d kill for some of this… um… Sacred Heart Soup… yeah. The fruits and veggies came out good… mixed it up with some indian. You ever get stuck eating vegetarian… indian all the way man. A chick pea is a vegetable, right?

Day 4: new soup batch! Mixed it up a little and changed the seasonings… I like this batch better. Chicken instead of beef, and more mushrooms. Not sure why I like ’em, but I do. I feel a lot better today too… guess I just needed to catch my second wind? The bananas and milk sucks though, I hate both. So… I made smoothies, that wasn’t too terrible at least.

Day 5: Alright! Nice, some meat today… I like chicken over beef, but I’m thinking I wasn’t complaining today just the same. I still feel good… a little more energy than usual I think? And! Scale says I’m making some headway, so I’m feeling pretty good about things now.

Day 6: Today’s pretty easy… with the meat and veggies there’s a whole lot of good food I can make to go with the soup. A lot of my favorites are still out because of the no carbs thing though… pity. Fajitas sound delicious… or like… some stuffing…

Day 7: alright! Made it! I’m seriously about sick of the Sacred Heart Soup though… in the end, says I lost 9 pounds. Not bad… though we’ll see if it stays off.

So! As far as the conclusion goes… well, you’ll have to read about it here;). Is the Sacred Heart Soup Diet for you? Read a little more information, think about it… and hey, might be worth trying.

Conclusions about the Sacred Heart Diet.


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