It is prevalent to have pain in your backbone or other spine-related issues because of the impaired body posture habits and food intake that people are having. Most of us spend time lying in any position on the bed or using mobile phones most of the time that degrades our posture. 

Other than that, people are growing fat and do not maintain healthy eating or workout regularly.

All such actions have a direct impact on the backbone as it is the one that thing that holds us intact. The spinal cord and spine bones need maintenance and regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, one may have to face severe back pain, arthritis, weak body structure, etc.

What Issues Need A Checkup, And Which Could Lead To Surgery?

Not all pain in your spine or back needs surgery or expert advice every time. It is voluntary to go to your doctor if your back pain is unbearable. It is pretty common to have a backache now and then because of our daily activities. It could be because of a wrong sleeping posture or otherwise sitting wrong on your working table etc.

But one should not hold it back if the pain is severe and should reach out to an orthopedic or neurosurgeon. Other problems that need immediate doctor’s attention include:

  • A slipped disk
  • Feeling any Bone projections or spurs
  • Nerves problem in your back
  • Any fever with back pain could mean a spinal infection
  • Any dislocated bone
  • Broken bone or fractures
  • Or a visible tumor around the spine

Not all such issues certainly need surgery and could indeed heal on their own after some time, but they lead to a need for surgery in some cases. You can easily find a neurosurgeon near you through the internet if you search for a spine surgeon near me on Google.

Spinal Injuries Also Affect The Brain And Lead To Issues

The spinal cord runs from the center of the spine to the brain and carries the brain’s signal to other body parts. This system is crucial to perform all day to day activities effectively, and if the spinal cord is damaged, then one’s brain would not be able to coordinate with other organs correctly.

And once the spinal cord undergoes severe damage, one could feel multiple issues in the body like loss of bowel control, walking problems, Parkinson’s disease, and many related issues.

What Daily Measure Could Help To Avoid Any Future Spinal Surgery?

  • One should maintain good posture while sitting or sleeping. People often lie wherever they find a place and usually have a habit of using high pillows behind the neck for using mobile phones. But this is harmful and has adverse effects on the spin.
  • Try avoiding lifting heavy weight without support, as this could hurt your spine and disk.
  • Finally, take precautions while indulging in strenuous physical activities.

Search for spine surgeon near me and opt for a basic checkup with a local surgeon if you think your back pain stops you from doing regular works efficiently.


Chris Harrison is a content writer and editor from New Caledonia. He is currently managing Oneunionone which is based in North Carolino. Before founding the website, he was a full time editor in New York USA.